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Chienna Filomeno reveals why she got her nose done

Chienna Filomeno reveals why she got her nose done

  • The doctor hit her nose with a scalpel when he was delivering her
  • She always felt insecure about it because her parents have high nose bridges
  • She is now more confident after the surgery

In society today, it is very common to go under the knife. People are shallower and attractiveness has become more of a necessity. Most of the time, it is the only way to deal with superficial insecurities.

Actress Chienna Filomeno is one of those individuals who admit to going under the knife.

Around April, the actress admitted to getting a nose job, but did not reveal the reason why. Most people would say she was already perfect even before the surgery, but to her, she was lacking something.

Chiena was born a Cesarean baby, and her delivery was considered an emergency. During the process, the doctor accidentally hit her nose with the scalpel. They said that the nose would just heal and go back to normal since she was still an infant. But according to the actress, her nose stopped growing when she was 14.

“Since emergency,  ‘yung doctor paghiwa niya, natamaan ang ilong ko. Tapos sabi nila magre-regenerate daw kasi baby pa naman ako so okay tapos 14 [years old na ako], wala, hindi pa tumubo ‘yung buto.”

She felt insecure because her parents have both tall nose bridges. There is actually a visible scar on her nose where the scalpel hit it.

She said that she is more confident now that her main insecurity has been dealt with.

“It helped a lot like I got a lot of projects, ‘yung confidence siyempre since alam ko na ayan na may buto na, andyan na siya, mas naging confident ako at nakita ng tao na ‘yun.”

It also has been rumored that she got her breast done to which she replied, “That‘s real, [I use] wonder bra, the right bra. I tell you next time and ‘yung pwet ko,‘yan lang malaki sa akin.

Her fans and netizens have always speculated that she got her nose done way before she even became an actress.

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Chokoleit’s last onstage performance leaves spine-chilling effect to Netizens

Chokoleit’s last onstage performance leaves spine-chilling effect to Netizens

  • Some netizen consider his last performance as a “premonition”
  • Noticeably, during his performance, Chokoleit was having difficulty in breathing
  • Condolences from celebrities for the comedian has spread over the social media

You will never know when will be your last.

Jonathan Garcia a.k.a Chokoleit, a well- known comedian in the industry, died last Saturday after his performance in the celebration of the Kawayan Festival in Abra.

After his death, netizens posted the last performance of the comedian in reminiscing their laughter with him. But some of them considered his last performance was a “premonitions” because of what he mentioned during his performance.

He said, “Siyempre ako ang mauuna, kung ako ang huli baka hindi ko na kayo aabutan.”

There were a lot of netizens  who got chills over that statement that no one had ever expected it would happen in reality.

Chokoleit’s last words are chilling. Still can’t believe how life just passes by. Hope this helps us appreciate life and our loved ones. RIP.

Posted by Carl Guevarra on Saturday, March 9, 2019

Noticeably, during his performance, Chokoleit was having difficulty in breathing. And one of the netizens said that the comedian cut short his skit because of his cough.

He also mentioned that netizens always took pictures of him but he never saw them uploaded.

“Picture ng Picture hindi naman ako naniniwala dyan, ang dami nagpipicture jan wala naman akong nakitang nagupload.”

But now, due to his death, his pictures and videos will all be uploaded all over social media.

Last Performance ni Chokoleit sa Abra bago pumanaw.

Panoorin ang huling performance ni Chokoleit sa Abra bago pumanaw. Kapansin-pansin na rin ang kanyang pagkahingal at kapos sa paghinga during the perfomance pero the show must go on at naitawid pa rin nya. For the last time he gave his last and remarkable performance! #RIPChokoleit

Posted by Kpop is Life on Sunday, March 10, 2019

During his last moments, after his performance, according to JM De Guzman who was one of the performers on the event, all he thought was that Chokoleit was tired because of his performance before he was brought to the hospital.

“Not his usual self na parang jolly… inisip ko parang baka pagod lang or feel down,” said De Guzman.

