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Lauren Young expresses her fear of losing her freedom of speech

She then added that she hopes celebrities will choose to use their platforms wisely and not be afraid to fight for what they think is right.

  • Lauren Young stated that she’s more afraid of losing her voice than her endorsements.
  • Megan Young has defended her sister and showed support regarding the latter’s strong opinions online. 

Lauren Young has been one of the young personalities who are not afraid to speak up her mind about the current issues in the country.

Other artists like her may be hesitant to touch on sensitive topics, especially when it involves politics, but for her, it’s important to state her mind even if the dangers of losing her endorsements might arise.

“Whenever I speak out honestly may takot ako na baka mawalan ako ng trabaho from brands. But then again, in the long run, mas takot akong mawala ang freedom ko to voice out my opinions,” she wrote in a tweet.

Why not choose one when you can do both? She added that one can spread positivity while spreading awareness regarding issues that can affect all Filipinos.

Lauren also backed up Angel Locsin’s call for celebrities to speak up and use their platforms for serious matters that citizens need to fight for.

“Walang kwenta and kasikatan mo at yaman mo if you won’t even help the people who put you there in the first place,” she said.

“We all deserve better.”

She has been vocal about her support for ABS-CBN which was her home network for years and said that the company “invested and trained” her to who she is today and that they have opened many opportunities for her.

Megan Young has expressed her support to her younger sister when it comes to the latter’s strong opinions. When asked about the matter, she defended Lauren by saying that she knows her sister and trusts her that she thinks about everything she does before posting it online.

“Of course, she will talk to me about certain things but I trust na Lauren thinks about the things she does before she does them,” Megan said.

She then added that Lauren has always had a strong personality and is very opinionated about things.

Written by Jacks

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