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LOOK: Final moments before death captured on film

Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu being shot by a firing squad. (Photo from
Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu being shot by a firing squad. (Photo from

Nicolae Ceausescu was Romania’s head of state from 1967 to 1989. His extremely repressive and brutal communist regime led to the Romanian Revolution and culminated in the capture of Ceausescu and his wife, Elena, in 1989. They were tried and convicted by a military tribunal and shortly after were sentenced to be executed by a firing squad.

Rap artist Tupac Shakur. (Photo from
Rap artist Tupac Shakur. (Photo from

Tupac Shakur, aside from being a rap music pioneer, was also an actor and social activist. The picture above was taken in September 1996 moments before his death. He can be seen sitting beside his manager, Suge Knight, leaving a Mike Tyson boxing match. Twenty minutes after paparazzi captured the photo, the two became victims of a fateful drive-by shooting.

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