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10 Creatures from Filipino Folklore guaranteed to give you a good scare

6. Sigbin

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A sigbin is very much like Mexico’s Chupacabra. The creature is a cross-breed between a goat, a dog, and a kangaroo and is said to suck the blood out of its victims from the shadows. It supposedly walks backward with its head lowered between its hind legs. It has the ability to become invisible to other creatures, especially humans. Sigbin can be detected because of the bad odor they emit, much like rotting flesh.

It is also believed that they serve as assistants to aswangs to get food for them. Their diet is said to include dead animals and human organs.

In mythology, however, humans can own sigbin, which can bring them good luck. To keep them alive, however, the owners must feed them regularly with blood and flesh.

Written by KM Viray

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