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JUST THE TWO OF US: Married celebrity couples who have yet to start a family

JUST THE TWO OF US: Married celebrity couples who have yet to start a family

  • Whether by choice or not, there are just couples who haven’t been blessed with a baby yet.
  • We listed down some celebrity couples who are currently enjoying their married life without a kid.

Babies and children may be cute, but there is no rule book stating that you have to conceive a child as soon as you get married.

Here are some married celebrity couples who are yet to be blessed with a baby.

Maricris Garcia and TJ Cruz

Maricris and TJ have been married for almost two years now.

Adrian Alandy and Joselle Fernandez

Adrian married non-showbiz girlfriend Joselle in Fabruary 2017.

Last July, he admitted that he wants to have a baby soon. “Yes, we’re trying to have a baby. Hopefully, if not this year, maybe next year.”

Max Collins and Pancho Magno

Max and Pancho got married on December 11, 2017.

They decided to postpone their baby plans to next year as they are both busy with their respective careers.

Yeng Constantino and Yan Asuncion

The couple got married three years ago.

In a vlog dated June 2018, Yeng admitted that she’s excited to have a baby soon.

Karylle Tatlonghari and Yael Yuzon

The couple has been married for more than three years and they recently expressed their interest in trying to have a baby. “We’re not pressured but we hope to be blessed with a baby soon. Right now, we’re just trying to be in the best of health kasi ‘di ba if you want to have a baby, you need to be so.” Karylle said in one interview.

Karylle’s mother, Zsa Zsa Padilla, also shared that she’s excited to be a grandmother.

Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones

Jericho and Kim got married in 2014.

Kim, however, expressed that having a child isn’t the measure of being a ‘real woman’.

Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon

Maricar admitted last February that she feels pressured to get pregnant.

“I really love na hindi namin pini-pressure ang isa’t isa. Parang may peace kami ngayon na if it comes, it comes. If it doesn’t, we will wait. Kasi mayroon, it’s going to come, we’re just waiting.”

Vaness del Moral and Matt Kier

Vaness and Matt have only been married for a few months but they previously stated that they have no baby plans yet.

Maxene Magalona and Rob Mananquil

It has been almost a year of marriage for Maxene and Rob.

A few months ago, Maxene shared that they have no plans on having kids yet as they still have many goals they want to achieve. “Wala pa sa plans namin [ang magkaroon ng baby]. Maybe in a couple of years. But right now, ang dami pa naming gustong matupad na pangarap.”

Aiai Delas Alas and Gerald Sibayan

Aiai shared before that she wants to have a baby with husband Gerald.

In a previous Instagram comment, she admitted that she’s really praying for it to happen.

Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford

Coleen admitted she and husband Billy have never really talked about when they plan to have babies.

When it comes to babies kasi, yung marriage napa-plano niyo eh pero yung baby it’s really from God. So I’ll accept whatever God gives me, whatever time that may be. Kasi siya lang naman nakakaalam kung kailan yung perfect time and I’ve learned also from all the parents that I know na biglang naging parents.” she said.

Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff

After getting married last year, Anne shared that they’re planning to enjoy their marriage first before having children.

“Oh my gosh! We JUST got married! We will enjoy this first before taking that next BIG step! Not yet.”

Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico

Solenn have told members of the press that they have been planning a family for two years

They have been putting off having a baby as they are building a house this year.

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Ogie Alcasid admits on getting ‘affected’ over his “Little Big Shots” replacement

Ogie Alcasid admits on getting ‘affected’ over his “Little Big Shots” replacement

  • Ogie Alcasid admitted that he got discouraged because of the ‘Little Big Shots’ incident.
  • Despite that frustration, the singer remained positive and treated it as a lesson and realization that there are things that are not meant for him.

Singer and TV personality Ogie Alcasid has been in the industry for 30 years and he admitted that there are times that he just wanted to quit the industry.

He said that there were times that he got frustrated over things, especially projects that didn’t fly but just got dissolved somewhere or failed in the music charts or in the box-office.

“Maraming beses akong napu-frustrate. Lalo na kapag flop ang movie. Mahina ang kanta, hindi masyadong nag-hit. May TV show, hindi masyadong tinanggap. Umigsi yung takbo ng teleserye.