“Pero at the same time I know he’s in a safe place, happy place,” he added.

Pops Fernandez, another performer on the same event can’t believe over Chokoleit’s death as she recently had a conversation with him.

“Sabi ko, ‘Kumusta ka na?’ sabi niya, ‘I’m in a good place right now saka nakaipon na ako, Ms. Pops’ so sabi ko ‘I’m happy happy naman for you,” shared by Fernandez.

Condolences from celebrities for the comedian has spread over social media.

One of his friends, comedian Vice Ganda, thanked the Lord for giving him a chance to meet him.

“Thank you, Lord for giving me a chance to meet Chokoleit and become his friend. I’m sad that we lost him, But happy that he’ll be in a much peaceful and happier place now with you. Thanks for everything Chokie. I love you!,” Vice Ganda.

Claudine Barretto also posted their video of spending their happiest moments together. It is the fanteserye “Marina” where his career bloomed by playing the role of “Perla” with the actress.

And so with other celebrities like Ogie Alcasid, Vhong Navarro, Angel Locsin, and Paulo Avelino who also sent their condolences over the social media.

At the age of 48, Chokoleit, the comedian and actor, died of a heart attack.

It’s not about the time you have spent your life in this world but how you have spent a good life. Indeed, as shown by the love he received, it is evidence that he spent a good life here on earth.

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Why Maymay Entrata said “No” to becoming a beauty queen

Why Maymay Entrata said “No” to becoming a beauty queen

  • The Kapamilya star doesn’t see herself joining a beauty pageant
  • To be chosen by Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray to portray her makes her feel so overwhelmed
  • She wanted all the people who will watch the episode to be happy instead of questioning with so many ”whys”

Maymay Entrata has showed off her skills in walking like a beauty queen. She was admired and received lots of encouragement from her fans to join beauty pageants, but then it isn’t in her priorities.

The actress doesn’t see herself joining a beauty pageant. It seems very difficult for her because she has a lot of priorities in her life and wants to focus more on her showbiz career. Still, she thanks everyone for saying that she has the potential to become a beauty queen.

“Kapag beauty queen kasi, hindi po clear sa akin kung ‘yon ang gusto ko. Maraming salamat po sa nagsasabi. Para sa akin magiging mahirap ‘yon. Marami pa akong priority sa buhay ko, may trabaho po dito sa showbiz.”

The actress was laughing while sharing the conversation with her grandfather – about her joining a pageant and telling him that. “Sinasabi ng lolo ko, sabi ko, ‘Maawa ka sa akin. Wala akong dibdib, ‘tay,’” is an implication that as of now, she is not seeing herself joining a pageant.

Maymay is also aware that Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray wanted her to portray her in a ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya’ episode, should it push through. To be chosen by Miss Catriona makes her feel so overwhelmed.

“Ang alam ko po, isa ako na talagang overwhelmed. Sobrang humbling na ako ang isa sa mga pinili ni Ms. Catriona pero gano’n nga po nakakakaba talaga.”

The majority of the netizen’s decision is what matters most to her, because she wanted all of the people who will watch the episode to be happy, instead of questioning with so many ”whys.” She also states that they have both different cultures, and she has doubts within herself in speaking English since Catriona is a fluent speaker.

“Gusto ko sang-ayon lahat ng tao. Gusto ko masaya lahat sila. Hindi ‘yung ‘Ah, bakit siya?’ Kung ano ang majority na gusto ng tao, ‘yun ang dapat sundin. Magkaiba kami ng culture ni Ms. Catriona. Hindi ko alam kung nagdadalawang-isip sila. Alam n’yo naman na ang ganda ni Ms. Catriona, English din siyang (magsalita), alangan naman na mag-English din ako sa MMK.”

As of now, there’s still no confirmation of her portraying Catriona Gray in ‘MMK’ and its clear to us that she is not into beauty pageants.

