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Jennylyn Mercado reacts to PNP’s change of statement regarding Christina Dacera’s death

Netizens also questioned the PNP’s claims regarding Dacera’s passing.

  • Actress Jennylyn Mercado tweeted a lighthearted joke about PNP’s inconsistency regarding the case surrounding flight attendant Christina Dacera’s death.
  • Contrary to what the PNP claimed as a “solved” case, NCPRO chief said that it is not yet solved as there is still no clear context of what happened that night. 
  • Netizens then expressed their frustrations towards PNP for allegedly using a woman’s death to redirect the public’s anger from past issues.

Despite the confusing statements of the Philippine National Police regarding the death of flight attendant Christina Dacera, actress Jennylyn Mercado didn’t fail to make the mood somewhat more light-hearted when she cracked a joke on Twitter.

The actress quote-tweeted the news of the NCRPO stating that the case is not yet solved despite what the PNP, including its chief Gen. Debold Sinas, claimed.

“Kung sinabi mo nang na-solve, dapat may klaro kung sino ‘yung na-rape, sino ba talaga ‘yung nang-rape, kung mayroon bang rape o ano ba talaga ang cause ng pagkamatay,” NCRPO chief BGen. Vicente Danao Jr. said in an interview with News5.

“Baka naman too much intoxication sa alak. So dapat ‘yung mga ‘yun ay ma-clear muna natin. Kasi baka mamaya mayroong ininom or unknowingly may pinainom. ‘Yung mga ganoon, so we have to identify these persons kung sino itong mga ito.”

Jennylyn then made her followers chuckle after stating that the officials don’t have a chat room to discuss their statements.

Netizens then questioned the PNP’s conclusion that Dacera was raped when there is a lack of investigation. Added to that, the names of the 11 people who are said to be involved were released to the public. The men were then subjected to public scrutiny even without proof of involvement.

Another netizen stated that the leaked autopsy of the flight attendant’s body only proved three things: that the PNP fabricated the rape angle, for people to self-correct, and that victim blaming was still evident.

Francis Baraan IV then said that the PNP just used Dacera to make the 11 men look bad and to deem the police as competent despite past issues in the agency.

Someone also shared the same opinions, saying that Dacera’s death is being used to redirect people’s anger from the case of Staff Sergeant Jonel Nuezca who shot two people to death in Tarlac.

People then reminded everyone not to forget the past issues that the agency caused.

Jude Macasinag described the PNP as “incompetent.”

The PNP also called the 11 men “suspects” even though there’s a lack of investigation.

Benedict Cua then remained opomistic and hopeful as he apologized for picking a side without knowing all the details.

One also pointed out the error in PNP’s statement regarding Dacera’s cause of death.

Sinas then warned eight of the 11 men who were allegedly at the New Year party with Dacera. He told them to surrender within 72 hours or they will be hunted down.

Three of the 11 men already surfaced and surrendered to the Makati police.

“This is a fair warning. Surrender within 72 hours or we will hunt you down using force if necessary,” Sinas said in a statement on January 5.

“We know who you are. Your family must turn you over to the police.”

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