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Where’s Arn-Arn now? The sad state of the former “Pambansang Puppet ng Pilipinas” revealed!

  • Anthony Taberna’s mascot Tonton has sparked curiosity about Arn-Arn’s whereabouts.
  • It is said that the puppeteer of Arn-Arn got sick and is unable to come to work anymore, resulting for the puppet to be stored in a room at the Network.

Anthony Taberna‘s introduction of Tonton at the opening of the 8th branch of Ka Tunying at SM North, has sparked curiosity about a certain puppet’s whereabouts.

Unlike Arnold Clavio‘s Arn-Arn, Tonton has the capability to walk, dance, and entertain the attendees of the event. But Arn-Arn also has his advantages. One of which is that he can talk.

But before people talk about a showdown between the two, where is Arnold Clavio’s sidekick?

Arn-Arn used to appear in Unang Hirit daily, helping with the commentary and reporting of news.

According to a staff of Unang Hirit, the puppet is sadly stored away in a corner of a room at the News and Current Affairs department of GMA Network.

It is said to be that the puppeteer got sick and is unable to work anymore.

“Nakatago na lang si Arn-Arn. Nagkasakit kasi yung puppetter kaya hindi na siya puwedeng magtrabaho.”

Arn-Arn was known as the “Pambansang Puppet ng Pilipinas” who even had its own Twitter account.

Written by Jacks

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