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A guy who experienced bullying for being an anorexic becomes an inspiration after sharing his recovery on social media

A guy who experienced bullying for being an anorexic becomes an inspiration after sharing his recovery on social media

  • Charlie Gan was so skinny and only weighed 15 to 20 kilos because he only ate once in a day and sometimes doesn’t eat at all
  • Charlie was so depressed because of his condition that affected his social relationship amongst his peers and even thought several times of committing suicide
  • All his sacrifices paid off as Charlie’s weight continued to increase from 34 to 60 kilos

Many have been doing all their efforts to lose weight. Some would go on a strict diet and enroll in a gym classes. Never did they know that some people are also doing their best to gain weight, to be accepted by the people around them.

An inspiring Twitter post had Charlie Gan sharing his story as one of those people who recovered from anorexia. In his caption, he expressed his sentiments over the people who have rejected and even bullied him, and in some point of his life, he was praying to God as he wanted to end all his suffering.

In an interview with Charlie via Twitter’s private messenger, he shared to us his experience in being anorexic. He remembered in his childhood days, that he was so skinny and only weighed 15 to 20 kilos because he only ate once in a day and sometimes doesn’t eat at all.

When he was in high school, he wanted to join pageants but one of his friends disagreed with the idea because he was so skinny and, worst, his classmates even blurted it in front of the class.

“One of my friends, sinabi na ‘Wag ako sumali kasi pangit ako at payatot in front of the whole room’.”

Charlie experienced bullying a lot, that even girls in school didn’t treat him well and would only call his attention if they needed his help, being the top student in the class.

During his college years, he already weighed 24 kilos but was still considered being underweight for his age. Charlie was so depressed because of his condition that affected his social relationship among his peers and even thought several times of committing suicide. But then, he surrendered all his pains to the Almighty for he didn’t want to be rejected anymore.

“I prayed to God na sana di na ko lagi na re-reject or ayoko na lagi nafi-feel ko di ako important sa mga tao,” he said.

One summer vacation, he was desperate to change his way of life and recover from anorexia, so he started researching and study about “Calorie Counting,” which meant counting the amount of calories consumed. Being an anorexic used to consume a small amount of food, he was having a hard time eating the amount of food that was required for his calorie count, which led him to indigestion. But because of him being so desperate, he continued the process, even if it caused him to vomit every day.

“Every day para ako masusuka and di ako tumatayo kasi sobra full lagi nafi-feel ko sa body.”

Finally, after continuously meeting all his required calorie consumption daily, all his sacrifices paid off as Charlie’s weight continued to increase from 34 to 60 kilos at the end of his summer break.

Charlie’s friends couldn’t believe his transformation that he was able to meet the ideal weight from a skinny guy to someone they could hardly recognize.

Kahit yung mga nakakausap ko before di nila ako kilala daw and pansin ko malayo-layo na talaga yung itsura ko sa dati.”

From then on, he started to feel that people around him wanted to make friends and even wanted him to join pageants but because of his bullying experience, he was not the friendly type of person that they’ve come to know.

“Dun na nagsimula na nafi-feel ko na parang they want me to be their friend na then sinasali na ko nila sa mga pageants etc… Even on social media na dati wala talaga kumakausap sakin and kakausapin ka lang if they need something… But my personality changes na talaga. I’m not the friendly type anymore maybe because this is the effect of bullying,” Charlie said

A lot of netizens were inspired by his recovery as they shared their congratulatory messages.

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Former high school bully sends Angel Locsin an apology letter on Instagram

Former high school bully sends Angel Locsin an apology letter on Instagram

  • Angel Locsin receives apology from former high school bully at USTHS
  • Locsin forgave her bully and even asked for an apology too as she reasoned that ‘it takes two to tango’ when it comes to mistakes
  • The Kapamilya star urged her followers to do the same, as long as their efforts are sincere in order not to regret anything in life

Due to Angel Locsin’s portrayal of strong female characters, it was hard to imagine that she too was bullied in the past.

Filipina television and film actress Locsin, 33, posted this Friday on her Instagram story an exchange with a former high school bully who sought forgiveness for past transgressions.

Her former classmate from the University of Sto. Tomas High School reached out to the star of “The General’s Daughter” through a private message on Instagram, to apologize for his/her actions when they were younger.

