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Picture of a strong woman: Teenage pregnancy was not hindrance for her to reach her dream

  • She shared her graduation picture with her baby to prove that she is not a failure
  • She admits that to become a mother at an early age wasn’t that easy
  • Bearing a child was not a hindrance, instead it became her inspiration in reaching her dream

To graduate in college is every student’s dream, as it opens more opportunity in finding a stable job. But along the journey, there were circumstances that might happen which would somehow challenge us in achieving our dreams, just like a post in a Facebook page who is being judged by a mistake she made, but later proved her detractors wrong.

A Facebook user, Airish Cruz, updated her profile picture with a unique picture of her graduation photo. What makes her pictures so special was because she was with her baby daughter Sofia, using her academic cap as she proudly showed it on social media.

In her post, she recalled all the people who had judged her from the very beginning by asking her insensitive questions.

“Ilan taon ka nagkababy?”
“Ang bata mo naman nagkaanak.”
“Ganito na ba talaga mga kabataan ngayon sa probinsya, kailangan bata palang magka-anak na?”
“Kasal kana ba?”
“Kabata mo naman kumire.”
“Mahinhin pero mahihindutin naman pala.”

Her post was a message to prove them wrong – all those who have judged and doubted her that she couldn’t reach her dreams because she had become a mother at the age of nineteen (19)!

She admitted that to become a mother at an early age wasn’t that easy, especially when she and her husband were both students. She thanked her mother for being there to support them.

Despite being pregnant, that didn’t not stop her to fulfill her, and her parent’s, dream as she continued her studies, even if it meant having to travel long distances from home. She also said that she knows what she had done was a mistake, but she never regretted it as she gave up everything for her baby.

"Ilan taon ka nagkababy?""Ang bata mo naman nagkaanak""Ganito na ba talaga mga kabataan ngayon sa probinsya kailangan…

Posted by Airish Cruz on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Bearing a child was not a hindrance; instead, it had become her inspiration in reaching her dreams. She doesn’t want anybody to do the same mistakes she has done, but what she wanted to point out is that whatever trials you will encounter in life, it is not reason for not giving your best to reach your goals in life.

Airish stayed focused, despite all the people who tried to put her down. Because she knows what she was doing is for the future of her child. She hopes that the people who immediately judged her would think of the struggles she went through.

“Madali magjudge ng tao pero naisip ba ng mga taong mapanghusga kung ano talaga pinagdaanan nya – yung hirap na mga dinadanas nya, (at) mga pagsubok na kinakaya nya maabot lang nya pangarap nya.”

She had proved them all wrong. She’s not just a teenage mom, but a mother who would be graduating this coming June, as she invited all those who have judged her to witness her success when she graduates this year.

“Nagka-anak lang (ako), pero never susuko sa pangarap ko. Pangarap para sa anak ko at kakayanin ko lahat para sa ‘yo anak.”

And her advice to all who are facing the same problem is to be strong and not to get affected by all the people who will judge and push you down. Just continue to fight and dream, because all problems have an ending.

And the end of her post, she thanked all the peoples, especially her mother, who has supported her as she offered her success to them and her daughter Sofia.

CRUZ, Mary Airish R.”

Inspiration and perseverance were the strongest virtues she possessed, which helped make her dreams into reality. With all the support she received from all those people she loves, it mades her even stronger to face all the trials and succeed.

Written by Rhelyn Harder

An open-minded person who seeks to inspire readers through writing. She believes that having the freedom and courage to express oneself is an opportunity to influence others.

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