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Where’s Arn-Arn now? The sad state of the former “Pambansang Puppet ng Pilipinas” revealed!

Where’s Arn-Arn now? The sad state of the former “Pambansang Puppet ng Pilipinas” revealed!

  • Anthony Taberna’s mascot Tonton has sparked curiosity about Arn-Arn’s whereabouts.
  • It is said that the puppeteer of Arn-Arn got sick and is unable to come to work anymore, resulting for the puppet to be stored in a room at the Network.

Anthony Taberna‘s introduction of Tonton at the opening of the 8th branch of Ka Tunying at SM North, has sparked curiosity about a certain puppet’s whereabouts.

Unlike Arnold Clavio‘s Arn-Arn, Tonton has the capability to walk, dance, and entertain the attendees of the event. But Arn-Arn also has his advantages. One of which is that he can talk.

But before people talk about a showdown between the two, where is Arnold Clavio’s sidekick?

Arn-Arn used to appear in Unang Hirit daily, helping with the commentary and reporting of news.

According to a staff of Unang Hirit, the puppet is sadly stored away in a corner of a room at the News and Current Affairs department of GMA Network.

It is said to be that the puppeteer got sick and is unable to work anymore.

“Nakatago na lang si Arn-Arn. Nagkasakit kasi yung puppetter kaya hindi na siya puwedeng magtrabaho.”

Arn-Arn was known as the “Pambansang Puppet ng Pilipinas” who even had its own Twitter account.

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Netizen writes to Tunying: ‘Tell us the truth about INC’

Netizen writes to Tunying: ‘Tell us the truth about INC’


The Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) controversy is far from over. What started as an expulsion of their executive minister’s family has now become a web of controversies.

Please read: INC announces expulsion of executive minister’s mother, brother after exposure of alleged death threat

Many reports claim that the controversy sprung from the internal corruption happening among the leaders of the church. Angel Manalo, the brother of INC’s executive minister Eduardo Manalo, revealed that the INC member’s tithes are being spent on unnecessary investments.

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More recently, an INC minister from Fremont, California in the U.S. even stepped down during a church service as he refused to read the circular which states the expulsion of INC members.

Please read: VIDEO: INC Minister Louie Cayabyab steps down during service

Netizen asks Media Personality Anthony “Tunying” Taberna of ABS-CBN to tell the truth about the INC controversy

On July 24, 2015, ABS-CBN Media personalities Gerry Baja and Anthony “Tunying” Taberna, INC members, revealed in DZMM’s Dos por Dos the reason both of them refuse to give any opinion about their church’s controversy. Taberna said, “Minabuti po namin ni compachero na mag-inhibit po sa pagtalakay sa issue dahil anuman po na aming sasabihin ay maaaring ipagpalagay na self-serving o bigyan ng ibang kulay ng mga partidong sangkot po sa usapin.”

(We have decided to inhibit ourselves from discussing the issue because whatever we say may be interpreted as self-serving or may be given a different interpretation by the parties involved in the issue.)

Baja also apologized why they choose not to give their opinion on the issue.

However, Taberna’s explanation did not satisfy the public, on July 25, 2015, a netizen by the name of Anthony James Perez posted an open letter to Taberna asking him to reveal the truth about the controversy happening at INC.

An Open Letter to Mr. Tunying (feel free to repost):

Dear Anthony Taberna,

We, the concerned people of this country, would like to ask you to report to us the truth about what is happening in the INC. I know you have received gag orders from your superiors. But you are a journalist too, and I invoke on your professionalism to report on this just as you have done so many times against the Catholic Church no matter how small or fickle the issue against her was in the past. Let’s be fair. Tell us the truth on these abductions and allegations of corruption. It’s in the interest of the country for you to tell it as it is.

Many netizens agreed to his post stating that Taberna should be fair by stating his opinion since he always gives his say on issues and controversies about other religions. Some netizens even said that the INC has full control of its members and that Taberna at Baja will be removed from their sect if they say any opinion.

Do you think Taberna’s decision not to speak about the issue is the right decision? Leave a comment below.



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