The user’s identity was protected by Locsin and his/her message read: “Hi Angel, you probably don’t remember me but I used to not like you back in USTHS. I remember I bullied you before… I want to say I am sorry. I want you to know (while I am watching your movies in Netflix) that I am extremely amazed by how good an actress you are! Congratulations on how you have become a very good actress! I can probably say that perhaps, I am a fan now! Again, I apologize.”

“Hello! Mga bata pa tayo noon. Your message made me smile. Salamat. Pasensiya na rin kung may nagawa ako para hindi mo ako magustuhan. Sabi nga nila, it takes two to tango. So ayun. Pasensya na. Ingat lagi!” responded the famous actress.

She then went on to tell her Instagram followers that she was “quite moved” by the sudden act of contrition and shared it online for anyone who needed to be inspired by her former bully who now turned over a new leaf.

The Kapamilya star has served as an inspiration to many because of her charitable heart.

“At some point in our lives, we’ve all been bullied, and we’ve all been bullies. But as a wise Beatle once wrote, ‘Life is very short, and there’s no time for fussing and fighting, my friend’. So if you have the chance to apologize to someone you’ve hurt, take it. And if someone asks for your forgiveness, give it to them. In either case, if your efforts are sincere, you’ll never regret it,” claimed Locsin.

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McJim’s ‘The Bully’ a heart-rending but essential story

McJim’s ‘The Bully’ a heart-rending but essential story

  • The age-old problem of bullying remains to be a cause for concern among school authorities and parents of bullied children.
  • For generations now, McJim Classic Leather has been the leading and trusted brand for classic leather goods and accessories of superior quality and design.

Nearly two decades into the new millennium, the age-old problem of bullying remains to be a cause for concern among school authorities and parents of bullied children, mainly because most cases take place in the campus.

McJim’s ‘The Bully’ is a heart-rending but essential watch (4)

For some reason, however, such incidents have been largely kept unreported until a fairly recent bullying incident broke out and went viral on social media, creating quite a ruckus among netizens.

Bullying, in fact, is an issue that is hiding in plain sight. According to the United Nations’ 2018 report, one in three children worldwide experience some form of bullying, a disturbing fact we must confront if we resolve to find a long-term solution to the problem.

McJim’s ‘The Bully’ is a heart-rending but essential watch (3)

This is the central theme of McJim Classic Leather’s newest viral short film titled “The Bully,” which zeroes in on the pathetic plight of bullying victims.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Chris Cahilig, it tells the story of Ramon Christian Galvez (played by Jordan “Jay” Castillo, Jr.), an anti-bullying advocate who returns to his alma mater to give a talk on bullying. This rouses memories of the character’s own disquieting past—visions that continue to haunt him to this day.

“With ‘The Bully,’ McJim comes up with yet another compelling and socially relevant short film that tackles issues we need to talk about as a humane and progressive society,” says Cahilig, who is also behind McJim’s previous award-winning shorts “Pitaka,” “Sinturon,” “Bag,” and “No Strings Attached.”

McJim’s ‘The Bully’ is a heart-rending but essential watch (2)

“Once again, McJim proves to be more than just a lifestyle brand as it strives to stay relevant in this day and age. It does so rather convincingly as it takes on another critical advocacy: anti-bullying,” Cahilig says of McJim and its newest short film, which, the director promises, will get viewers hooked until the end—all for a good cause.

“‘The Bully’ is a heart-rending but essential watch for people of all ages. Bullying is real. If we persist in glossing over the issue, we will do a disservice to scores of bullying victims and to the values that we hold dear,” Cahilig asserts.

McJim’s ‘The Bully’ is a heart-rending but essential watch (1)

He likewise counsels the youth. “If you are a victim of, or a witness to, bullying, don’t keep quiet. Talk about it and ask for help.”

“The Bully” comes at a time when issues concerning child abuse are coming to the fore. The short film also has worthy precedents. “Pitaka” was hailed as the Best Branded Digital Ad at the 40th Catholic Mass Media Awards, and the Best Illustrated Poem at the 2018 Wales International Film Festival. “No Strings Attached,” meanwhile, bagged the Best Social Shorts award at the Liverpool International Film Festival 2018 in the United Kingdom.

