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Man apologizes to son for not having money to celebrate graduation, son says his love is enough

Man apologizes to son for not having money to celebrate graduation, son says his love is enough

  • Dad wants to take his son out to Jollibee but does not have enough
  • His son says that his love and presence is enough
  • The son promises to give the world to his dad
  • Netizens were brought to tears


Graduation is one of the most significant events in a student’s life. Most celebrate the occasion with family and friends. Sadly, not all people get to experience this event with all the trimmings.

Ryan Reyes shared his graduation story on Facebook which had netizens in tears.

On his graduation day, Ryan’s father told him that he was so sorry that he could not treat his son out for a meal because of insufficient funds. His plan was to go out with his son and maybe eat at Jollibee, but his budget did not allow this.

“Nak, pasensya na wala pa ako pera eh, kain sana tayo sa labas, kahit Jollibee lang sana.”

This statement broke Ryan’s heart to the point where he had to hold back his tears.

“Hindi pa nag uumpisa ang lahat pero ito na yung dumurog sa akin kanina. Pinilit kong itago ang mga luha na gusto ng bumagsak mula sa aking mga mata.”

Ryan said that this graduation is not even about him, it is all about the man that drives every day just so his son could have better days.

“Para ito sa isang driver na binaybay ang pagsubok ng buhay para makapagtapos ang anak niya. Para ito sa isang tatay ng tinanggap niyang buo ang anak na bakla. PARA SA ‘YO ANG ARAW NA ITO, PAPA”.

Ryan said that it does not matter that his dad couldn’t take him out because he knows the struggles he’s been through.

He said that his dad’s presence and love is already enough.

“Alam ko at naiintindihan kong sa ngayon ay hindi mo ako mapapakain sa mamahaling restaurant or kahit fast food chain man lang after graduation. Wag kang mag alala papa, PRESENSYA AT PAGMAMAHAL MO PALANG BUSOG NA BUSOG NA AKO.”

Ryan promised to give back to his dad. He also says that the sacrifices that his father showed will remain unrivaled.

“Kung tutuusin, ay napaka swerte kong tao na binigyan ako ng Diyos ng tatay na katulad mo. WALA KANG KATULAD!!

His post has over 70k likes. Netizens were left in tears as the story touched their hearts. The story became such an inspiration to many, especially those that do not have much in life.

“Crying!! 😢 Salute to you tatay! 👏 Hanga ako sa mga katulad mo! Congratulations, Ryan Russel Reyes! 🎓 Your papa is also blessed to have you in his life. May God bless you forever! 😊”

“Naiyak ako. Congratulations to you. Well deserved. Achieve na achieve! God bless you at ang tatay mong napaka dakila”

“God speed sa inyo ng fam mo❤ u deserve it be!!!”

“Jollibee, baka naman po pls! graduation party pra sa isang mapagmahal at dakilang ama!”

“Congrats po. 🙂 Nakakainspire naman po kayo lalo na sa papa mo. 🙂 goodluck to ur next journey and Godbless :)”

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Mother stays strong while battling cancer to make it to her son’s graduation

Mother stays strong while battling cancer to make it to her son’s graduation

  • An honor student hopes his mother battling cancer would be with him for his graduation day
  • He always encourages his mom to fight so that she can walk up on stage with him and put his medal on him

A student named Ricardo Ace Gealan Bolo Jr. II taking up Accountancy, Business and Management Strand specializing in Tourism and Hospitality Section shared the struggles of his mother who is fighting against cancer and was admitted to the hospital a month before his graduation.

His mother was in critical condition because of cancer and she would always say that might not make it until his graduation. But he always encouraged his mom to fight so that she can go up on stage and put his medal on for him.

On his Twitter account, he shared a video clip of his graduation ceremony, where he could be seen with his mother marching on stage while receiving his diploma. She put his medal as on him as one of the honor students in school.

For him, that was the priceless moment in his life. He was proud of his achievement and happy that his mother was there to see him.

He shaved his head to show his support for his mom. He said that he got his charms, strength, and wits from his mother and that he is proud to tell everyone just how much he loves her.

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Picture of a strong woman: Teenage pregnancy was not hindrance for her to reach her dream

Picture of a strong woman: Teenage pregnancy was not hindrance for her to reach her dream

  • She shared her graduation picture with her baby to prove that she is not a failure
  • She admits that to become a mother at an early age wasn’t that easy
  • Bearing a child was not a hindrance, instead it became her inspiration in reaching her dream

To graduate in college is every student’s dream, as it opens more opportunity in finding a stable job. But along the journey, there were circumstances that might happen which would somehow challenge us in achieving our dreams, just like a post in a Facebook page who is being judged by a mistake she made, but later proved her detractors wrong.

