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LIST: 10 Must Watch Epic Pinoy Celebrity Stage Falls

1. Kris Aquino tops all the falls we have seen through the years….

Stage falls can oftentimes elicit a chuckle from those who witness it. Their rear ends, backs and legs are hurt as easily as their feelings when they trip, stumble, tumble and fall.

But every after the fall, they always get up, shake it off and resume their live routine without missing a beat. They don’t run and cry in a corner, redfaced and embarrassed. That’s a skill and a talent to be applauded.

We’re impressed by how pro they were, never staying down for the count!

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  1. Kris Aquino should have been included. Her fall is the most epic of all. This was sometime in the 80’s when she was in a television promo blitz for the movie Pido Dida , with the late comedian Rene Requiestas. Boy, was I stunned to see her performing onstage, singing the movie’s theme song, and then suddenly, she’s gone!

  2. Julie Ann’s “fall” was scripted to segue that number with Elmo to depict the theme of the show. Honest production staff should admit that.



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