Prior to “The Bully,” McJim earned praises for its first LGBT-themed short filmed “Bag” for its honest portrayal of a gay-straight friendship—a bold and unconventional move for a masculine brand like McJim.

“The Bully” and other McJim short films can be viewed on McJim’s official Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMcJIM/.

“The Bully” was crafted by a team led by Yuji Gonzales (screenplay), Patrick Ferrer (cinematography), Paulo Luneta (editor), Kenneth Amparo (online vfx and color), Jordan Castillo, Jr. (assistant director), Kat Salinas (sound design), Richard Gonzales (scoring), Johanna Evangelista (production manager), and Christian Paul Mendoza (production coordinator). It also stars Adrian Cabido, RJ Perkins, Gold Azeron, Allen Ansay, Sheryl Pasia, and Johanna Evangelista.

For generations now, McJim Classic Leather has been the leading and trusted brand for classic leather goods and accessories of superior quality and design.

For more information, visit and like the official McJim Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMcJIM/.

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Parents of bullied Ateneo student break their silence; Netizens react

Parents of bullied Ateneo student break their silence; Netizens react

  • Victim of Ateneo bullying’s parents released a statement about the viral controversy.
  • They chose not to publicize their son’s name and encouraged other victims of bullying to stand up for themselves.

Parents of the bullied Ateneo de Manila University Junior High School student broke their silence about the incident that their son became involved in.

The parents stated that their son “chose his true sense of dignity” and “is not a loser” to be pitied. They have also left their son’s name undisclosed to avoid being memoralized as the “bullied boy from Ateneo.”

“Our son was asked by the bully to make a choice. From the bully’s own words, ‘Ano ang gusto mo, dignidad o bugbog?’ – but in the bully’s definition, choosing ‘dignidad’ was a far more degrading option, one that would subject our son to inhumane treatment and abuse.”

They also expressed that they felt outraged upon seeng the two-minute viral video, but chose to remain silent over the issue to protect their son and help him heal.

“He did not do anything to deserve this kind of treatment from his classmates. But, despite what happened, we will not let this incident damage our son – he will heal from this, and we will ensure that he will grow up with his morality and values intact.”

The parents have extended their gratitude to those who helped their son and encouraged other bullying victims to speak up.

“Let every bully know that you may crush every single bone in his body, but you can never, no matter how frustrating you try, take away his dignity.

“Let every bully know that there is justice, and that crimes against the innocent will not prosper. Let every bully know that there is a God who favors the humble and the weak.”

Netizens react

The statement didn’t sit well specially on netizens who are following the issue. Some understood the parents while some others questioned how they raised their son.



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“Napagtripan lang?” Netizen calls out girls who bullied her niece

“Napagtripan lang?” Netizen calls out girls who bullied her niece

  • Two girls were caught beating up another student.
  • Family of victim filed a case against the attackers.

Some of us can handle being hurt by someone whether physically, emotionally or what have you. But when it comes to our loved ones, that’s a different story altogether.

A netizen on Facebook named Erika Santos has continuously posted about the bullying that her niece experienced when she was coming home from school.

The girl was walking home when another girl in school uniform walked beside her. A few moments later, a boy joined them and the girl in uniform forcefully pulled her hair causing her to fall on the pavement.

The boy then proceeded to kick her and punch her head while the victim covers herself.

Lopez then posted screenshots of messages from one of the girls, apologizing as she’s scared to be taken by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Ayan panay sorry nila d pwede po ipapakulong k talaga mga yn DSWD n bahala cu sa monday abs cbn tv patrol news. Justice…..ang kaylangan ko dto. Kahit sinung magulang makapanood ng video n yn madudurug talaga ang puso mo habang pinapanood m yn pag ikaw ang magulang .ngyn pinaliit nyu lng ang mundo nya nahihiya kyu sa ginawa nyu ngyn .d p tapos ang laban…yun po pamangkin k po nagkaroon n sya ng truma po sa ginawa ng mga yn.SUMULONG 20TH AVENUE CUBAO

Ignoring the girl’s plead, the victim’s family immediately informed authorities about the incident. They believed that their relative was a victim of a set-up as there was someone taking a video of the attack.

According to the barangay authorities, the girl has been reported multiple times for hurting other kids.