“Siyempre, napu-frustrate ka rin.”

One of those incidents that caused him to doubt himself was the Little Big Shots incident last year.

The Kapamilya network chose him to be to be the host of the show, however, the franchise owner chose someone younger, and had Billy Crawford as his replacement.

“I guess noong last year, nag-doubt ako sa sarili ko. Kasi, may show noon na ako dapat ang host, si Billy ang napili. Naramdaman ko yun na parang hindi ako magaling.”

His wife, Regine Velasquez, also got shocked by the decision.

“Mas sobra siyang excited sa show na yun. So I said, ‘Honey, hindi ko nakuha yung show. Sabi niya, what?!’ Lungkot na lungkot siya nun, eh.”

Alcasid added that he got a little heartbroken over the situation but remained positive as he joined the panel of judges at It’s Showtime‘s Tawag ng Tanghalan, and comedy series Home Sweetie Home.

“But you know, it’s good that you experience it. Mari-realize mo na hindi ka perpekto. At may mga bagay na hindi para sa ‘yo.

“Medyo, kasi parang, hindi pala ko magaling. Pero parang, okay lang, panahon na talaga ng mga bata…. But, hindi pala ko nilalagay ni Lord doon. Mas gusto pala niya kong mag-Showtime at saka yung music ko, dun pala niya ko gustong ilagay, then Home Sweetie Home. “

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Celebrities flaunts their Slimmer Versions and Body Transformations

Celebrities flaunts their Slimmer Versions and Body Transformations

  • 12 stars who were on hefty side but enjoys a more sexy bods.
  • Celebrities who achieved weight loss and are proud of their body transformations.

Maybe most of us at some point aspired to lose weight or at least be more fit.

To inspire ourselves to stand up and aim for a healthier life, here are some celebrities who did it, and maybe, they can inspire us as well.

Erwan Heussaff

Image courtesy by Erwan Heussaff | Instagram

Erwan Heussaff was once a “fat kid” but is now the “fat kid inside” due to proper diet and the right amount of exercise.

Judy Ann Santos

Image courtesy by Judy Ann Santos | Instagram

Judy Ann Santos gained weight due to pregnancy, but the actress shed it all by making exercise a family bonding activity.

Angel Locsin

Image courtesy by Angel Locsin | Instagram

Actress Angel Locsin was previously bashed for gaining weight but she still remains one of the country’s sexy figures.

Vandolph Quizon

Image courtesy by Vandolph Quizon | Instagram

From being a huggable comedian, Vandolph Quizon is now a buff father.

Beauty Gonzalez

Image courtesy by Beauty Gonzalez | Instagram

The former Pinoy Big Brother housemate shocked everyone with her sexy image which is a different look compared to what she showcased before at the ABS-CBN variety show.

Billy Crawford

Image courtesy by Billy Crawford | Instagram

Billy Crawford has undergone exercise and diet in preparation for his wedding with Coleen Garcia.

KC Concepcion

Image courtesy by KC Concepcion | Instagram

KC Conception’s travels have paved the way for her to showcase her healthy looking body.

Iza Calzado

Image courtesy by Iza Calzado | Instagram

Actress Iza Calzado has always been known for her tall and lean body but she proved that you can always improve it with some intense workout.

Raymond Gutierrez

Image courtesy by Raymond Gutierrez | Instagram

Host Raymond Gutierrez is one of those people that shocked everyone with his weight loss. Raymond shunned away from social media for a while and came back as the leaner and healthier version of himself.

Claudine Barretto

Image courtesy by Claudine Barretto | Instagram

Last April, Claudine Barretto started posting photos on her Instagram account showcasing her slimmer body. Netizens didn’t miss the transformation as they commented about her visible weight loss.

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla

Image courtesy by Mariel Rodriguez | Instagram

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla recently made a showbiz comeback on It’s Showtime after taking a break for two years to take care of her daughter. She revealed that she has then lost around 40lbs since giving birth.

Sharon Cuneta

Image courtesy by Sharon Cuneta | Facebook

Last February 2018, Megastar Sharon Cuneta, shared her secret on having a sexier body. She told one Netizen to just cut out all carbs but never ever skip meals.

