GMA Network partners with PLDT-Smart for digital TV upgrade

GMA Network partners with PLDT-Smart for digital TV upgrade

  • GMA and PLDT-Smart entered into a partnership.
  • It is said to power GMA’s planned digital transformation and innovation.

GMA Network, Inc. / GMA News Media, Inc. (NMI) has partnered up with PLDS-Smart Communications, Inc. This is set to improve the television viewing experience in the Philippines.

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The signing was held on Wednesday, January 9, at Makati City. The companies came up with a technology, content, and distribution agreement that will start the launch of innovations which is set to power the network’s digital transformation.

According to GMA Network’s Chairman and CEO Felipe Gozon, they are embracing digital with open arms.

“By riding the wave of disruption with PLDT and Smart as partners, we will not only upgrade the quality of content we are producing but we are also setting the stage for a new age of digital television.”

On the other hand, PLDT and Smart Chairman and CEO Manuel Pangilinan stated, “As we transform our business from being a legacy telco into the premier and most trusted digital enabler in the country, this partnership will enable us to power GMA’s digital pivot and help deliver to our millions of fixed and wireless subscribers GMA 7’s unique and compelling content, as well as exciting new digital experiences to more Filipino families.”

Several executives of GMA Network and PLDT-Smart Communications were also present at the signing.

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Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana says about Paolo Duterte’s list is ‘fake news’

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana says about Paolo Duterte’s list is ‘fake news’

  • Delfin Lorenzana said that the anti-Duterte list spreading online is fake news.
  • Leni Robredo, however, viewed it as an irresponsible joke. 

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said that former Davao City vice mayor Paolo Duterte‘s list of figures, students, and companies allegedly plotting against his father, President Rodrigo Duterte, is false.

During an interview at the turnover of the Balangiga bells to the Philippines, Lorenzana told the media that he knew that it was fake news the first time he saw the post.

The list that he was referring to was Paolo’s facebook post accusing politicians, media personalities, religious figures, students, and private companies including PLDT and Jollibee, of plotting to oust his father.

“I still maintain [my position] that it is fake news,” Lorenzana added.

Vice President Leni Robredo, on the other hand, viewed the list as a joke.

“Baka nagbibiro lang naman iyon. Parang hindi naman seryoso. Baka joke. Kasi balita ko inalis rin naman siya.

“Napaka-irresponsible. Walang namang basehan. Pangalawa, hindi ko alam kung alam niya kung saan iyon nanggaling, kasi obviously, iyong gumawa noon, hindi man lang nag-aksaya ng panahon para mag-research. Sana nalaman niya na hindi naman ako pumupunta sa mga lugar na iyon, at iyong mga nakalista hindi ko naman kilala.”

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Paolo Duterte names anti-Duterte admin individuals, companies

Paolo Duterte names anti-Duterte admin individuals, companies

  • Paolo Duterte named those who are allegedly plotting to oust his father from the Presidential seat.
  • He claimed that these people meet in several and different locations.

In a deleted Facebook post, Presidential son Paolo Duterte shared a list of the personalities and companies that are allegedly planning to oust his father, President Rodrigo Duterte.

The list included politicians like Vice President Leni Robredo, former Vice President Jejomar Binay, Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, former Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Associate Justice Marvic Leonen, Leila de Lima, Senator Risa Hontiveros, and former senator Francisto Tadtad. Others are known to be allies of former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

Aside from the politicians, a few religious personalities are also listed like Bishop Broderick Pabilo, Bishop Leo Drona, Bishop Antonio Tobias, Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez, Bishop Julio Xavier Labayen, Bishop Pablo David, and Bishop Arturo Santos.

Even private companies are not exempted because Jollibee Food Corp., Dole Philippines, PLDT, Philsaga Mining Corp., General Tuna Corp., and Sumi Philipines Wiring System are allegedly against the President.

Journalists Maria Ressa, Ellen Tordesillas, and Ed Lingao are also in the list.

Paolo added that the mentioned individuals hold meetings at Maryhill School of Theology in New Manila, Alfredo’s and Annabelle’s Restaurants at Tomas Morato Avenue, and UP Hotels in Quezon City.

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MayMay Entrata unexpectedly reunites with her former teacher at Gabay Guro’s grand gathering

MayMay Entrata unexpectedly reunites with her former teacher at Gabay Guro’s grand gathering

  • MayMay Entrata was surprised when she unexpectedly saw her former teacher in the audience area of the Gabay Guro event.
  • She asked the crowd if there were any delegates from her hometown and she was surprised as her teacher suddenly screamed from the patron area.