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Netizen exposes messages from cousin’s bullies

Netizen exposes messages from cousin’s bullies

  • Facebook user posts about messages that his cousin has been getting from her bullies
  • Acts of bullying done behind social media platforms may have legal implications under the Philippine law such as The Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 and The Revised Penal Code and the Cybercrime Prevention Act

A Facebook user named Melvin Lapaz Wong Jr. called out three bullies on his profile. He stated that there people (name withheld) has been cyberbullying his cousin since 2015.

In the screenshots attached, the three bullies continuously called the victim degrading words such as “pathetic“, “dumb“, “garbage“, “psychotic“, and many others.

The bullies event went as far as telling the victim to kill herself as “everybody would probably be happy if that happens“.

He stated that his cousin, whom he called “Ky” in his post, begged him not to post it but he does not know what to do to help her if they continue on with that kind of situation. He said that he wants to talk to their parents but he doesn’t know who the bullies are.


Wong ended his post with sharing that he had experienced feeling suicidal and did actually attempt to kill himself so he will never allow his cousin to feel the same way just because of three people that just “[wants] to have fun“.

“Ky, kung buhi pa si daddy nimo, ug kabalo siya na ani diay gi buhat sa imuha tung puhi pa siya, kabalo kong dugay na unta ni naundang. (Ky, had your father is still alive and knew about what’s going on with you, back then when he was alive, this would have stopped long ago.)

My cousin begged me not to post this. But I don’t know what else to do to help her kung magpadayun gihapon ning gina buhat nila. Be brave ky, if you won’t, everyone around you will step on you. Let them have a taste of their own medicine. Post this. (My cousin begged me not to post this. But I don’t know what else to do to help her if they still continue this.

Be brave ky, if you won’t, everyone around you will step on you. Let them have a taste of their own medicine. Post this.)

From fb to twitter, isog na jud kaayo ning mga bataa ni. I want to talk to your parents, but I don’t know who you guys are. (From fb to twitter, these kids are fearless. I want to talk to your parents, but I don’t know who you guys are.)

I DON’T CARE kung naa koy mga friends diri sa facebook na kaila or close aning mga bataa ni. Mag ligsanay nalang jud ta kung tistingan jud ko ninyog kalaban because of this post. (I DON’T CARE if I have friends here in facebook who knows or are close to these kids. Let’s just go ahead and bash each other to test me as your enemy becasue of this post.)

Bullying like these should be called out sa social media to spread awareness. Your words can kill a person. Wala ko kaila sa inyuha mga bataa mo pero makabalo unta mo kung unsang epekto sa akong pinsan ang inyuhang gipang sulti. (I don’t know you kids, but you should know the effects of your words to my cousin)

Shout out to these 3 people whose been bullying my cousin since 2015 up to date. These are some of the screen shots na ilahang gipang buhat sa akong pinsan. (These are some of the screen shots that you said to my cousin.)

Wala ko kabalo na dugay na diay ninyo gina tripan akong pinsan, karun ra ko kabalo na naa diay mga isog na tao sa glan na kayang buhaton ni. (I don’t know how long you have been bullying my cousin, I just knew that there are some audacious people in glan that could do this.) Pwes! I will see you and your parents in glan. 3 years of bullying is waaaaaay to far. 

Wala mo kabalo kung unsa na ka daghang luha ang gi hilak sa akong pinsan, kung pila ka tulog ang inyuhang gi deprive sa iyaha tungod sa depression and anxiety of being suicidal tungod sa inyuha! (You don’t know how much tears my cousin shed, if how many sleep you have deprived her becaus of the depression and anxiety you have caused her)

I’ve had first had experience of being suicidal and actually attempted to kill myself, but I will never allow my cousin to have the same experience because of these 3 people who just “WANT TO HAVE FUN.”

Dili lang daw sila 3 ang ga bully sa akong pinsan (there are not just 3 people bullying my cousin), according to Mikee Pensader.”

UPDATE: The uploader put the post on private as of this writing to be used for legal purposes. He said, “For legal purposes, I will have to keep my previous posts private. Tomorrow is a holiday, so we will go to the barangay authorities on Wednesday and settle things the right way. God bless us all.”