A Facebook user, Airish Cruz, updated her profile picture with a unique picture of her graduation photo. What makes her pictures so special was because she was with her baby daughter Sofia, using her academic cap as she proudly showed it on social media.

In her post, she recalled all the people who had judged her from the very beginning by asking her insensitive questions.

“Ilan taon ka nagkababy?”
“Ang bata mo naman nagkaanak.”
“Ganito na ba talaga mga kabataan ngayon sa probinsya, kailangan bata palang magka-anak na?”
“Kasal kana ba?”
“Kabata mo naman kumire.”
“Mahinhin pero mahihindutin naman pala.”

Her post was a message to prove them wrong – all those who have judged and doubted her that she couldn’t reach her dreams because she had become a mother at the age of nineteen (19)!

She admitted that to become a mother at an early age wasn’t that easy, especially when she and her husband were both students. She thanked her mother for being there to support them.

Despite being pregnant, that didn’t not stop her to fulfill her, and her parent’s, dream as she continued her studies, even if it meant having to travel long distances from home. She also said that she knows what she had done was a mistake, but she never regretted it as she gave up everything for her baby.

Bearing a child was not a hindrance; instead, it had become her inspiration in reaching her dreams. She doesn’t want anybody to do the same mistakes she has done, but what she wanted to point out is that whatever trials you will encounter in life, it is not reason for not giving your best to reach your goals in life.

Airish stayed focused, despite all the people who tried to put her down. Because she knows what she was doing is for the future of her child. She hopes that the people who immediately judged her would think of the struggles she went through.

“Madali magjudge ng tao pero naisip ba ng mga taong mapanghusga kung ano talaga pinagdaanan nya – yung hirap na mga dinadanas nya, (at) mga pagsubok na kinakaya nya maabot lang nya pangarap nya.”

She had proved them all wrong. She’s not just a teenage mom, but a mother who would be graduating this coming June, as she invited all those who have judged her to witness her success when she graduates this year.

“Nagka-anak lang (ako), pero never susuko sa pangarap ko. Pangarap para sa anak ko at kakayanin ko lahat para sa ‘yo anak.”

And her advice to all who are facing the same problem is to be strong and not to get affected by all the people who will judge and push you down. Just continue to fight and dream, because all problems have an ending.

And the end of her post, she thanked all the peoples, especially her mother, who has supported her as she offered her success to them and her daughter Sofia.

CRUZ, Mary Airish R.”

Inspiration and perseverance were the strongest virtues she possessed, which helped make her dreams into reality. With all the support she received from all those people she loves, it mades her even stronger to face all the trials and succeed.

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Granddaughter re-enacts her graduation for her grandfather

Granddaughter re-enacts her graduation for her grandfather

  • Netizen repeats her graduation for her grandfather who wasn’t able to attend
  • Granddaughter conducts a personal graduation ceremony in front of her grandfather

Eunice Helera, who is now a graduate of Senior High School – Law/Political Science in UST, touched the hearts of thousands of people when she posted a video of her re-enacting her graduation ceremony for her grandfather, who wasn’t able to attend in fear of getting lost.

According to Eunice, as soon as she arrived from her graduation ceremony, she immediately told her grandfather that she’s going to hold her own personal graduation just for him.

And her grandfather changed into a more formal outfit.

Her grandfather called her name like how they do it in the ceremonies as she hummed to the graduation song while walking towards him.

“Inulit po namin talaga. Naglakad po talaga ako. Tapos siya ‘yong pinag-hand ko ng diploma ko tapos nakipagkamay ako sa kaniya and then nag-posing kami for pictures,” 

According to her grandfather, all he wishes was to witness her finishing her studies and to find a job.

“Advice ko lang sa kaniya pagbutihan niya iyong pag-aaral at saka makita ko iyong kaniyang pagtatrabaho, makatapos siya,”

And Eunice stated that when she graduates college, she’ll take care of her grandfather like the way he took care of her.

“I hope na if I graduate on time, I’ll have a stable job, I will take care of him the way he took care of me before,

Even though we would argue a lot, there will be times na at the end of the day, I still love him as my lolo,” 

Watch their mini personal ceremony here:

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Here are 5 graduation stories that will definitely inspire you!

