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Coleen Garcia’s “home remedy” for baby’s rashes draws criticism

First-time mother Coleen Garcia may have “solved” baby Amari’s rash problems, but netizens and medical professionals weren’t too happy with what she did.

Coleen Garcia recently gave birth to her and Billy Crawford’s first baby—Amari. Being a first time mom, she was worried when she saw some rashes on her baby’s face.

She called up a pediatrician who said it was perfectly fine for babies to have rashes during their first few weeks. She, however, felt “paranoid about” the rashes and proceeded to use a home remedy to get rid of the rashes—her own breastmilk.

And that’s when this happened:

A lot of netizens were visibly appalled—and with good reason. After all, she was told that baby Amari’s rashes were 100% normal.

Netizens also pointed out how the Crawfords may be sharing too much of their journey with their first-born online.

From sharing photos of Coleen’s water birth to her breastfeeding baby Amari, people have said that the Crawfords should not be sharing every single moment they have with their first-born.

People are also worried about Coleen’s “hacks” as a first-time mother, seeing as she and Billy have nearly 10 million followers on Instagram between them.

Checking with medical website WebMD, rashes on newborn babies tend to go away after a few days or weeks. The website suggests consulting with your pediatrician if the rashes come with coughs or a fever.

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