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10 Creatures from Filipino Folklore guaranteed to give you a good scare

Filipino folklore is filled with so many characters both good and bad that’s it’s hard to narrow them down.

For Halloween, The Dailypedia, has compiled the top 10 most popular (or shall we say notorious?) Filipino monsters that you wouldn’t want to encounter if they were real.

1. Kapre

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A kapre is a very tall, long-legged, hairy humanoid that sits in big trees and smokes cigars. Some say it is like a very dark and hairy giant that terrifies children. Kapres are said to be often found in balete, acacia, or mango trees.

Elders say that if you find yourself going around in circles at a particular place and you can never seem to get away, a kapre is playing with you. They say the solution for this is to turn everything you’re wearing inside out.

Written by KM Viray

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