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10 Most Talked About Clothing Pieces of Filipino Celebrities In The Recent Years

10 Most Talked About Clothing Pieces of Filipino Celebrities In The Recent Years

  • Celebrities that were once under slander because of fashion related issues.
  • These outfits that had controversies in the past.

Celebrities are often watched out for their skills and projects, but one of the most important things that they should also prioritize is their fashion sense. As individuals being closely watched or even scrutinized by the public eye.

Image courtesy by Fashion Pulis/Metro Magazine | Instragram

It is unavoidable that these stars are criticized on their fashion choices especially in the age of social media.

Here are some of the most talked about and most controversial clothing pieces that celebrities wore at some point of their careers:

1. Devon Seron

Image courtesy by Regal Films | Instagram

Devon Seron wore a red plaid polo and skirt in a promotional mall show for her film Walwal. She did not escape the criticisms as a Netizen criticized her outfit was a ‘fashion disaster’.

Devon reacted and said that the most important thing is how one sees herself or himself. She also added that she was sick that day but she felt pretty amazing wearing the said outfit.

2. Vicki Belo

Image courtesy by Vicki Belo | Instagram

Netizens zoomed-im on Vicki Belo‘s dress at her daughter, Cristalle Belo’s wedding in Italy. Comments repeatedly described her dress as something that’s similar to a bed sheet.

3. Kim Chiu

Image courtesy by Fashion Pulis | Instagram

Actress Kim Chiu and designer John Herrera once had a miscommunication because of a gown that was supposed to be worn by the actress at the 66th FAMAS awards night.

According to reports, the designer made a Php100,000 gown for her to wear for the special occasion but the arrangements didn’t push through. Herrera expressed his disappointment and stated that his team couldn’t even enter the village where Kim Chiu lives resulting in her not being able to fit the gown.

The problem died down when both sides tweeted saying that they want to ‘move forward’ and leave the issue behind.

4. Maggie Wilson

Image courtesy by Maggie Wilson | Instagram

Miss World Philippines Maggie Wilson got into an argument with a Netizen regarding her OOTD during a trip in Jordan. The Netizen asked if her outfit was appropriate considering that Jordan is a Muslim-dominated country.

Maggie defended her outfit saying that even if 85% of the population there is Muslim, no one actually cares what one wears. She also added that she respects the people, culture, and rules in every place she visits.

5. Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia

Netizens and artists alike poked fun at Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia‘s Ethiopian inspired pre-wedding photo shoot for a magazine. Its pattern resembled various things like pillows and bags of ordinary people.

Image courtesy by Regine Velasquez | Instagram
Image courtesy by Instagram
Image courtesy by Instagram
Image courtesy by Instagram

The couple was also criticized as many thought that their outfits in the said photoshoot were culturally inappropriate.

6. Solenn Heussaff

Image courtesy by Solenn Heussaff | Instagram

Solenn Heussaff didn’t stop herself from answering a basher, who scrutinized her choice of outfit while trying to get a good tan under the sun.


7. Senator Nancy Binay

Image courtesy by Twitter

Senator Nancy Binay‘s outfit at the 2014 State of the Nation Address generated a large number of viral memes. Netizens posted their own take on Binay’s dress. Some of the most popular posts compared it to a hot air balloon, to a Datu Puti vinegar packaging, and to Shriek’s wife, Fiona.

Image courtesy by Twitter
Image courtesy by Twitter
Image courtesy by Twitter

8. Maria Isabel Lopez

Image courtesy by CenterStage Productions (CSP)

Many criticized actress Maria Isabel Lopez back during the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. She was accused of being a ‘scene-stealer’ as she got more attention in the red carpet compared to the film director Brillante Mendoza and lead star Jaclyn Jose, because of her bright colored and eye-grabbing emerald green gown. She, later on, apologized to the director and her co-stars, explaining that she did not intend to steal the spotlight away from them.

She was wearing a gown that was designed by Albert Andrada.

9. MJ Lastimosa

Image courtesy by Jory Rivera | OPMB Worldwide

Miss Universe Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa‘s national costume at the 2014 Miss Universe was heavily criticized. It drew flack from the netizens as they stated that it looked cheaply made and was compared to a birthday cake from Goldilocks.

