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Kapuso, Kapamilya stars are happy for Jane de Leon as the new ‘Darna’

Kapuso, Kapamilya stars are happy for Jane de Leon as the new ‘Darna’

  • Jane de Leon in shock about her biggest break as ‘Darna’
  • The announcement was made by ABS-CBN Films’ managing director Olivia Lamasan

ABS-CBN Films’ announcement of the new ‘Darna’ united Kapamilya and Kapuso celebrities and their fans. Right after the big announcement, netizens and celebrities flocked to Jane de Leon’s social media accounts and congratulated the newest ‘Darna’ after Liza Soberano had to drop the project due to a finger injury.

Her followers gradually grew on social media. In fact, her Instagram went from having more than 700k followers to over 927k and her first post after the announcement immediately got 114,173 likes and more than 5k comments as of this writing.

The first two ‘Darna’ choices Angel Locsin and Liza Soberano were happy with the outcome of the audition.

Celebrities like Maymay Entrata, Darren Espanto, Elisse Joson, Iñigo Pascual, Michelle Vito, Jolina Magdangal, Hero Angeles, Kitkat, JC Alcantara, Yam Concepcion and Sandra Aguinaldo made congratulatory comments on De Leon’s now-verified Instagram account.

ABS-CBN Board Member and Chief Content Officer Charo Santos-Concio meanwhile gave de Leon a message to ponder on, “Congratulations to our new DARNA, @imjanedeleon ❤️ Stay grounded as you fly high 🥰”


Jane’s GirlTrends friends Chie Filomeno, Mica Javier, Mikee Agustin and Joana Jane Hipolito congratulated her as well.

Even Kapuso stars Ysabel Ortega, Megan Young, Barbara Miguel, Elia Iliano, Bryce Eusebio, Ana de Leon, and Lexi Gonzales approved of the new Darna’

Meanwhile, De Leon wrote on Instagram following the news and teased her followers that she will begin working on her new project “soon.” “MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT PO SA TIWALA!”

Directed by Jerrold Tarog, Star Cinema’s Darna is slated for release in 2020.

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Is boycott the reason behind flop movies in cinemas?

Is boycott the reason behind flop movies in cinemas?

  • Some movies have been using “boycott” as a reason for not earning in theaters this week
  • Promotion of bloggers and free advertisement on Facebook was enough to promote their movies
  • People would really love to support their favorite actors/actresses even if somebody would call for a “boycott”

It’s “boycott for Filipino movies in cinemas” – Movie outfits have been using this as a reason for not earning in theaters this week.

We are aware that there were some speculations on directors who were calling for a boycott, on social media, for Robin Padilla’s’ movie ‘Bato: The General Ronald Dela Rosa Story.’

But for Arjo Atayde’s movie and that of Gelli de Bellen with Ariel Rivera, are their movies been boycotted too?

It’s really hard to believe the fact that film outfits report that their movies have been boycotted as a reason for not gaining that much in the box-office. There were also rumors that Vice Ganda’s movie “Fantastica” was planned to be boycotted but still the movie earned more than 500 million pesos, and was viewed not only in the Philippines but also in other countries.

Shall we claim then that movies like “Sakaling Maging Tayo” of Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon and “Boy Tokwa: Lodi ng Gapo” of Jose Manalo which flopped in cinemas have also been boycotted?

The truth behind this seems to be the lack of promotion for the said Filipino movies. Perhaps, the producers believed that the promotion given bloggers and the free advertisement on Facebook were enough to promote their movies while minimizing their promotional expenses.

This can be a much more acceptable reason to explain why there were lots of Filipino movies that flopped this past week.

During the Metro Manila Film Festival of 2018 (MMFF), netizens already knew what movies they wanted to watch. There were series of interviews and promotions for the cast members of the entry movies.

Unlike those movies that recently flopped in cinemas, the filmfest entries were not announced early on and were kept it secret, while production were working on their respective projects, and only revealed the details of the movie entries when it was nearly showing in cinemas on Christmas Day.

Let’s us consider now which matters can have a bigger impact on why some movies are not viewed in cinemas, as well as the people who still love to support their favorite actors/actresses even if somebody would call for a “boycott” of their films.

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Marlo Mortel to dedicate first solo concert ‘ImMORTELized’ to his mother

Marlo Mortel to dedicate first solo concert ‘ImMORTELized’ to his mother

  • Marlo Mortel to stage his first ever solo concert ‘ImMORTELized’.
  • He shared that his late mother has been the one that inspired him to work harder and go on with life.

Marlo Mortel and his family has been through a lot this year. With his mother’s passing because of breast cancer last August 24, he chose to hold up well under the circumstances and not let the pain overwhelm him.

On October 26, he will stage ImMORTELized, his first solo concert at the Music Museum. The last time he performed at the venue, he was with the other members of the boy band Harana, namely Bryan Santos, Joseph Marco, and Michael Pangilinan.

