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A delivery guy’s vehicle was towed by the MMDA after parking in less than 5 minutes

  • A complaint was posted on Facebook that even a delivery guy wasn’t given an exception and towed his motorcycle
  • Leaving his motorcycle parked outside in less than five minutes, the MMDA already decided to tow his vehicle
  • Illegal parking, regardless of the time, is already a violation and that means a vehicle should be towed

Almost every day, we hear complaints about towed vehicles around Metro Manila. And to avoid traffic, illegally parked and stalled vehicle will be towed away to give way for other vehicles.

But a complaint was posted on Facebook, saying that even a delivery guy wasn’t given an exception and his motorcycle got towed away.

A Facebook user, Prince Virgo, posted a video and some pictures of the MMDA towing the motorcycle of a Lazada delivery guy who parked along C5, just to deliver an ordered item. On the video, upon entering the salon to deliver the ordered item, the delivery guy left his motorcycle parked outside in less than five minutes; yet the MMDA already decided to tow his vehicle.

The driver was trying to convince the MMDA enforcers by telling him that they should have warned him not to park, or better yet, give him consideration because he only left his vehicle for a very short time. Other people who had witnessed the towing insisted that, before towing a vehicle, they should have waited five minutes for the owner to remove the vehicle before they start towing.

On the part of the MMDA enforcer, once you have parked illegally, regardless of the time, it’s already a violation and that means a vehicle will be towed away.

Pursuant to MMC Ordinance No. 78-03, Series of 1978, as amended by MMC Ordinance No. 78-03A, Series of 1992, and MMDA Regulation No. 96-003, Series of 1996, authorizing the towing and impounding of stalled and illegally parked motor vehicles and/or attachments thereof in Metro Manila, the following guidelines are hereby promulgated, to wit:
In primary and secondary roads of cities and municipalities in Metro Manila:
a. Within six (6) meters of any intersection or curved lane;
b. Within four (4) meters of driveways or entrances to any fire station, hospital, clinic and other similar establishment;
c. Within four (4) meters of fire hydrants;
d. On the roadside of any legally parked vehicle;
e. On pedestrian crosswalks;
f. In front of any authorized driveway;
a. On the sidewalks, paths and alleys not intended for parking;
b. At the foot or near bridges;
c. At any place where official signs have been erected prohibiting parking and/or declared NO PARKING ZONE by the MMDA;
d. Other areas duly declared as “NO PARKING ZONE” provided by law or ordinances.

1. “Attended illegally parked vehicle” is an illegally parked vehicle whose driver is present or would appear at any time prior to the actual clamping to the tow truck and who is willing and able to move out the illegally parked vehicle without delay.
2. “Unattended illegally parked vehicle” is an illegally parked vehicle which does not fall under the definition of attended illegally parked vehicle.
3. Towing services/companies shall have the primary responsibility to remove any stalled and/or illegally parked vehicle in their area of jurisdiction within the shortest time possible but shall not exceed 15 minutes from the time they received report or directive on such stalled illegally parked vehicle.
4. Towing services must have designated impounding areas for their towed vehicles with an efficient system to ensure the safety of the towed vehicles, their accessories, parts, and tools. MMDA shall have the authority to conduct inspection of these impounding areas.
5. Tow trucks must be pre-deployed at strategic locations to ensure a quick response.
6. All towing services must be registered with the Authority annually. The Authority shall issue numbered stickers to tow trucks.

In this manner, we should be aware of the protocols to avoid vehicles being towed by the authorities and with this knowledge, upon seeing an improper implementation of the rules, you can formally complain and report those who abuse their authority.

Written by Rhelyn Harder

An open-minded person who seeks to inspire readers through writing. She believes that having the freedom and courage to express oneself is an opportunity to influence others.

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