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Vivian Velez apologizes to Angel Locsin: ‘I apologize if you think I maligned you’

Vivian Velez mentioned Angel Locsin in the top 100 stakeholders list of ABS-CBN

  • Angel Locsin reacted and posted a response to Vivian Velez
  • Velez apologized for making her think that she maligned her on her Facebook post

Film Academy of the Philippines Director-General Vivian Velez made a Facebook post showing the top 100 Stockholder list of ABS-CBN, mentioning Angel Locsin as one of the stockholders.

Locsin reacted and posted a response to Vivian post on her Instagram account saying that she is not a part of any political party and doesn’t have any existing contract with ABS-CBN.

Anything she posts on her account, the company has no control of it. She has been very vocal about supporting ABS-CBN franchise renewal.

“I am not part of any political party, nor representing any politician. I do not have an existing contract with ABS-CBN. Therefore, the company has no control on whatever I want to post.”

For her, money is not everything.

If Vivian’s post has the intention to discredit her she said that it should not be an issue because whatever she earns from her little investment on ABS- CBN, she is willing to donate it for charity.

“Sorry to disappoint some people, but money is not everything. Hindi ko ho alam kung anong intention ni Ms. Vivian sa kanyang post, pero kung ito po ang gagamitin to discredit my name and what I stand for, hindi nyo po kailangang gawing issue. Kapag kumita po ang aking maliit na investment sa ABS-CBN, I WILL DONATE EVERYTHING TO CHARITY. Accounted.
Again, money is not everything. (For your knowledge, Maliit lang po ito. As in.”

In an interview of with Velez via Facebook messenger, she apologized for mentioning Angel’s name as it was not her intention to let her think that she had maligned her on her Facebook post.

“Don’t be so defensive, my Angel without wings. I do believe you have a good heart in helping others. Please try to you use this kind of passion objectively with the perspective of doing what is right for the whole nation. I apologize if you think I maligned you in my FB personal wall post but that was not my intention. I’m still a big fan of yours. Peace.”

Velez and Locsin had worked together on the ABS-CBN teleserye, Imortal.

Written by Rhelyn Harder

An open-minded person who seeks to inspire readers through writing. She believes that having the freedom and courage to express oneself is an opportunity to influence others.

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