No Sex Before Marriage For These Local Celebrities

In a society crazy for a 50 Shades of Grey-kind of love story, sex easily becomes a big factor in relationships even if they haven’t tied the knot. Premarital sex has been depicted in almost every TV shows and movies, that it has become quite normal in the eyes of young people of this generation.

It’s quite surprising to know that  there are still a few people who choose not to do it before marriage. As bizarre as it may seem, people like them exist in the entertainment industry. Undaunted by judgemental people, these local celebrities are not afraid to disclose to the public their values and beliefs when it comes to love, marriage, and sex.

Here are some celebrities and TV personalities who chose to stay virgin before saying I do.

1. Toni Gonzaga– Set to tie the knot with long-time boyfriend Paul Soriano this year, the Kapamilya TV host/ actress believes that sexual compatibility should not be a factor in marriage. Emphasizing that love should be unconditional, Toni said that love should be the strong foundation of marriage. So how did the couple resist the urge to do it for the last 8 years? Toni revealed in a previous interview that they never slept in the same room to avoid temptation.

PHOTO CREDIT: Orange Magazine
PHOTO CREDIT: Orange Magazine

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