There are several legal implications that the act of cyberbullying may fall under including the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013The Revised Penal Code and the Cybercrime Prevention ActThe Civil Code on Damages, and The Labour Code on Just Causes for Termination.

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Man Reveals His Motivation After He Transformed from a Bullying Victim to a Heartthrob

Man Reveals His Motivation After He Transformed from a Bullying Victim to a Heartthrob

  • A man named Dave Villanueva what his inspiration was that motivated him to change for the better.
  • Along with his post, he also shared a few pictures of his before-and-after appearance.

Bullying is one of the most common scenarios in the environment, most especially in schools. Indeed, knowing that your child is being mistreated is disappointing as no parent wants their kid to be neglected by others.

Sometimes, bullying can affect a child negatively through what the offenders say. There are cases when the victims decrease their self-esteem, or worse, lose it completely. It can even be more serious if a victim decides to refuse to come to school or even going out of the room.

However, not all cases are the same. There are instances that kids are able to handle such harsh words from people and turn it into a motivation to improve and do better.

One of the victims of bullying who never let himself be affected by harsh criticisms is Dave Villanueva.

According to him, he grew up as a kid who always got bullied by the others who thought they were better than him.

Villanueva shared his story on his Facebook account which shocked a lot of netizens because of the change he had gone through. The same post went viral in a short period of time as it inspired a lot of people as well.

Read his full post below:

’Kung gusto mo ng pagbabago, umpisahan mo sa sarili mo.’

Gusto kong pumuti, gusto kong kuminis, gusto ko crush din ako ng crush ko. Big deal toh para saken kasi lumaki akong laging binu-bully.”

Usually, the ones who are mostly bullied are the ones who look like they won’t fight back – which is why they are the common target of these bullies, and they have one goal: to make their victims feel bad about themselves while they are feeling otherwise.

“Dumaan ako sa point of self pity, I even asked myself what’s wrong with me. Then I started to realize that I need to transform myself.”

Villanueva didn’t take his experiences as major problems but rather his fuel to go and prove them wrong.

“I took gluta, some collagen and started my diet. I enrolled myself to a GYM, hindi ako huminto until I was able to reach my ideal weight. Binago ko rin ang lifestyle ko. I changed the way I dress myself at marami pang iba.”

He changed his diet and his lifestyle to be able to achieve his desires, and later on, he was already harvesting the fruits of his labor.

“Ang saya saya ko kasi nakita ko may nagbago. May naiba. Some people might think na GGSS ako, and Yes, I am.”

From a bullied kid to a drop-dead heartthrob!

“ Kahit ano pang sabihin ng ibang tao, patuloy akong mag-iimprove para sa sarili ko.”

“Para sa mga taong kagaya ko na na-bully at binubully, huwag kang magpapadala sa mga taong pilit kang binababa. Prove them wrong.”

“The best project you can ever work on is YOU. Kung gusto mo ng pagbabago, umpisahan mo sa sarili mo.”

Meanwhile, the netizens who had read his post were inspired with how he took the negative comments thrown at him.

Villanueva’s experience is a proof that negative experiences are not something to mope about, but something that should push you further to make your dreams come true.

In this life, there will be a lot of challenges awaiting us. If we can’t take simple and petty challenges today, what more if we face bigger ones?

How about you? What are your thoughts on Villanueva’s transformation challenge? Would you like to change like he did?

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Kid Selling Scraps for His Daily Allowance Gets Bullied and Laughed at in School

Kid Selling Scraps for His Daily Allowance Gets Bullied and Laughed at in School

  • A netizen named Erica Caranza shared how a school kid gets laughed at each day.
  • According to Caranza, the kid sells scraps to be able to earn a small amount for his daily allowance.
  • He is usually being mistreated and called insane as he was talking to himself.

Bullying is, unfortunately, a common sight in most schools.

There are kids who can stand up for themselves and tell them to someone with authority, while there are also students who simply can’t do the same. Some kids don’t have the confidence to defend themselves or approach a teacher regarding this matter as they might be afraid to cause a ruckus or to be disbelieved.

One of the children who are in the same situation is this student who goes to Mangaldan National High School.

His story was shared on social media through Erica Caranza’s Facebook account.

Read her full post below:

Eto yung tao na pinagtatawanan nila! Imbis na tulungan tinatawanan pa.”