Here are 5 graduation stories that will definitely inspire you!

  • Graduates share their school journey through social media posts
  • These stories will inspire you to finish your studies!
  • Inspiring graduation stories

It’s that time of the year again! The months of March to May means the end of many years of studying, all-nighters, exams, cramming, and so much more school-related activities that every student will surely treasure in their hearts. And because not everyone is given a chance to speak in the official ceremonies, most graduates opt to share their journey through social media posts and we’ve gathered some of them just for you! After all, we can’t help but read all their inspiring (and sometimes funny) stories!

These graduation stories will definitely inspire you to pursue your dreams and persevere until you, too, can turn your ‘grad-waiting’ to ‘graduating’!

1. The grateful daughter

Just recently, Daisy Marie’s post on her Facebook account made rounds in the internet as it sincerely touches the heart of the netizens. Contrary to most graduation pictures wherein the graduates are seen wearing their togas, Daisy Marie chose to post a creative shot of her wearing her mother’s barangay uniform with her father’s jeepney sign boards.

According to Daisy, this is her way of showing her gratitude to her parents who worked really hard just to let her finish her studies. She is very proud to share how her mother who is a barangay worker and her father who is a jeepney driver was able to provide for her studies despite all the hardships and some financial problems.

Daisy is a graduate from Technological University of the Philippines- Manila with a degree of BS in Electronics Engineering. In the end, Daisy congratulated not only herself but her parents as well for all the hard work and the sacrifices. This is a great example of how we should realize all the strivings of our parents and to work or study hard in order to repay all their efforts. Parents really are the real heroes!

(Post and picture grabbed from Daisy Marie’s FB account)

2. The oldest graduate

The next inspiring story is coming from the oldest graduate of this year. Sixty-six years old grandma just completed her grade 10 studies at Cotabato City National High School. Everyone’s very happy with her achievement and this is just a proof of how we can still achieve our dreams no matter how long it takes.

 Remember: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. – Confucius.” And as one netizen pointed out, this is an inspiration to everyone to never stop dreaming and believing in one’s self. Congratulations to you, lola!

(Credits to Rahima Tambag)

3. The working student

“Hirap now, giginhawa later,” this is how Johnel Janu Bagares started his very inspirational graduation post. Johnel shared his story with a goal of inspiring other working students to never give up and to just continue on pursuing their dreams. Johnel worked different kinds of jobs ranging from being a shoe vendor at Cartimar, Pasay to being a service crew in one of the fast food chains in Manila.

Despite juggling the difficult realities of studies and work, Johnel was still able to successfully surpass all the hardships and achieve his dream of finishing his studies. It is also very inspiring to know that despite the busy schedule of work and school, he was still able to excel in his academics. He finished as a Cum Laude with a degree of BS in Business Administration, major in Business Management at Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST).

In the end, Johnel summed up his story by sharing that “success really entails sacrifices.”

(Post grabbed from Johnel’s FB account)

4. The ‘finally graduating’

Dahn Saliendra is also a working student who persevered just to finish his studies. Although many may find his graduation picture while holding a broom as quite amusing, later on, you’ll realize how inspiring it really is.

Dahn shared his 6 years of college journey through his Facebook post that has now gone viral. In order for him to fund his studies, he became a working student and was assigned at the janitorial service of his school until he was assigned to work at the personnel office, still with cleaning duties. He took up BS in Education major in Mathematics at Notre Dame of Marbel University at Koronadal City, South Cotabato.

The broom that he is holding on his graduation picture is just a simple remembrance of his hard work as a working student. And finally, after years and years of being asked by people on whether or not he will already graduate, by this year, Dahn can already proudly announce, “Graduating na ako!” Surely, hard work pays off!

(Post grabbed from Dahn’s FB account)

5. The ‘will never give up’

This is another story of how being financially unfortunate cannot hinder a person in achieving his/her dreams. Mailyn Esquelito Akoy graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Sultan Kudarat State University despite being poor.

Being financially challenged, with the help of her father who is a “kargador,” she was still able to finish her studies by working and trying to get scholarships. Her hardships are really commendable as it reaches the point wherein she has to wear the same set of uniform every day to school. With every challenge that comes along the way of their family, she was still able to surpass it and get her diploma at the very end.

(Picture grabbed from Mailyn’s FB post)

Ultimately, we all know how many hours of studying and effort that each student puts in their work. Each is an inspiration to continue on achieving our dreams and believing in ourself. To everyone who has successfully completed their studies or even to those who just completed another year in school, cheers to all of you!

