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Regine Velasquez has advice for a student who is confused with his sexual identity

She told the student to just tell his girlfriend the truth and to not waste any time by keeping things from her.

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez gave some advice to a college student who identifies himself as straight but admits that he got confused with his sexuality after an incident with one of his friends.

During the Walang Kwentang Podcast by Antoinette Jadaone and Juan Miguel Severo, Regine was asked what her thoughts are regarding the young lad, Mando, whose thoughts are currently ina confusion. The student stated that he has had a girlfriend for over three years now but he started thinking about his sexuality when one of his guy friends kissed him.

He added that it’s undeniable that he loves his girlfriend but he also said that he cannot stop thinking about the incident nor explain what he felt about it.

Regine then recalled the time when genders are “very segregated” and said the gender fluidity in the surroundings is getting better in the current generation.

“Nowadays kasi may gender fluidity na. I always hear kids talk about it. Hindi na kagaya nung araw na binibigyan ka ng tag na kapag dito ka, dito ka lang. Very segregated. Ngayon parang it’s fluid. It seems like kids nowadays are more open to other possibilities and other kinds of relationships,” she said.

Regine then asked Mando if he has any CDs of specific artists or if he owns her R2K album.

“Ang tanong ko lang kay Mando, may CD ba kita? May CD ka ba ni Roselle Nava? May CD ka ba ni Barbra Streisand? And very important pa, anong CD ko ang meron ka? Kung ‘R2K,’ confirmed.”

She said that it’s very rare for her to have straight male fans.

“’Wag nang kwestiyunin. Kasi ang mga lalaki ‘di ko fans, karamihan nga mga alam mo na.”

All the jokes aside, Regine advised Mando to think about what he really feels as she felt like he was just afraid of what will happen if he would to tell the truth to his girlfriend.

“Kung mahal mo, you wouldn’t really [get confused]. For me it’s considered cheating already kasi may affection, ‘di ba? Siguro tell the truth na lang. Tell the girl. Don’t waste her time. Don’t waste your time also. Magpakatotoo ka, girl.”

It can be remembered that Regine has shown her support for the LGBTQ+ community on several occasions in the past. One of which is when she commented on singer Mark Bautista’s coming out in 2018.

“I’m just happy he’s back, I’m just happy that he’s happy he came out. Ang importante sa akin ‘yung feelings niya after deciding on it kasi ang hirap ‘yung nagtatago ka ha. Hindi ka komportable, nasa showbiz ka ang daming pinapagawa sa’yo na … I’m just happy that he could be comfortable with whatever he wants to do with his life and he’s not anymore feeling afraid that someone will judge him.”

Regine also used gay lingo to promote her virtual Valentine concert ‘Freedom’ to make sure that her gay following knows what’s up.

“Oh mga bakla this is how you can getching your tiketching,” she wrote.

The concert will run for around two hours. VIP tickets are now sold out but general admission tickets are still available via

Written by J M

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