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Kris Aquino shows her taste on men via ‘Jojowain o Trotropahin’ challenge

The actress explained why she answered “jojowain” to Sen. Bong Go but “trotropahin” to Mayor Vico Sotto

Kris Aquino unapologetically took on the viral ‘Jojowain o Trotropahin‘ challenge wherein she will be given a series of names and she’ll say if she finds them ideal as a romantic partner or would rather be friends with them.

To make the challenge even more difficult, several controversial politicians were included on the list.

One of which was former senator Antonio Trillanes III whom Kris answered “trotropahin” as she doesn’t want to visit the jail anymore.

“Totropahin, kasi ayoko nang dumalaw sa kulungan. That was my life as a child,” she said.

“At this point ba in my life, I want to repeat that experience? No more. Pinagdaanan ko na ‘yun. One assassination in the family is enough. Honesty lang, ‘diba? We have to be practical lang naman, kasi nga I have two kids.”

Trillanes was detained for around seven years because of the 2003 Oakwood mutiny. He is also a strong critic of the current administration.

Kris’ father, the late former Senator Ninoy Aquino, was also imprisoned during the rule of Ferdinand Marcos. He was behind bars from 1972 to 1980.

She also answered “trotropahin” when Vico Sotto was mentioned.

“Kasi bilib na bilib ako sa trabahon niya, sa ginagawa niya, sa humility niya, and kung ako naging asawa niya, magiging minus ako sa kanya. Kasi mapipintasan siya.”

Of Bong Go, Kris answered jojowain for the simple reason that he has nice skin.

“Makinis siya. I know this is mababaw, pero ayoko talaga ng ma-pimples.”

All kidding aside, Kris said that the senator has always been nice to them, including her brother and former President Noynoy Aquino.

“Ang dating niya, hindi siya mayabang, so gusto ko siya. Mawi-weirduhan lahat ng tao, ‘Gusto mo siya, really?’ Yeah, I like him. Until now, he’s still nice. Walang nagbago sa kaniya. Okay ‘tong lalaking ‘to kasi wala naman siyang pakinabang sa akin, and yet he still stays nice.”

She then took back her answer to Trillanes as he also has clear skin.

Actors were also included on the list. When Piolo Pascual‘s name came up, Kris immediately answered “jojowain”. But even before she can say the reason, her son Bimby said, “He’s very noble.”

She also answered “jojowain” to Kapuso star Alden Richards.

“Because of Hello, Love, Goodbye. Tsaka ang cute ng dimple niya. Makinis pa. Kasing kinis ko,” she said.

While she has answered “jojowain” with several actors, she admitted that she would only consider Coco Martin as “tropa”. Not because of anything negative, but she said that Coco is generous when it comes to his friends.

“Kasi generous siya sa tropa niya and maalaga siya sa tropa niya.”

Kris then showed a gem-like gift that Coco gave her before saying, “Tropa palang yan ‘ha.”

But when she narrowed down her choices to her top pick, she answered Papa P.

Written by J M

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