Vice Ganda goes out of his way to make a teary-eyed fan really happy

  • Vice Ganda goes out of his way to meet with one of his biggest fans
  • The fan says that this made her really happy

Vice Ganda is one of the most well-known celebrities in the country today. The It’s Showtime host has millions of fans and followers who admire him.

Recently, Vice trended on social media for making a fan’s day.

Roselie Bueno Villaran, one of Vice Ganda’s biggest fans, went on Facebook and shared how the celebrity made her really happy.

After watching an episode of the noontime show live, Villaran planned on meeting her idol. She detailed how she went after Vice as the celebrity was walking away.

“Pag katapos ng Showtime nanlambot ako kasi nakikita ko si vice na lumalayo wala akong magawa so lumabas na kami after non.”

Villaran then decided to have her picture taken with one of Vice’s standees instead.

“nakita ko standee ni vice sabi ko dun nalang ako picturan pag katapos ako picturan bigla kong binuhat yung standee tapos niyakap na parang totoong tao hahahahaha tas nag umiyak na ko ng bongga.”

Several staff members went over to them and asked why Villarin was crying. They explained that Villarin was not able to take a picture with Vice.

“tas sabi ng tita ko di po kasi nakapag papirma kay vice at nakapag papicture nandon kami sa daan pa dressing room tas ako umiiyak lang.”

One of the staff members felt bad for Villarin so she brought her to Vice’s dressing room only to find out that host-comedian had already left.

“tas pag dating namin sa tapat ng dressing room ni vice wala na sya tapos sabi nung babae. lalo akong nanglambot lalo akong umiyak.”

The staff did not give up on Villarin’s request. They said that they should go after Vice and they started running fast. Villarin was still crying.

“sabi nung staff lakad habulin nyo tas sinamahan nila ako yung isang staff na lalaki sinundan nya lang ako sobrang takbong takbo na ko tas ang dami pang likuan kahit nakita ko na sila karina tas nakatingin sila sakin habang tumatakbo tas umiiyak ako takbo lang ako ng takbo.”

Villarin then saw her idol, walking fast.

“tapos nakita ko talaga si vice sobrang bilis na mag lakad halatang nag mamadali na”

Villarin eventually reached her idol’s vehicle and just stood there waiting for something to happen.

“hanggang sa makarating na kami kung san nakaparada yung sasakyan ni vice tas nakabukas na tas ako nag aantay lang”

Vice then got out of his vehicle to greet Villarin. Villarin then hugged her idol and expressed how happy she was.

“pag tingin ko sa kotse nya pababa na sya tas sabi nya. ‘nasan? hiiii don’t cry!!’ tas niyakap ko sya ng sobrang higpit tsaka nag papicture akala ko talaga wala na, na di na ko makakapag papicture sa kanya tsaka makakapag papirma sobrang saya sa pakiramdam.”

Her post has 34k likes and over 6k shares.

This is not the first time that Vice had gone out of his way for a fan.

Back in 2015, Vice offered to pay a for college student’s tuition. The college student revealed that her tuition was being handled by her boyfriend’s parents.

The week after, Vice gave an OFW PhP 30,000. Vice expressed how he understood the life of an OFW since his mom used to be one.

In early July of this year on Gandang Gabi Vice, he comforted a fan who was heartbroken.

Recently, Vice made a promise to donate to Tawag Ng Tanghalan contestant Julius Cawaling’s foundation, Feed Hungry Minds, which aims to put kids in school and give them a better life.

Researchers from University of San-Jose Recoletos revealed that Filipinos love watching Vice Ganda, and go as far as copying the way he talks and delivers jokes.

When it comes to awards, Vice has won a total of 26, which include being the best host, best comedian, and best actor.

Written by Charles Teves

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