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10 Creatures from Filipino Folklore guaranteed to give you a good scare

8. Syokoy

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Syokoy are half-men and half-fish creatures with the upper body of a fish and legs like a human. Syokoy look rather unpleasant with their big eyes and scaly skin. Known as the guardians of their kingdoms underwater, syokoy are said to be fierce creatures who never hesitate to harm humans should they cross their path. Sinking ships, missing travelers, and water tragedies are believed to be the curses of the syokoy.

Syokoy have the ability to turn into humans. They transform into attractive and dapper gentlemen to attract and impregnate innocent girls to increase their population. They also use their sea treasures such as pearls to attract humans. However, they can only survive for an hour out of the water before they die from dehydration.  This is how they can be killed.

Written by KM Viray

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