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Homophobe says to avoid being gay because anal sex is bad

  • A homophobic woman says that anal sex causes health problems
  • She also says people should not be gay
  • She gets schooled by the LGBT community

Homophobe Lisa Bedrick from Biola University in California, who has a degree in English and Bible, went on Twitter and got bashed for saying homosexuality is bad.

In a tweet, she says that homosexuality is ‘not loving’ because anal sex causes nothing but pain.

Although correct about the anal sex part, she ended by saying, ‘Don’t be gay’.

The LGBT community along with straight people came and bashed Bedrick for her tweet.

One twitter user said that straight people do anal too.

Lisa then asked her, “Why?”

One man replied saying that some women do not orgasm when their vaginas are penetrated but do so when it comes to anal sex.

Technologist Tom Coates even got involved in the thread. Coates says that Bedrick is ignorant and is not making any sense.

More people came and responded with different thoughts on her claim.

More users said that using lubricant might help.

Actress Olivia Mace’s reply had the most likes. She said that Bedrick’s opinion was uncalled for.

Written by Charles Teves

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