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Is Marian Rivera’s next soap inspired by Gigi Chao’s life story?

Kapuso primetime queen Marian Rivera is about to take her most challenging and controversial role to date.

Set to star in GMA’s upcoming soap opera “The Rich Man’s Daughter”, Rivera will be playing the role of Jade Tanchingco, heiress to the very wealthy Filipino-Chinese family that has holdings in real estate, retail and airline industries.

So what sets “The Rich Man’s Daughter” apart from other soap operas?

For the first time on Philippine TV, lesbian relationship will be put on spotlight. In the one-of-a-kind story of family traditions and values, Jade’s father is willing to pay millions to a man who can make Jade, a lesbian, fall in love.

PHOTO CREDIT: Pinoy Exchange
PHOTO CREDIT: Pinoy Exchange

Does the story sound familiar?

That’s because Gigi Chao, a 34-year old daughter of a Hong Kong billionaire has several similarities with Rivera’s character. Just last year, Property magnate Cecil Chao offered an eye-popping $64 million to a man who can sweep his daughter off her feet. About 20,000 men showed interest after the older Chao announced his offer.

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Here are some of the similarities we’ve noticed between the two lovely ladies:

  1. Obviously, they’re both lesbians.
  2. Both women are daughters of very rich men. While Gigi is one of the successors to Cheuk Nang Holdings Ltd, Jade is an heiress of the Tachingco business.
  3. They’re both of Chinese descent.
  4. Their fathers haven’t accepted the fact that they prefer women over men. That’s why they both resorted to bribing.
  5. These beautiful women are both in a relationship. Gigi is already married to her long-term partner Sean Eav. As for Jade, let’s see how the story unfolds.
  6. The Chao and Tachingco families are both into real estate business.
  7. Gigi has two older brothers which makes her the youngest in the family. There’s a high probability that Jade is the youngest child in the story.

Do you think the writers behind “The Rich Man’s Daughter” based Marian Rivera’s character on Gigi? If that’s the case, then there’s definitely a lot of drama to watch out for in this upcoming show. But we’re certainly hoping for an unexpected twist in the plot!

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