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Sen. Tito Sotto’s perception on nCov draws flak

The said video alleges that the virus was a way for the United States to attack China.

  • Senate President Tito Sotto shared an unofficial conspiracy theory video during a Senate hearing about the 2019 nCov.
  • Netizens reacted to Sotto’s conspiracy theory.

Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III showed a video at a Senate hearing that surprised some of the attendees.

It was connected to the continuous spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus (nCov) epidemic.

“Meron tayong kasabihan eh. If you want to defeat an enemy, know the enemy. Ano ba itong virus na ito?” he said before playing the video that did not cite any official sources. It showed and claimed that the nCov is a form of said biowarfare that was developed by the United States to defeat China.


The Senate President explained his decision to show the video.

“Mr. Chair, I will not ask any questions. Instead, I would like to focus on the concern, of my concern and some other members of the Senate and of course our people – of the unknown origin [of the novel coronavirus] as quoted by the WHO. Meron tayong kasabihan eh. If you want to defeat an enemy, know the enemy. Ano ba itong virus na ito?”

Foreign Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin Jr. described the video as the “craziest video” he has ever seen saying that it was illogical.


“In this video, there are the suspects: China inflicting it on itself – 99% of infections are all Chinese so why would they do that?” he questioned.

In social media platforms, a netizen said that by showing the video at a Senate hearing, Sotto just hit “rock-bottom level of credibility”.

Another netizen also said that Sotto “doesn’t deserve to be a Senator”.

Jake Dy even compared him to an actual uncle who is more prone to believing everything they see on the internet.

A Twitter user used memes as a way to express what he/she felt about what Sotto did at the Senate hearing.

Others continued to show their annoyance with the Senate President.

The novel coronavirus has officially infected two persons in the Philippines and has killed one as of this writing. It has been the first death outside China.

Both of the infected are Chinese and 105 more citizens are currently under watch for the virus.

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