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Bureau of Immigration unit urges Deportation of Tony Labrusca

Bureau of Immigration unit urges Deportation of Tony Labrusca

  • Deportation case against Tony Labrusca was suggested by a unit of the Bureau of Immigration.
  • This is in-line with the star’s alleged NAIA outburst on January 3.

A unit of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) has recommended a deportation case against Fil-Am celebrity Tony Labrusca.

In an interview with Philippine News Agency on Wednesday, January 16, BI Deputy Commissioner Tomas Javier said that it because of his lack of a working visa.

“The (Intelligence Division) recommended to Legal (Division) the filing of deportation case against Labrusca for working without permit, I think.”

It started on January 3, when Labrusca had an alleged burst of outrage at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. He has said to have cursed and shouted at immigration officers who were asking for his working permit.

He was said to be upset after being only allowed 30 days in the country and not the balikbayan privileges which are only given to former Philippine citizens and those with a Filipino family member travelling with them.

In a statement, Labrusca admitted that he was frustrated and was not aware of the policies.

“I admit I was a bit frustrated and that I asked why I was only given 30 days to stay in the country this time. I was unaware of the policy that because I was not with my mother, I did not qualify for a Balikbayan stamp.”

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Enchong Dee to join Politics?

Enchong Dee to join Politics?

  • Enchong Dee reacted to rumors of him joining politics.
  • He answered that it was just a Star Magic inside joke and didn’t expect that it will be talked about.

Rumors have been going around that Kapamilya star Enchong Dee is seeking a government post in his hometown, Naga City.

In the press conference of his upcoming movie, Elise, on Wednesday, January 16, Dee clarified it once and for all. He said that the so-called political plan is just a joke inside their Star Magic family.

“I was in Sweden nung nagtatanong kung sino sa mga artista ng ABS ang tatakbo for this coming election. It was all just a joke within our Star Magic family, not knowing na after ko pala mag-joke, sinabi na ng Star Magic sa news natin na tatakbo ako.”

He said that people even tell him that the plan was such a waste as it didn’t really proceed.

“No, no, no. Every now and then, I would encounter people from ABS na sinasabi sa akin, sayang na hindi natuloy. I am sorry, it was a joke.”

Dee added that he envisioned his life to remain peaceful and just serve the public in his own way.

“No, gusto ko tahimik ang buhay ko. Pakiramdam ko mas marami akong matutulungan kung wala ako sa pulitika talaga, and at least sarili kong pera ang ginagamit ko.”

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Julia Baretto explains why She prefers not to wear Bras

Julia Baretto explains why She prefers not to wear Bras

  • Julia Barretto joked about being flat-chested on Tonight with Boy Abunda.
  • Netizens found her answer amusing and said that they appreciated her frankness.

Julia Barretto and her onscreen partner Joshua Garcia appeared in an episode of Tonight with Boy Abunda, wherein Garcia was asked what his thoughts were about Barretto’s daring fashion sense and style.

READ: Now out in the open? Julia Barretto calls Joshua Garcia her “boyfie”

There he expressed concern over her choice not to wear a bra and cycling short at times.

“Si Julia di sya nag-iingat minsan sa susuotin nya. Tapos minsan wala pa syang cycling, tas minsan di sya nag-aano [bra], nipple tape lang nilalagay nya.”

Julia then explained her side in an amusing answer, saying that the bra won’t have anything to hold on to anyways.

“Ako naman din walang kakapitan ‘yung bra.

“So mas masakit talaga kasi nagtatry naman yung bra ko eh, pero wala talaga syang makapitan.”

She also said that she only learned to wear cycling shorts from her partner and that her fashion style is one of her ways of expressing herself.

“Sa bra naman, pwede naman, mag-baby bra ka na lang,” Garcia joked.

“Tignan mo pati nga baby bra di kumakapit sa ‘kin, kaya nga tape lang nga, eh.”

Netizens expressed their amusement regarding Barretto’s answer and some of them even said that they can relate to.

