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LOOK: Final moments before death captured on film

Pavil  Kashin. (Photo via
Pavil Kashin. (Photo via

Parkour is an exhilarating urban sport where athletes—called freerunners—run, climb, leap, and scale over the sides of buildings and other obstacles. In the photo above, freerunner Pavil Kashin is seen executing a flip to land on the ledge of a building. He successfully completed the maneuver, but unfortunately lost his footing upon landing and fell 16 storeys down. He died on impact.

Michael Jackson being rushed into an ambulance. (Photo via
Michael Jackson being rushed into an ambulance. (Photo via

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, suffered a drug overdose in June 2009. Paramedics were called to the musician’s house after he had collapsed and stopped breathing. This image shows Jackson with a respirator attached being loaded onto an ambulance. He died at the hospital after suffering from cardiac arrest.

Written by Bambi Eloriaga-Amago

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