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Why only now? Jason Abalos, Janine Gutierrez, netizens tweet about Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s late realization about COVID-19

Duterte: “Perhaps our number one problem today is COVID”

President Rodrigo Duterte’s late realization about the biggest problem of the country gained reactions from celebrities like Jason Abalos, Janine Gutierrez, and other netizens.

During the recent meeting with the COVID-19 task force, Duterte said that “Perhaps our number one problem today is COVID.”

Netizens reacted to Duterte’s delayed acknowledgment of the country’s ‘real’ problem.

Abalos asked whether if it’s also ‘sure’, while Gutierrez emphasized the word ‘perhaps’ in their tweets.

Recently, the Anti-terror bill was signed into law, ABS-CBN’s franchise was denied, and a proposal to change NAIA’s name arose. All these are happening, amidst the pandemic.

For the record, the country is on the 4th month of nationwide lockdown, but the pandemic is worsening, more people are getting infected, more people are suffering and more lives are wasted.

Janine Gutierrez and Jason Abalos are known for actively voicing out their opinions on different social issues.

Lotlot De Leon, the mother of Janine, said that she is supportive of her daughter and she is proud to know that she raised a daughter with principles and voice.

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