They also complimented her honesty and frankness.

While others laughed at the young star’s answer, some noticed Garcia’s funny answer.

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Jodi Sta. Maria to be in a Hollywood movie?

Jodi Sta. Maria to be in a Hollywood movie?

  • Jodi Sta. Maria hinted about the movies that she’s about to be a part of.
  • That includes a Hollywood movie, but the details remained undisclosed.

Actress Jodi Sta. Maria just came back from her vacation with son Thirdy Lacson wherein they traveled in Finland and Sweden.

She shared that it was Thirdy’s request to try husky sledding.

“First time kaming makapag-try ng husky sledding and at the same time, we were able to drive a reindeer sled. We were able to get a reindeer driver’s license.”

View this post on Instagram

Just got back from our family holiday. Ibang-iba yung experience sa Finland and Sweden dahil hindi naman nagyeyelo dito sa ‘tin sa Pilipinas. Tulad nalang ng paglalaro namin ni Muy sa snow. Super na-enjoy namin yun. Minsan parang ako pa yung bata kaysa sa anak ko. Haha! ❤️ It’s as if time stands still when you watch the snow fall. Mapapa-muni muni ka din sa lamig: Pag makapal na yung snow at hindi ka makalabas, you can either shovel, or make snow angels. Just like in life – When faced with trials, you can grumble about how hard the situation is, or you can keep a positive outlook, see the good, and make the most of the experience. Sana naging maayos at payapa ang Christmas and New Year break niyo para makabalik tayo sa mga trabaho natin ng recharged at inspired. Kayo, kamusta ang pasok ng New Year niyo? ❤️

A post shared by Jodi Sta.Maria (@jodistamaria) on

A reindeer driver’s license is required for an individual to be able to drive a reindeer sled in Lapland. There are only two modes of transportation in the area: ski and the said sled.

Jodi will be a part of three movies. One of which is Second Coming wherein she’ll play as the wife of Marvin Agustin.

“It’s a mix of drama, thriller, and horror. Ano ba ang naghu-haunt sa pamilya ito? Totoo ba itong multo?”

She has also finished filming with Laurice Guillen for the movie Man and Wife.

The third one is Clarita, which is still in the middle of the principal photography.

But aside from that, Jodi has hinted about a Hollywood film that she’s about to be a part of.

“May gagawin tayong international film very soon. Pero wala pa ako sa posisyon to spill the beans.

“But I am really praying about it. Hollywood levels! Masyado akong kinikilig kasi parang hindi ko alam kung paano sila kakaharapin. Baka ma-tongue-tied ako. Baka manganga ako, ma-starstruck ako.”

But for now, she’s back to filming her series Mea Culupa that is set to air this 2019. She’s going to act alongside John Arcilla, Janice de Belen, Bela Padilla, Sandino Martin, Ketchup Eusebio, Kit Thompson, Ivana Alawi, and Tony Labrusca.

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Tony Labrusca and Alex Diaz react to rumored relationship

Tony Labrusca and Alex Diaz react to rumored relationship

  • Alex Diaz defended Tony Labrusca from the social media flack as he confirmed that he was at the immigration office when the supposed meltdown was happening. 
  • He said that both sides did something wrong but Tony was the only one receiving all the hate.
  • Tony clarified that he is only friends with the ABS-CBN star.

Ever since Tony Labrusca’s controversy at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, rumors about his sexuality have surfaced. While others are shocked by the gossip of the celebrity having a boyfriend, others are against the idea of outing him without his consent.

A personality that was immediately linked to Labrusca is Kapamilya star Alex Diaz as he was said to be in the immigration office when the former’s melt down was happening.

Some netizens are supportive about the idea of the two being a couple.

While this netizen have poked fun from it.

Alex Diaz defends Tony Labrusca

In a series of tweets, Diaz has confirmed that he was with Labrusca at the immigration office. He added that the latter was made to look like he was the only one at fault even if both sides did something wrong.