10. Maine Mendoza

The most controversial of all is probably the issue of Maine Mendoza‘s Tamang Panahon gown that resulted in a lawsuit filed by stylist Liz Uy to fashion blogger Michael Sy Lim.

Image courtesy by Eat Bulaga | Facebook

The issue started when people pointed out that Maine’s gown was the same gown as Kim Chiu wore at the 2013 Francis Libiran Metrowear Icon Fashion Show. In an official statement by the designer Francis Libiran, he stated that “We are so glad, honored, and grateful that Maine Mendoza and her official stylists, Stylized Studio, Inc., chose a beautiful Francis Libiran dress from our Spring/Summer 2015. Maine Mendoza’s gown at Eat Bulaga’s Tamang Panahon concert for a cause was bought and paid for by Eat Bulaga Production.”

Image courtesy by Preview Magazine

In Liz Uy’s 24-page complaint submitted to the court, she cited Lim’s tweets and blog post regarding his entries at the website Fashion Police, criticizing her for making the artist wear a “recycled” gown and a “hand-me-down” Gucci jacket at one of Maine’s magazine photoshoots.

Liz Uy filed cases of online libel and grave slander against Michael Sy Lim.

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Netizens criticize Roxas’s Fast Forward ad campaign

Netizens criticize Roxas’s Fast Forward ad campaign


The recently released ad campaign featuring the Liberal Party’s standard bearer Mar Roxas and running mate Leni Robredo has been generating a lot of criticisms from netizens.

Aside from the two candidates, the video entitled Fast Forward sa Daang Matuwid features a song performed by Billy Crawford, JayR, and Kris Lawrence. They are also joined by other celebrities including the KathNiel love team (Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo,) Maricel Soriano, James Yap, Ramon Bautista, and Roxas’s wife, Korina Sanchez. With the slew of talents coming together for the ad, a few netizens have compared it to a station ID music video.

Akala ko nag merge na yung dalawang stations (I thought the two stations had merged),” said Facebook user Dave Manalo, in  reference to artists from rival stations ABS-CBN and GMA appearing in the commercial. “Ang lakas maka station Id. Lumevel up na po yung Ad niyo, mahal din ng ginastos dito ah ilang artista din ito (It strongly resembles a station ID. Your ad has leveled up, with the number of celebrities this features, this must have cost a lot to produce).”

“new station I.D. of Malacañang Network,” joked Boylen Cabag. “cheerer na si Mar…” (Mar is now a cheerleader.)

Other netizens tended to pick on a couple of celebrities who apparently went balimbing (switched sides).

bushit na ramon bautista pa kantsaw2 pa sa video ni mar,” Jeffrey Itum ranted. “humahalik din pala sa pwet dahil lang sa pera. badtrip (It’s annoying how Ramon Bautista made fun of Mar’s video before, but now he’s kissing ass just because of money. Bad trip.).”

Yung isa sa hosts ng Kontrabando na may makikitang video na pinagtatawanan ang fistbump ni Mar, eh bakit andito din? ano yan? pera pera lang…? palibhasa persona non grata sa Davao eh (One of the hosts of Kontrabando who laughed at Mar’s fistbump video, so why is he here now? Is it because he got paid? Probably it’s because he’s persona non grata in Davao.),” said Romnick Doringo, also taking a crack at Bautista.

“I still remember, Billy C. was posting good deeds of Mayor Duterte…” recalled Shamara Trixie. “Now sya pa isa sa kumanta for Roxas campaign… (Now, he’s one of those singing for Roxas’s campaign.)”

Magkano kayang bayad kay Pope Billy? 1 like 1 prayer (I wonder how much Pope Billy was paid?),” asked Candice Fuentebella, alluding to the actor’s penchant for posting religious memes.

But the greater number of netizens, after noticing the video’s high production value, expressed their outrage, apparently believing that taxpayers’ money went into it.