The 11th staging of Gabay Guro’s Teachers’ Fest was held at Mall of Asia Arena on Sunday, September 23. The Smart-PLDT advocacy project was attended by well-known artists such as Sharon Cuneta, Gabby Concepcion, Edu Manzano, Pops Fernandez, Regine Velasquez, Jed Madela, Christian Bautista, and many more.

Among the big names were MayMay Entrata and Edward Barber.

It was said that one of the most heartwarming moments during the event was when MayMay saw her former teacher among the more than 17,000 teachers that were at the Arena.

She and Edward were onstage when she asked if there are any delegates from Cagayan de Oro. Someone shouted from the patron side and it turned out to be one of the star’s former teachers.

MayMay wanted to go near her teacher but the production decided to invite her backstage to reunite with her former student.

Gabay Guro’s 11th Grand Gathering.

The annual event was organized as a tribute to Filipino teachers.

Aside from the star-studded program, the event also raffled off a handful of prizes including gift certificates, smartphones and gadgets, home appliances, livelihood packages, vehicles, and a brand new house and lot.

“Gabay Guro’s annual Grand Gathering is our big ‘Thank You’ to all our beloved teachers who dedicate their life to the invaluable role of educating our children,” said Gabay Guro Chairperson Chaye Cabal-Revilla. “They are our partners in nation-building through education, and we look forward to continuing our mission to support and uplift them as we mark our 11th year.”

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PLDT spends P11-B to improve internet speed in the Philippines

PLDT spends P11-B to improve internet speed in the Philippines

  • PLDT to spend 11B for PH internet improvement
  • Jack Ma takes on slow internet in the Philippines

Finally! An internet provider takes on bigger heights for the betterment of PH internet.

PLDT to spend P11 billion

It’s not even surprising when the Philippines was announced as the country having the slowest internet connection in the world. I mean, who waits a whole day just to download a mid-quality 30-minute video.

Good thing to know, PLDT Inc. is planning to spend over P11 billion in the next two years to fund a ‘modernization plan’ that includes the shift to fiber internet. Through this bold move, over 1.3 million PLDT subscribers will be encouraged to move to Fiber optics cable as they rollout a million Fibr ports across the country covering even the remote areas in the province.

In a report by GMA News Online, PLDT First Vice President and Head of Home Business Marco Borlongan said, “We are leveling up their broadband experience with the migration of our DSL customers to Fibr-fast connectivity.”

Borlongan also mentioned the plan to rollout the fiber-to-the-home network nationwide, teaming up with world-renowned content platforms and providers. This is to solidify the internet connection in the country.

It has always been PLDT’s plan to work out this project, but it’s not until the founder of Alibaba Group Jack Ma shaded the internet in the Philippines. In a forum at De La Salle University, he said that his internet experience in the Philippines was not good.

PLDT then issued a statement saying that their tests showed their service and coverage have improved since the introduction of fiber option.

What do you think guys? Do you think it’s worth it? Share us your thoughts.

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Mother-in-Law Asks for Help for Her Son who got Hit by Fallen Electrical Post

Mother-in-Law Asks for Help for Her Son who got Hit by Fallen Electrical Post

  • Lalaine Alberto rants on her social media after the Green Earth Telecomm failed to provide help for her son-in-law who got hit by a falling electrical post.
  • The man is still in the hospital and receiving treatment for the physical damages including his burnt body and face.

Electricity is considered as one of the helpful inventions that made people’s lives easier and enhanced the way of living. Through the use of electricity, people are able to live a comfortable life compared to the early days when people do things manually.

It is also one of the most dangerous things in the world as it can kill a living thing in just a short period of time. Nonetheless, electricity will not be as harmful if it is properly maintained and checked once in a while.

Unfortunately, electricity is the very reason why this netizen’s son-in-law is bed-ridden after being hit by an electrical post.

Lalaine Alberto reached out to Green Earth Telecom to ask for assistance, which was never given to them.

Read her post below:

Sino bang ina ang di masasaktan sa sinapit ng kanyang anak na makita mo ang kanyang kalagayan. Ina na kung maari ikaw na ang umako sa nararamdaman ng anak mo.”