Congratulations to all the graduates! We are so proud of you! Good luck in all your future endeavors!

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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The Reason Why this Woman Sneaked Out with Robes after Graduation will Make You Cry!

The Reason Why this Woman Sneaked Out with Robes after Graduation will Make You Cry!

  • A female netizen named Christine Jasmin Samante Edrozo who had just graduated shared that she sneaked her robes out of the university despite knowing that it should be returned to an authorized person.
  • According to her, she simply wanted her mom to see her as she is bed-ridden in the hospital after battling cancer for a year already.

Graduation is one of the most important milestones in a person’s life as it symbolizes that a student was able to surpass all the challenges he/she had gone through over the years.

The common rule after the ceremony is to return the graduation robes that they used as it is not intended to be kept by the student. However, as they say, ‘rules are meant to be broken’. Apparently, not all graduates follow this rule for their own reasons.

One of the fresh graduates that didn’t follow the said rule is Christine Jasmin Samante Edrozo. But don’t be too quick to judge, as she didn’t sneak it out of the university for her own.

Edrozo shared the reason why she brought her robes out of the university in a Facebook post which went viral in just a short period of time.

Read her full post below:

“Kanina after Graduation sabi samin hubarin na yung toga at ibalik doon sa registration booth. SORRY PO! Sinadya ko po talagang itakas.

Gusto ko po kasing makita ni mama na nakasuot ako ng toga personally. Gusto nya sana kasi na sya yung sumama sa Graduation day ko kaya lang hindi sya pwede kaya ako nalang pumunta

Sorry po. Ibabalik ko rin po agad

From Muntinlupa to PGH”

As she started her post, she apologized first-handedly for purposely not following the rule, along with her explanation as to why she had done so.

“An Open Letter to Mama

Ma, natatandaan mo pa ba noong kinder palang ako? Parati mo ko sinasabihan na “TIIS TIIS MUNA ANAK” pero paulit ulit pa rin kitang tinatanong ng “ANO BA YUNG TIIS MAMA?” Hahaha nakakatawa kasi hindi ko talaga alam kung ano yung TIIS basta ang alam ko lang hirap na hirap ako gawin yung pinapagawa mong magtiis.

Ngayon ako naman yung nagsasabi sayo na “MAMA KONTING TIIS PA PO” Matatapos na yung gamutan mo mama.”

Back then, Edrozo never understood what tiis (endure) meant whenever her mother would say it to her. However, when she grew up, she learned that the word tiis means to never to lose hope despite everything.

Sadly, she is the one who is telling her mom to endure in the present day.

“Noong nakakausap pa kita, sabi mo “Ano ba gusto mong graduation gift?” Sabi ko sayo mama hindi ko po alam eh wala po akong idea. Pero ngayon mama alam ko na hindi na ko humihiling mama ng kahit anong materyal na bagay. Ang gusto kong graduation gift ay yung magpalakas ka, magpagaling ka, at magTIIS ka pa konting tiis pa mama. Gusto ko pang makasama ka sa pagsabak ko sa bagong yugto ng buhay ko. Graduate na ko mama tutuparin ko pa yung pangarap mo na maging successful ako.”

When she was asked what kind of gift she wanted to receive for her graduation, she didn’t even wish for something that money can buy.

Edrozo wished for her mother to endure and keep fighting her illness as she still wanted to live a long life with her mother. On the other hand, her mother is the only parent she has as her father had passed away already.

“Mama! Alam ko na po kung pano magtiis. Salamat sa pagtuturo nyo sakin kung paano magtiis Titiisin ko pa kahit anong pagsubok ang dumating sa buhay ko basta kasama kita mama. Uwi ka na please. Alam ko po na sa isang taon at apat na buwan mong pakikipaglaban sa cancer alam ko po mama na pagod ka na pero mama please, LABAN PA! TIIS PA MAMA. Konting konti nalang po. MAHAL NA MAHAL KA PO NAMING MAGKAKAPATID MAMA! Yung mga nakakamit namin para sainyo to ni papa ILOVEYOU MAMA


P.P.S. (10pm na ko nakapunta sa pgh-means hindi na pwedeng pumasok ang dalaw. Thank you to the guard that allow me to enter just to see my mama)”

She encouraged her mother to endure it a little bit more even though she knew that her mother was tired at some point.