“The yellow is hurtful to the eyes, especially the text right at the end. I can understand from an advertisement perspective the move made. Most Pop-Icons, old and new, were here to promote Mr. Roxas, heck I can even understand the inclusion of his wife,” began Kaoru Patlunag’s post. ” My questions are… whose money was paid to do this? is this included in the campaign limitations by comelec?”

An FB page entitled Pultikong Walang Nagawa (Politicians Who Did Nothing) ranted, “…Yung perang donation na galing sa ibat ibang bansa na tumulong noon sa mga na salanta ng bagyong YOLANDA! Hindi ipinamahagi! Mga mag nanakaw yang MAR ROXA s na yan kasama si PANOT at DINKY! [They didn’t disburse the funds donated by other countries for Yolanda typhoon victims! Mar Roxas, Panot (slur referring to President Aquino) and Dinky (Soliman, DSWD secretary) are thieves!]”

Sa dami ng artistang endorser ni MAR siguradong ubos ang kaban ng bayan pag naging Presidente ang kurakot na taong ito!!! (With all these celebrity endorsers, if Mar becomes president, he will surely wipe out the country’s coffers. This person is corrupt!)” lamented Sheree Sasan.

Antonio Vito Medina, however, is convinced that it’s not just Roxas, but all candidates behave the same way. “Puro salita na maganda pakinggan sa tenga (Just words that sound good to the ear),” he observed, “…alam niyo kung ano yung mga problema, halos lahat rin naman ng kandidato eh Wala namang konkretong solusyon o kahit pagsubok lamang (All the candidates are aware of the problems, but offer no concrete solutions nor trials).”

Here is the Fast Forward sa Daang Matuwid video. Let us know what you think of it on the comments section below.

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Billy Crawford arrested after Star Magic Ball; Coleen Garcia reacts [UPDATED]

Billy Crawford arrested after Star Magic Ball; Coleen Garcia reacts [UPDATED]


Just hours after the Star Magic Ball where he dazzled the crowd with girlfriend Coleen Garcia in his arms, actor-TV host Billy Crawford went to the Bonifacio Global City police precinct with a yet unidentified female companion to ask for assistance about a matter not revealed to the media.

Billy Crawford Arrested after Star Magic Ball; Coleen Garcia reacts
At the Star Magic Ball
Photo credit: Facebook/Star Magic

It happened a little after 4 am, Sunday, reveals GMA News. After he was told by police officers they would bring him to the headquarters, however, he flew into a rage, allegedly punching the lady desk officer and damaging the precinct’s glass door.

The police immediately arrested Billy, placing him in handcuffs and filing a case of malicious mischief against him. They also brought him to the hospital for examination; initial reports regarding the issue did not indicate whether the actor was drunk.

Billy Crawford Arrested after Star Magic Ball; Coleen Garcia reacts
Photo credit: screenshot of News TV report

Coleen Reacts on Twitter

When the issue broke out, netizens bashed Billy not just for his actions but also about the unidentified female companion. Many were quick to comment regarding his womanizing ways but there were also a lot of people who scoffed at the issue, saying Billy’s camp is merely trying to stir controversy because of upcoming shows/movies.

Coleen Garcia took to Twitter to defend her boyfriend, revealing that the ‘unidentified woman’ was actually one of her best friends. She also implored the public to first know the facts between jumping into conclusions.

Coleen also replied to a tweet made by GMA News.



Billy Apologizes for the Incident

In an interview with DZMM on Sunday morning, Billy issued an apology for his actions, saying he had no one to blame but himself.

He also made a few clarifications:

It was previously reported that he allegedly hit a lady desk officer at the precinct but Billy stressed he never hit anyone. As for the door which he allegedly broke, that he admitted, saying he was a bit aggressive and hit the door.

Why did he do that? Blame it on the alcohol, really. He said that after a few drinks, he became “stressed out by certain situations”. He admits to being unable to contain/control himself when ‘under the influence of alcohol’. Knowing he could be quite aggressive when drunk, he decided to go to the police station to sort things out.

What happened at the police station was actually fortunate, he said, fearing the worst could have happened if he erupted at the bar instead of at the precinct. He also said that he finally calmed down after he was handcuffed by the police.

To prevent similar incidents from happening in the future, he believes it is best for him to ‘act like a grown up’ and lessen alcohol intake.

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