On the day of the accident, two electricians were working on a post when it suddenly fell to the guy who was riding his motorcycle – Alberto’s son-in-law.

It sparked immediately and caused a small fire, which was the reason why the victim had various burns on his body and on his face.

Tama na ang pananahimik ko dahil nasasaktan na ako sa nakikita ko sa manugang ko. Sya lang naman ung naaksidente na nabagsakan ng poste na nasunog pa ang katawan at mukha.”

Warning: Viewer discretion is advised.

Hustisya para sa manugang ko asan na bakit ang bagal nyo kumilos GREEN EARTH TELE Com bakit hanggang tawag na lang kayo gusto nyo tumulong pero wala pa kayo action. Kelan kyo kikilos pag malala na ang sitwasyon?

Alberto shared that Green Earth Telecom already offered them help, but didn’t make any step to fulfill their promises.

“Naaawa na ako sa apo ko na nangungulila na sa daddy nya ilang beses kmi nagpunta ng hospital pero di nya nasilayan ang daddy nya. Ang asawa na di pwede magbantay sa hospital dahil buntis. Paano na sila ngayun kung ang manugang ko eh nakaratay sa kama di makapagtrabaho?”


Alberto is calling for justice as the above-mentioned companies haven’t given them anything yet and because they need to address their concern due to the accident that was caused by their employees’ negligence.

On the other hand, the netizens sympathized with Alberto as the CCTV clearly showed what had happened on the incident.

What the electricians did was extremely dangerous as they shouldn’t have used the cable wires for the ladder to lean on.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Share your opinions with us!

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Duterte warns telcos to provide better internet services, Globe and PLDT react

Duterte warns telcos to provide better internet services, Globe and PLDT react

In a May 22 (Sunday) press conference, Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte gave Philippine telecommunications companies (TelCos) a stern warning to provide faster internet service or face foreign competition which can do it “better.”

Duterte telecom energy cartels
In a study by Internet metrics provider Ookla, the Philippines came out with an average household download speed of 3.64 Mbps, making it the 176th out of 202 countries when it comes to internet speed. The country’s local download speed is eight times slower than the global average broadband download speed which is 23.3 Mbps. The Philippines has the second-slowest Internet speed in Asia, trailing after insurgency-ridden Afghanistan. Despite the dismal speed, prices for internet service is more than thrice the global average.

The incoming President said that he will deal a heavy blow on what he calls a “cartel” that controls prices at the expense of consumers in the energy and telecommunications industries. The presumptive President however has not specified  how he will deal this “blow” as the Philippine Constitution only sets a cap of up to 40% for foreign stakes in local corporations.

Two of the country’s biggest telcos later individually released separate statements in response to the “threat” issued by the incoming President.

“We support the call for faster internet. In fact, Globe is at the forefront of building the much needed infrastructure nationwide to make Internet services easily accessible either through mobile or wireline. This is supported by heavy investments over the years to make sure the Philippines is at par with other countries in terms of technology use,” stated by Globe’s Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto.

Crisanto added that that the government “also plays a role in improving Internet services.”

“This includes promoting IP peering and more importantly address the issues on permitting, right of way, and site acquisition so that infrastructure builds can happen faster and at less cost,” Crisanto said.
“In terms of competition, Globe has long been a challenger brand having a long history of competing with a larger and more dominant market player. We welcome competition in a level playing field and under an environment that is supportive of business,” Crisanto concluded.
Meanwhile PLDT spokesman Ramon Isberto said that the company is aligned with the intentions of the government.

“We are aligned with government efforts to improve telecom services. PLDT is in fact in the middle of a major three-year network  investment program that is in process of  significantly improving telecom and Internet services for PLDT and Smart customers and will  support national development initiatives,” stated Isberto.

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Pinoy netizens fall for ‘No Internet Connection During APEC Summit’ satire article

Pinoy netizens fall for ‘No Internet Connection During APEC Summit’ satire article

A satirical piece titled Filipinos Will Have No Internet Connection During APEC Summit in Manila, an article by hoax news site Adobo Chronicles has fooled numerous gullible Filipino netizens.

The hoax news report stated that the telecommunications and digital service provider Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) is planning to cut the Internet connection of Filipino subscribers during the summit to boost the connectivities at different Metro Manila venues of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings. In addition, the report revealed that PLDT would give subscribers a small rebate on their next bill.


Many Pinoys easily fell prey and quickly spread the false information from the satire news site.