The group had hit singles and a sold out concert. Now that he’s finally doing his own thing, he hopes that his first solo outing on the local concert scene will draw as big a crowd as Harana’s show did.

He mentioned his family as his biggest inspiration.

Marlo’s schedule has also been very busy as aside from hosting a regular segment on Umagang Kay Ganda, he has also been working on movies as well as recording music for his first solo album. Just last month, he dropped the track “Sana Ikaw Na Nga” which recently premiered on Myx and YouTube.

Both songs will be among those the young star will perform during the concert. The event will be directed by Marvin Caldito with musical direction by Adonis Tabanda. The guests will be Elisse Joson, John Roa, LA Santos, and Sue Ramirez. It is sponsored by Calayan Surgicentre and Megasoft.

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Elisse Joson buys new condo for family

Elisse Joson buys new condo for family

  • Elisse Joson vlogged about her new home for her family.
  • She shared some insights she gained while in the process of renovating and decorating their new place.

In a recent vlog, ABS-CBN star Elisse Joson shared a sneak peek of her family’s newly bought condominium.

She documented her shopping sprees and moving in process to their new h0me. From kitchenware and plants to snacks, it can all be witnessed in her recent YouTube video.

Aside from the various footage, she shared a few insights towards the end of the video.

Elisse said that it has always been her dream to buy a home out of her own hard work. And even though their place is not a house yet, she has had a few realizations along the way.

Dream ko talaga magkaroon ng bahay na sariling sikap, na ako magpapagawa someday, na ako mag-iipon para magkaroon ng bahay ang family ko and this time is not yet there. Our place is not a house, yet condo siya. I just want to share to everyone the realizations I had while I was in the process of the whole moving in thing.”

She admitted that when she was buying the condominium, she wasn’t really excited at first as her vision was really for a house. But upon the renovating process, that’s when she started to appreciate everything.

“Dream ko talaga magkaroon ng bahay and I guess in the beginning of buying a new place, honestly, I wasn’t really that excited. Ang nasa isip ko kasi talaga non bahay ang gusto kong makuha. ‘Yung gusto kong makuha, gusto kong mangyari magkaroon ng bahay. During the months of  preparation for the condo, the whole processing of papers, ‘yung renovations, ‘yung pagpapaayos ng lahat-lahat, meron akong natutunan during that process.

“I was too focused on the big thing, on the big main goal that I had. I was forgetting the small things that I actually accomplished. So ang nangyari habang nakikita ko ‘yung improvement na nagsimula sa plain small condo unit at unti-unting iniiba ‘yung walls, iniiba ‘yung floor, it made me realized na ‘yung dream ko talaga, hindi lang naman basta magkaroon ng bahay, ‘yung dream ko talaga magkaroon kami ng lugar na pwede naming uwian na komportable, na safe, and when I realized that, sabi ko sa sarili ko I was too focused on that one end goal, I didn’t think of the little things that I am actually doing right, that I actually did.”

Elisse also reminded everyone that it’s okay if your pace is slower than your desired speed as your continuous improvement is much more important.

It doesn’t matter if ‘yung pace mo mabagal kaysa sa ibang tao. It doesn’t matter if ‘yung pace mo slower than how you actually wanted to go. Ang importante meron kang na-improve, meron kang na-accomplish, meron kang nagagawa.”

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McDonald’s ‘Tuloy Pa Rin’ continues the story from the perspective of the ex-boyfriend

McDonald’s ‘Tuloy Pa Rin’ continues the story from the perspective of the ex-boyfriend


Do you remember the viral video of McDonalds’ commercial where a sad break-up story was told along with a beautiful rendition of the song ‘Tuloy Pa Rin.’

Just to recap, in the opening of the video, Elisse Joson orders her food from McDonald’s, and when she was about to take a seat, she saw the exact spot that had a painful memory for her. She remembered what happened before when the characters of Elisse Joson and Tony Labrusca were having a heart-breaking moment inside the fast food chain. Labrusca got up and left Joson, who tried to beg for the guy to stay.

In the first part that was aired back in 2016, Joson indulges in a delicious burger and left all the bad memories behind as she continued to move on with her life.

However, in the latest video uploaded by McDonald’s, the video shows an exactly opposite situation of what happened in the first part.

We see the character of Tony Labrusca who dined and ordered his usual food from the fast food chain, when he suddenly saw Joson, who’s all dolled up compared to her get-up back then. He held his tray, and made up his mind to come to her when he was suddenly taken aback after seeing Joson’s new love interest – portrayed by McCoy De Leon.

Labrusca felt bad and was on the verge of tears, when he decided to grab his burger instead. He looked up the sky, which had shown him the sun that symbolizes hope. He smiles, and suddenly the pain he was feeling just a few moments ago disappeared.

The netizens loved the new commercial just like how they enjoyed the first one. Many of them said that this is indeed realistic and sweet, which also made some of them to share their McDonald’s love story.

The storyline was easy to relate with for the audience, which leads to the assumption that many Filipinos had their fair share of painful heart breaks.

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