For those who are interested in sending any kind of help to the family, Edrozo may be reached out through her social media account. Moreover, she just launched a fundraising for her mother through the artworks she is selling and accepts commission as well.

Meanwhile, the netizens who had read her post were teary-eyed as they felt the sincerity and congratulated both of them for Edrozo’s achievement.

In conclusion, breaking the rule isn’t always a bad thing. Although not following the rules is improper, the thought that came into Edrozo’s mind for sneaking her robes out is truly remarkable.

What are your thoughts about this? Would you sneak your robes as well?

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Single Mother Graduates After Raising Child While Pursuing A College Degree

Single Mother Graduates After Raising Child While Pursuing A College Degree


Being a single mom is hard alone, but being one while still in college?

Just imagine how tough the job is for Hanessy Billones Teodoro, balancing motherhood and academics.

Single Mother Graduates After Raising Child In College
Finally! | Photo from Teodoro’s Facebook Account

At 15, Teodoro got pregnant and it’s nowhere near her plans. Many have lost their faith to her, and said she’s never going to graduate. She proved everyone wrong and juggled mommy duties alongside her studies.

Guess what?

Single Mother Graduates After Raising Child In College
Hanessy Teodoro, a proud single mother, graduates after raising child in college | Photo from Teodoro’s Facebook Account

This Super Mom took up Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Arellano University and will graduate this month.

Teodoro’s post on Facebook with her graduation photo attached made everyone proud, posing with her 6-year-old son. She also shared a piece of her story, and why she persevered despite the difficulty of being a studying single mom.

Her post was shared more than 18,000 times already, and has more than 128,000 reactions with 6,700 plus comments. She is truly an inspiration to all.

Single Mother Graduates After Raising Child In College
The viral post of this Super Mom that inspires everyone

A Message To All Single Moms Losing Their Grip in Life

She started her heartwarming message by introducing her son, who became her bestfriend and companion.

This is my bestfriend.. and my companion for 6years and counting. Natatandaan ko pa nun, 2years old kapa lang nun nung pinapaalagaan kita sa iba kasi nga papasok na ko sa school… anhirap kasi nagiging busy na ko… minsan uuwi ako,tulog ka na.. okaya naman na kay Mama ka lagi. Dumating pa nga sa point na parang ayaw mo nang lumapit sakin kasi nagtatampo ka dahil nga palagi akong wala.”

Even reminiscing the first time she brought him to school.

Natatandaan ko pa nga nun sa subject ko na major, first time kitang sinama sa school.. syempre pinag-titinginan tayo kasi akala nila kapatid kita, tapos pumasok na tayo sa room ko.. may dala kang tablet nun naglalaro ka. Syempre 3yrs old ka pa lang nun kaya medyo maingay ka.. pero syempre natuwa yung mga classmates ko sayo kasi ang bibo mo… so imbis na magklase kami, inaliw kna lang nila.”

Despite all her hardships, she stood tall and strong against all the challenges this different chapter of life gave her. She managed to prove those who did not believe in her that she can make it. Saying,

Pero ano na ngayon? Eto na ko.. kami ng anak ko… naka suot ng itim na toga at karga ang pinakamamahal kong anak. Gusto ko lang ipaalam na hindi porket nabuntis ng maaga ay wala na agad pag asa sa buhay at hanggang dun na lang yun.

Shoutout To All Super Momshies Out There

This serves as an empowerment to those teenage moms, especially to those who raise theirs alone–that they can be more than what people depict them to be. They can still pursue their dreams without being a bad parent.

They are now counting the days until her graduation | Photos from Teodoro’s Facebook Account

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WOW! Security Guard Graduates Cum Laude In The School He Guards

WOW! Security Guard Graduates Cum Laude In The School He Guards


Graduation is a much-awaited moment in every student’s life. It marks the end of their academic learnings, and a start of something bigger and better. It is the result of their years of hardwork.

But what could be harder than this guard’s story…

Erwin Macua, 38 years old, is a security guard at St. Theresa’s College in Cebu City. He has worked there and dedicated 20 years of his life watching over the welfare of his students.

But this March, he marched with the students he is guarding for their Graduation Rites! Can you believe it? But wait there’s more! He is graduating Cum Laude!

Security Guard Graduates Cum Laude
But wait there’s more! He is graduating Cum Laude! | Photo from The Independent

While fulfilling his duties as the university’s guard, he also studied Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in General Education. And that does not end there! The Trinidad, Bohol native is a father of 3 children. How was he able to manage his guarding duties, his academics, and his family? I do not know, too.