Last week, PLDT revealed that it had installed additional Internet connection facilities at several APEC venues this month. They even put up to 8.5 Gbps of Internet and voice connectivity in host hotels as well as major conference venues. PLDT has provided the Philippine International Convention Center with 3Gbps of fiber connectivity and 100 units of carrier-grade access points. Moreover, the company has boosted the WiFi services in hotels in Makati where most delegates are staying.

Featured image credits to

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NTC reveals 3 ISPs compliant; one failed Internet speed test

NTC reveals 3 ISPs compliant; one failed Internet speed test

An Internet speed test conducted by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) last week revealed that three internet service providers (ISPs) were deemed compliant while one ISP failed the test.

According to the NTC, only PLDT passed the test, even surpassing its advertised internet speed at  3.367 mbps.

Globe and Sky Broadband registered a speed of 2.785 and 2.818 mbps, respectively. Although these providers failed to meet their advertised Internet speed, they were still deemed compliant.

Meanwhile, Bayantel which registered a score of only 0.563 mbps failed to meet the speed it promises in its advertisements.

NTC to monitor internet speeds

To verify if the advertised  speeds are the same as the actual speeds, the NTC will be monitoring internet speeds and conducting random tests of various telecommunications companies beginning October.

NTC Deputy Commissioner Delilah Deles said, “Ite-test na natin ‘yung advertised speed ng bawat telcos. Kunyari pag sinabi niyang up to 3 mbps dapat yun ang ma reach ng ISP na yun.”

(“We will test the advertised speed of each telco. If it claims that it can reach up to 3 mbps then it should be able to reach that.”)

Lack of standard parameters in Internet speed

According to Deles, the NTC will be penalizing non-compliant telcos. Consumers are encouraged to file a complaint if the ISP fails to comply with its advertised internet speed.

Meanwhile, NTC Engr. Sammy Sabillo revealed that the NTC may face difficulties in doing so since the country is lacking standard parameters for internet speed.

“Ang problema kasi wala pang standard parameter na nilalabas ang NTC so we cannot really tell kung maganda o hindi maganda ‘yung result,” Sabillo explained.

(The NTC has not yet released a standard parameter so we cannot really tell if the results or good or not.)

Watch the news report below

Featured image credits to ABS-CBN News via Kicker Daily News.

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Glee star Heather Morris is the official endorser of iflix in the Philippines

Glee star Heather Morris is the official endorser of iflix in the Philippines

Glee star Heather Morris is the official endorser of iflix, the newest internet TV service. Morris arrived in the Philippines on June 23 to officially join the launch of Entertainment Everywhere, the latest content offering from PLDT Home and Smart (read post here). Morris came to Manila to promote the hit musical teen series that is now available through online streaming.

iflix, through a partnership with the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company and Smart Communications, is now within easy reach of Filipinos. PLDT has invested $15 million in iflix, launched in the service Entertainment Everywhere. Entertainment Everywhere was formally launched on June 24 at the Green Sun Atrs and Entertainment Hotel, Makati.

The programs allows users to stream their favorite movies and TV series on their Smart-powered phone via the iflix app. Here they can gain access to more than 10,000 hours of TV shows and great movies, all free of ads.

For the music junkies, Entertainment Everywhere will let users listen to their favorite songs or explore new artists with a few taps on their device, using Deezer or the homegrown SPINNR app, which was named the Best Mobile Music App by the prestigious GSMA telecoms industry association. All these will be accessible for a low monthly price.

Being a hit tv series, Glee is one of the biggest shows to look forward to watching through Entertainment Everywhere via iflix. Morris was proud to represent Glee and the people on and behind it as it now becomes more accessible to the thousands of Glee fans all over the country.

Being the endorser, Morris can be expected to come back to the country soon. In fact, Morris shared her interest in  working with Filipino singers and her desire to return to the Philippines to visit tourist sites in the future.

PLDT Smart iFlix

PLDT Smart iFlix

About iflix

iflix is a partnership between highly successful local entrepreneurs and Hollywood heavyweights. Catcha Group and Evolution Media Capital have joined together to create an internet TV service for Southeast Asia that provides access to thousands of hours of top TV shows and movies from all over the world. From Hollywood and Hong Kong, Seoul and Shanghai, Thailand and Tokyo, iflix places  entertainment at its clients’ fingertips. For one low monthly fee, subscribers to iflix have unlimited access on their mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and TV anytime and anywhere.


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