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LIST: 10 Must Watch Epic Pinoy Celebrity Stage Falls

Local or international artists, no one escapes occupational hazards such as falling off stage.

When stars fall onstage, it’s embarrassing and and most of the time, painful. Like on the stage, off the stage, into the audience; these musicians/artists, hosts and performers give new meaning to falling from the top. Whether it was the result of a complicated dance move, debris on the stage, or a result of old age, there are myriad artists who have tumbled on and off the stage while performing.

We’ve collected 10 Epic Stage Falls by some of our favorite local stars:

10. Julie Anne San Jose falls on stage while performing with Elmo Magalona

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  1. Kris Aquino should have been included. Her fall is the most epic of all. This was sometime in the 80’s when she was in a television promo blitz for the movie Pido Dida , with the late comedian Rene Requiestas. Boy, was I stunned to see her performing onstage, singing the movie’s theme song, and then suddenly, she’s gone!

  2. Julie Ann’s “fall” was scripted to segue that number with Elmo to depict the theme of the show. Honest production staff should admit that.



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