Age is not a hindrance, poverty is not a hindrance. Just pursue your dream with the formula: hard work plus determination plus prayer and you will reach your aspirations in life,” Macua said in an interview.

He admitted that finishing his studies has always been a dream to him. He wanted to be a teacher to shoPreviewwcase his special affection for children.


For his first year in college, he used his small savings to pay for his expenses, and in his second year, he got luckily sponsored by an unnamed donor. His sponsor was generous enough to provide him what he needs until he graduates.

“Education is a good course to deal with students and you can really change their lives,” he said.

He set a very good inspiration not only to his classmates but to everyone who had given up on their education.

Macua vowed to continue working as the school’s security guard while self-reviewing for the teachers’ licensure examinations.

He is such an inspiration, isn’t he?

Security Guard Graduates Cum Laude
He received his graduation hood and cap with his mother and wife in his side | Photo from

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Mechanical engineering board passer inspires others with her drive to succeed

Mechanical engineering board passer inspires others with her drive to succeed


Ferylen Marasigan Manalo, a Mechanical Engineering Board passer from Batangas State University (BSU), posted on her Facebook account a lengthy “Thank You” post to give credit back to all the people who helped and supported her to reach her goals. She described the struggles she and her family had to endure just to support her and her brother’s education. She thanked relatives, friends, mentors, her alma mater, and her special someone for staying beside her the whole time, believing in her abilities, and boosting her self-confidence.

She also recounted the difficulties she faced while studying at Batangas State University. She took the course for 5 1/2 years and clearly it was not a walk in the park. She had her share of ups and downs but what mattered most was that she gladly took up the challenges all because she wanted to give her family a better life.

Photo Credit to Ferylen Marasigan Manalo via Facebook
Photo Credit to Ferylen Marasigan Manalo via Facebook

Here is a part of her post:

Hindi biro ang mag-aral ng madami kang iniisip. Madaming distractions; madaming hadlang, pero sa halip na sumuko, iniisip ko na lang na kailangan kong maging matatag. Kailangan kong mag-aral ng mabuti para magkaroon kami ng magandang kinabukasan, para magkaroon ng pagbabago sa aming pamumuhay, at para mapatunayan sa iba na kaya ko din. Sabi nga sa isang quote: “Do not dream for it. Work really, really hard for it.”

(“It’s no joke to study with a lot of things on your mind. A lot of distractions, a lot of obstacles. But instead of giving up, I just think that I need be strong. I need to study so that we can have a good future, so that there will be a change in our lives, and so I can prove to everyone that I can do it. Like what was once said: ‘Do not dream for it. Work really, really hard for it.'”)

Screen shot from Ferylen Manalo via Facebook
Screen shot from Ferylen Manalo via Facebook

Congratulations Ferylen, and to all the graduates of 2016!

You can read her full post here.

Source: Facebook

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Man with a degenerative muscular disease graduates Cum Laude from UPLB

Man with a degenerative muscular disease graduates Cum Laude from UPLB


Despite suffering from a degenerative muscular disease, Carl Adrian P. Castueras graduated cum laude with a BS Computer Science degree from the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) on Saturday, July 4.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Ady Castueras
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Ady Castueras

At the age of eight, Carl was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a genetic disorder that causes muscle weakness and progressive difficulty walking. Since then, Carl had to move around in a wheelchair to cope with everyday life.

Pushing Her Son to Success

At that time, his mother Marietta Castueras decided to give up her job as a marketing executive in order to focus on her son. For years, Marietta would push Carl’s wheelchair every single day just to bring him to his classroom.


“He cannot propel the wheelchair on his own. It was very hard but it’s a family decision to help him,” Marietta told ABS-CBN News.


Even during his graduation day, Marietta was seen pushing her son’s wheelchair.

Determined to Reach the Top

When Carl studied at UPLB, Marietta had to accompany him to his classes. But it was a struggle for both since some of Carl’s classes were located at the upper floors of university buildings which don’t have elevators.

Marietta even had to hire a helper who will carry Carl to his classrooms.

According to Carl, several people from the University also helped him  “reach the top.”

“A big thank you as well to all the ‘kuyas’ who helped me reach my classrooms on the second and third floors. Without you, I would not have made it this far,” he wrote on his Facebook post.

Check out Carl’s full Facebook post below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/ Ady Castueras
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/ Ady Castueras

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