He said that there were three other officers in the room when Labrusca was supposed to be having a private discussion with the supervisor. He also accused them of fishing information from him.

He added that everyone is capable of making mistakes but everyone assumed what happened instead of hearing from both sides.

Tony Labrusca clarifies relationship with Alex Diaz

In a Facebook message, Labrusca reacted to the rumors about his alleged romance with Diaz.

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Tyra Banks likes a photograph of Maymay Entrata

Tyra Banks likes a photograph of Maymay Entrata

  • Supermodel and host Tyra Banks liked a photograph of her and Maymay Entrata.
  • It was after a fan edited a photo of her and Entrata doing the same pose and uploaded it on Instagram.

International supermodel Tyra Banks has once again acknowledged Maymay Entrata as she liked an edited photograph of her and the Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 big winner.

A fan made a collage of Banks and Entrata; uploaded it to Instagram under the account of ‘just_love_mayward‘. It showed the two doing the same pose in different scenarios.

It did not stop there as the supermodel liked another edit of the same account, which included more photographs than the previous one.

It was not the first time that Banks has acknowledged Entrata on social media as it can be remembered that she also liked photographs of the Kapamilya star from last year’s Star Magic Ball as well as her catwalk from the Bench fashion show, where the Filipino young star walked alongside her tandem Edward Barber.

Entrata recently took part at the 2018 Arab Fashion Week, walking for Filipino designer Furne One‘s collection.

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BIG JUMP! 25 Kapuso Artists Who Transferred to ABS-CBN

BIG JUMP! 25 Kapuso Artists Who Transferred to ABS-CBN

  • There has been a number of artists that moved from GMA Network to ABS-CBN.
  • DailyPedia listed down some of the current Kapamilya stars who were once Kapuso.

Regine Valesquez’s recent signing with ABS-CBN is one of the most talked about topics this week.

After a month of staying mum about her network transfer, she has been emotional as soon as she stepped inside the premises of the Kapamilya network.

She’s not the only icon that moved from GMA-7 to ABS-CBN. Her husband, Ogie Alcasid, has also transferred, along with others like Janno Gibbs, Jaya and Lani Misalucha.

Here’s the growing list of former Kapuso artists that decided to switch networks in the past:

Richard Guttierez

After being in GMA-7 for more than a decade, Richard officially became a Kapamilya a little more than a year ago. He became a part of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo‘s fantasy series La Luna Sangre. He is also set to star in a movie with Angel Locsin and Angelica Panganiban.

Louise delos Reyes

Prior to transferring to ABS-CBN, she had numerous appearances in GMA-7’s TV shows. When she moved to ABS-CBN, her first project was becoming a part of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as SPO3 Katrina Velasco.

Angel Locsin

Considered as GMA’s former primetime star, Angel shocked everyone with her decision to change her home network. She has starred in Star Cinema films such as One More Try, Everything About Her, and The Third Party. She has also led the primetime hit The Legal Wife and became one of the judges for Pilipinas Got Talent. She has renewed her contract with ABS-CBN in 2015 and has made an appearance in La Luna Sangre.

She will star in the network’s upcoming series, The General’s Daughter.

Isabelle Daza

Isabelle has been a Kapuso for three years before signing up with ABS-CBN in November 2014. Her first project as a Kapamilya is the upcoming series Nathaniel.

Iza Calzado

After 10 years with GMA-7, she transferred to its rival network in 2012.

She expressed her thankfulness to her previous company and why she made the decision to move to ABS-CBN. “I’m grateful for all my years with [GMA-7], but [my father] was the one with me in wanting new things for me and my career. He wanted me to spread my wings and fly.”

Jake Cuenca

More than a decade ago, Jake has moved from GMA-7 to ABS-CBN. He has been cast in numerous dramas like Maria Mercedes, Rubi, and Palos, wherein he played the main lead, and Ikaw Lamang and Tayong Dalawa as the antagonist.