Caranza expressed her dismay about how some people can laugh at him instead of helping the boy.

Pumapasok siya ng walang baon pinag sasabihan ng baliw kasi lagi siyang mag isa tas kinausap niya sarili niya! sana matulungan siya!

According to her, there are times when the student doesn’t have any allowance for the day. Also, the kid often gets laughed at and called insane as he was seen talking to himself.

Wag niyong ilike ishare nio nalang para makatulong kayo! Nangangalakal siya para may baon siya pag pumasok!

Moreover, Caranza shared that the kid also sells scraps just so he could have a small amount of allowance whenever he goes to school.

Nakatira po siya sa SALAY MANGLDAN PANGASINAN. Nag aaral din po siya sa MANGALDAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL.”

On the other hand, the netizens who had read Caranza’s post left comments of encouragement to the kid. They said that the kid should be strong amidst the trials that he is currently facing as he will be rewarded in the future.

It is indeed dismaying to see a child being bullied just because of his status and appearance.

To conclude, kids should be taught not to belittle other people just because of what they see. Not everyone reveals the kind of hardship they are going through, therefore people should learn how to respect those who are more unfortunate than them.

What are your thoughts on the kid? Do you think teachers should discipline the ones who bully him?

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Netizens Send Words of Encouragement to an 8-Year-Old Girl who was Bullied and called Fat

Netizens Send Words of Encouragement to an 8-Year-Old Girl who was Bullied and called Fat


Sometimes people are forced to be like someone else just because of the dictations of the society. Nowadays, they are mocked and judged just because they do not fit the standards set by other people. It seems like a person is cannot be socially accepted if he/she doesn’t meet the requirements such as being physically slim.

However, when this kind of cruelty has already been generalized, the children perceives it as proper since most people are doing it, and this is when it becomes absolutely wrong.

A Twitter user named Briseyda Ponce posted on her account saying that her eight year old cousin named Allyson Baires asked to join her in running after her classmates, including the little girl’s crush Hector, called her fat.

Based on the pictures, Baires isn’t really fat which makes it questionable what made the other kids think otherwise. How slim do they want the little girl to be?

Ponce agreed to take her cousin with her, but during the mid run, Baires suddenly pulled out a quick snack.

The netizens sent tweets to Ponce with messages of comfort and encouragement for her cousin. According to them, the little girl shouldn’t let herself be defined by other kids’ perception. One of them even said that she can eat if it makes her happy.

Ponce told her cousin that it is alright if she wants to join her usual exercise, but it shouldn’t be for the sake of being accepted by her classmates but rather for the reason of being healthy.

Kids as early as such age should be taught how to love and defend themselves, while on the other hand, parents should teach their children that bullying is not a simple thing and should not be tolerated.

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WATCH: British tourist who got bullied in El Nido thanks Pinoy supporters

WATCH: British tourist who got bullied in El Nido thanks Pinoy supporters


MANILA, Philippines. Elayne Peddy, the British tourist who dubbed her trip to the Philippines as her “worst holiday” after being bullied by locals in El Nido, has thanked Filipinos who expressed their support on social media.

According to Peddy, she was called names and singled out by locals because of her skin color, weight, and height during her four-day-trip in El Nido. Aside from the bullying, Peddy also experienced discrimination as some stores and even tricycle drivers charged her double because of her weight. Because of the harassment she experienced, Peddy opted to just stay inside her hotel instead of exploring popular tourist spots.

A tearful Peddy, who happens to be a vlogger, shared her traumatic experience on her YouTube channel Elayne Peddy. “I’ve never felt so unattractive….Whenever I stepped out, I had people pointing, I had people laughing, I had people giving me the most hideous comments ever.”

Although Peddy claimed that she only experienced bullying in El Nido, she revealed on her vlog that she won’t be coming back to the Philippines.

After her video went viral, many Filipinos apologized for the behavior of locals in El Nido. Among them were popular personalities like Mikey Bustos, Daphne Osena-Paez, and Cecile Zamora van Straten.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.23.52 AM.png Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.25.33 AM.png Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.25.52 AM.png

Overwhelmed by the words of encouragement from numerous Filipinos, Peddy posted a vlog thanking her supporters.

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