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Men’s rights activist Roosh V says enjoying the female butt is “gateway to homosexuality”

Men’s rights activist Roosh V says enjoying the female butt is “gateway to homosexuality”

  • Obsession with the female butt can lead one to becoming gay
  • Homosexuality  generally means ‘liking the same sex’

The founder of an anti-gay hate group, Return of Kings “Roosh V” (Daryush Valizadeh), has been teased on social media for posting a Twitter video where he declared himself is a boob man.

“I am now all about the boobs, because being a butt man is just a gateway to homosexual activity,” posted Roosh V.

This brought the audience to react on the statement he uttered, while continuing to call anal sex “gross” and futher saying, “I say no to the back hole. I’ve never done anal sex in my life, I swear. I’ve never done it.”

Most of those who read his remarks have reacted negatively.

He also pointed out that he is disagreeing to put his member in the black hole because he knows what comes out of that hole.

“It’s gross. There’s doo-doo there.”

His video has garnered 4.53 million views and 3.8 k retweets since January 27, where he received different comments. Most of them have ridiculed him by the way he pronounced some words in his video recording.

One of the comments said: “Need to check in with Roosh every once in a while to test my brain function. If what he’s saying sounds stupid and doesn’t make any sense, it’s workin’.”

Another reaction said: “My man’s said “doo-doo” and “benis” twice within 10 seconds of each other. I’m done!”

Another replied: “Is it still cool when my girl brings out the strap on benis and goes to town on me? Just like you I shower everyday so we don’t have to sorry about getting doo doo everywhere.”

What is wrong with being a homosexual?

In this generation, we are open to Gender Sensitivity and simply liking female butt is not a guarantee that you’ll become gay.

Based on the definition on Wikipedia, “Homosexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender. As a sexual orientation, homosexuality is “an enduring pattern of emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attractions” to people of the same sex.”

But males liking female butt is not homosexuality, it is still an opposite gender so what’s the problem?

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How many percent of women have already tried anal sex?

How many percent of women have already tried anal sex?

  • Do women prefer anal sex?
  • What do women think of anal sex?

Oh yes, women do it too, not just the gays. Straight men crave for it with their girlfriends. But the question is, how many percent of women have agreed to do sex at the back if you know what I mean.


Yes, a study conducted by the Indiana University Bloomington researchers and published in the PLOS One Journal suggested that 37 percent of women in the US have undergone anal sex.

Meanwhile, another study found out that 43 percent of men had admitted that they tried anal, in terms of giving. The study aimed to know whether straight couples were much less likely to experiment with anal sex compared to queer people.

Well, anal sex turned out not to be just a gay thing, you know. *winks*

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The Art of Bareback Sex and Its Risks

The Art of Bareback Sex and Its Risks

  • Know the risks of Bareback Sex
  • What is Bareback Sex and how would you make it less-risky

Hey! Listen up. If you’re thinking that Bareback-ing is the way to go… consider this a 101 lesson for you.


For the rest of you who do not have an idea about what Bareback Sex is, it’s an anal penetration without any protection, i.e, condoms. As equestriennes would put it, bareback is when you ride a horse without a saddle. The saddle is the condom, just so you know. *winks*

It may be more pleasurable because of the extra friction, but trust me when I say you don’t want to take a fraction of your life because of it. It is the riskiest sexual ordeal, especially to the lovely gays out there. Since you’re not protected with a condom, you’re more open to STIs and worse, HIV transmission.

You usually do it through anal. According to a study, it carries higher chances of STI  (Sexually Transmitted Infection) transmission than any sexual contact because the anus linings are thin and can be damaged easily. This is what makes it more prone to infection.

Even if you both tested negative for HIV, there’s still a higher risk when doing it.

What you can do

If you are that scared of contracting the virus but do not want to give up bareback-ing just yet, PEP can partially help you. Post-exposure Prophylaxis is available at any sexual health clinics and is highly proven to be effective in stopping HIV transmission.

But going on pills does not guarantee you a risk-free option. Take care, y’all. You’ve been warned.

What do you think guys? Share us your thoughts by commenting down below.

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