Cristine Reyes

Not everyone knows that Cristine’s entry to showbiz has been with GMA-7’s artista search program, Starstruck.

She transferred networks 10 years ago and has top-billed several projects such as Eva Fonda, Kristine, Reputasyon, Tubig at Langis, and I Can Do That.

Paulo Avelino

Paulo has been with GMA-7 for five years before becoming a Kapamilya. He has served as the male lead in shows such as The Promise of Forever, Honesto, Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon, Kahit Konting Pagtingin, and Bridges of Love.

JC de Vera

JC has stayed as a Kapuso for six years then transferred to TV5. He finally became a Kapamilya in 2014 and played a role in The Legal Wife and Moon of Desire.

Ellen Adarna

Ellen signed with ABS-CBN last 2013. She admitted that her transfer to the network made a huge impact regarding the recognition she got.

“When I was with the other network, ‘What are you doing now? What are your shows?’ ‘Uh, I’m a part of this show.’ ‘Ay, nandoon ka pala!’ Ibe yung audience ng ABS-CBN talaga. Iba yung impact.”

Toni Gonzaga

Toni has hosted in GMA-7 for seven years until 2005. She continued her career with ABS-CBN, venturing to acting and music. She has released six albums under Star Records and has starred in 11 Star Cinema films.

She has also continued hosting with The Buzz, Pinoy Big Brother, and The Voice of the Philippines.

Elmo Magalona

His first project with the Kapamilya network was the TV series Born for You, wherein he was paired with Janella Salvador for the first time.

Maxene Magalona

Just like her brother, Maxene was also a Kapuso turned Kapamilya, however, she actually started off in ABS-CBN in 1992 with Ang TV. She was then identified with GMA-7 for nine years before signing up with ABS-CBN in 2016.


Karylle has co-hosted GMA-7’s SOP for seven years. She is currently in It’s Showtime.

Anne Curtis

Anne was a Kapuso until 2003. She has lead Kapamilya shows such as Kampanerang Kuba, Maging Sino Ka Man, Dyosa, Green Rose, Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw, and Dyesebel.

She can be seen regularly in noontime show It’s Showtime.

Liza Soberano

Liza has previously admitted that she “didn’t feel at home” in GMA-7, wherein she became an artist for only a week. She added that as ABS-CBN’s the one she always watches, it’s really where she wanted to work in the first place.


After winning Pinoy Pop Superstar, Jona has been one of GMA-7’s most promising singers. She then joined the trio La Diva.

She made a shocking transfer to ABS-CBN in 2017, saying that the network gave her more trust and has promised her a line-up of projects.

Yassi Pressman

Yassi has spent almost a decade with GMA-7 and TV5 before making her way to ABS-CBN. She has become a household name after appearing in Pinoy Big Brother and becoming a part of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Jay R

Jay R spent the first decade of his career as a Kapuso artist. In 2015, he opened a new chapter of his life with ABS-CBN when he appeared as a contestant in Your Face Sounds Familiar.


Jaya decided to leave GMA-7 after she concluded her final project with the network, Poor Señorita. Her appearance in It’s Showtime in 2016 marked as her surprising decision to switch networks.

Ogie Alcasid

After being out of the limelight when he left GMA-7, Ogie has been with TV5 for a while before returning to ABS-CBN, where he did a few shows in the 90s.

He became a judge of Tawag ng Tanghalan and talent show Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids.


Kyla stayed as a Kapuso for 15 years before she moved to ABS-CBN.

Aljur Abrenica

Aljur was a GMA-7 artist for nearly a decade before deciding to be a Kapamilya. Only six months after his move to ABS-CBN, he already top-billed his own series Asintado.

He has also appeared as a guest in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Janno Gibbs

Needing some freshening up, Janno made a switch and signed with Star Music, wherein he’s currently promoting his latest single, Feeling JKL. He has also appeared in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano and other ABS-CBN shows.

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