Important Things “Crazy Beautiful You” movie Taught its viewers

Crazy Beautiful You movie has reached 220M in box office gross, said by

Great digits for love tandem of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. They have proven once again that their bankable. Seeing only their fans in long queues on the first showing night showed how fans love to witness their fair share of love story in the big screen.

Some parts of the stories excite me to hunger for what will happen next. The story was a combination of simple plot, family importance, and contenment which all revolve around the world of love.

1.) It takes a simple plot to get its viewers’ attention.


A spoiled-brat daughter, who was longing for a mother’s love and presence, is rebelling against her parents’ order sending her off in a medical mission to Mt. Pinatubo.

In the middle of the story, it’s always natural to let the conflict confronts itself. Her mother told her the reason why she left and her attempt to get her back. Jackie (portrayed by Kathryn Bernardo) was indeed a blessed daughter.

2.) The movie teaches you that when all relationships fail, there is still a family  willing to stand  against all odds.

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She wasn’t left behind by her mother, her father was stopping Lorna Tolentino (Jackie’s mother) to retrieve her back then. She left because the relationship wasn’t for keeps yet noting her daughter still deserves genuine love.

Lucky Jackie, not every lost young lad would be able to see a mother knelt down and asked for sincere apology. I, once saw my father after 17 years, left me words of love and care, promised to give financial support but all these turned into ashes.

Kiko portrayed by Daniel Padilla is an outgoing, ever positive illegitimate Mayor’s son acting as the breadwinner of the family. He took responsibility of his younger siblings while mum was desperate for other man’s love and affection. And his father just looked him as an ordinary youth in his governed area.

His lively and strong presence has its own downfall exposing his soft spot of yearning parents’ love. His acting prowess shines and unleashes natural breakthrough counterattacking his parents’ hearts made of stone.

I cannot get through with Daniel’s notable improvement, plus the fact that his irrevocable role would not make the movie as good at it seems without him. I must think it came all as it is should be. Needless to say, his role in CBY is similar in his real-life-story, acting as the provider of the family. Thus, it may help to get on this role effortlessly.

On the other hand, Kathryn’s acting, I must say, lacked slightly with conviction and narration. I saw her before, her exhilarating aura in She’s Dating the Gangster movie, which left me speechless. She was indeed brilliant there. But here, I must admit she’s just like a coal that needs continuous honing and at the end, it will later form into a great diamond-shining brightly and spectacularly.

3.) The world maybe beautiful or crazy as how you see it.

Photo from:  Got to Believe Facebook page
Photo from: Got to Believe Facebook page

Their world is divided into two polarities- rich and poor. Just like the old story, rich almost have it all yet still looking for what it assumes it should have- Jackie experienced a day without network signal, internet connection, and electricity, things that she cannot live without. Learning to adapt was not only the choice yet the only option to choose from.

Locals from the secluded province made a huge impact on her life which made her realize to see life differently- to picture things positively, to capture smiles genuinely, and to start anew with hope eagerly.

4.) Appreciate fear and love polarities

Photo from:  Got to Believe Facebook page
Photo from: Got to Believe Facebook page

Jackie was a presentation of fear smooth-faced with anger. She acts horrendously but her little heart is screaming out loud. Love casts out all fear. And love changes it all. Story like this says being afraid not to receive love in return is not bad. Why? Simply because once you felt being afraid of loneliness, that’s the time you will appreciate “love” when it becomes available.

Same goes with a partner, you see his or her importance more once he or she’s gone but if you’ve given another chance, you’ll be more worthy to keep him/her for the rest of your lives.

At the end of the story, Kiko and Jackie take hold of each other’s hand and it’s ain’t gonna get better.

5.) Pain can either changes you for good or bad


After Kiko  gave way for Iñigo Pascual to go between their love affair, Broken Jackie takes photographs to heal wounds. She chose to continue life and move on. She may feel busted but things she learned about love are kept intact and remained precious.

The movie is still showing in 226 cinemas nationwide.

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