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‘Saliva healer:’ A family in Zambales is known to treat animal bites with spit

‘Saliva healer:’ A family in Zambales is known to treat animal bites with spit

  • A Zambales family can cure animal bites by the use of their own spit
  • Pagtatawak” has been a household tradition for the members of the Dasig family
  • Studies found that human saliva contains the compound ‘histatin’ which can increase the speed of wound healing

A family in Zambales is gaining attention for their “pagtatawak” or healing through the use of their saliva, as reported by ABS-CBN’s magazine show ‘Rated K,’ last Sunday.

The Dasig family from Barangay San Rafael in Cabangan, Zambales was recognized in their neighborhood as healers, only they do not employ the usual local herb concoctions to treat animal bites—they cure using their spit instead.

It has been a household tradition for the ten siblings, saying that they inherited this “skill” from their father and learned the trade from him. Growing up, many people came to this family to have their wounds treated, usually bites from venomous animals.

Pumupunta silang lahat dito basta’t may kinagat ng may kamandag. Pagkakagat, kahit na anong oras, kahit hatinggabi pumupunta sila sa bahay,” recounted Jimmy Dasig, who was said to have cured a person who was bitten by a king cobra and another with a dog-bite infected with rabies.

Nelie Dasig, the second eldest among the siblings, became their father’s sidekick in his “medicinal-saliva” practice. She’s the one who accompanied their father every time he’s called on to cure someone.

She told ‘Rated K’ that she was only five years old when she started treating other patients with the use of her spit. She was able to cure someone who was bitten by a “dahong palay” snake where its venom was identified as hemotoxin, a poison that attacks the red blood cells.

Baby Dasig, on the other hand, became popular to overseas Filipino workers when she was employed in the Middle East, even though she was not vocal about her ability and her relation to “pagtatawak.” She disclosed that she was able to treat a few Arab patients before.

Naturally, there are those who are skeptical about the Dasig family and their healing methods, especially as they can cause more harm when the wounds they treat become infected. This is the same belief held by one doctor at a rural health clinic in Cabangan.

According to her, there are harmless bacteria found in human saliva, that when exposed to air can start the production of harmful bacteria instead.

It was recalled that a report by scientists from The Netherlands identified a compound in human saliva that greatly speeds wound healing. They specifically found that “histatin,” a small protein in saliva previously only believed to kill bacteria was responsible for healing.

“This study not only answers the biological question of why animals lick their wounds,” said Gerald Weissmann, MD, Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal. “It also explains why wounds in the mouth, like those of a tooth extraction, heal much faster than comparable wounds of the skin and bone. It also directs us to begin looking at saliva as a source for new drugs,” he said.

This research is also said to offer hope for people suffering from chronic wounds related to diabetes and other disorders, as well as traumatic injuries and burns.

In the end, however, it is left to the public whether to believe the Dasig family’s healing abilities or not.

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Which celebrities are predicted to get pregnant in 2019?

Which celebrities are predicted to get pregnant in 2019?

  • Fortune tellers predict an ABS-CBN and GMA artist who will get pregnant this year.
  • A feng shui expert also told the future of Kapuso artists and how they can get good careers in 2019.

As the year just started, predictions and readings from Feng Shui experts have surfaced.

In an episode of Rated K, an expert called Master Thomas stated that there are stars that may get pregnant this 2019. One of which is The Hows of Us star Kathryn Bernardo.

“May isang artista na nakikita namin na may chance na puwedeng mabuntis ngayong taon na ito, si Kathryn Bernardo,” he stated.


At GMA Network, their stars also had their own readings. Fortune teller Mr. E said that the world of showbiz, GMA Network artists will be in the priority list, however, they need to put in more effort.

When it comes to pregnancies, a studio audience of Sarap, ‘Di Ba? asked the fortune of celebrity and socialite Heart Evangelista.

“Magkaka-baby ka, Heart,” Mr. E answered.

He said that it’s possible that God may grant her that gift that she’s been praying for.

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Mader Sitang takes advantage on her “Rated K” guesting as a proof of her popularity status

Mader Sitang takes advantage on her “Rated K” guesting as a proof of her popularity status

  • Mader Sitang, accused of lying about her life and social status.
  • She was also involved in a controversy with international manager Wilbert Tolentino

There are rumors going around about the Thai social media superstar Mader Sitang spreading false information about herself.

The supposed lawyer and philanthropist visited the country after rumors of her kind gestures during Typhoon Yolanda spread on social media websites, however the businessman that brought her to Manila denied all of those.

He said that the information was fake and that she’s not really someone that helped the Filipinos in time of need.

According to reports, there have been people questioning Mader Sitang’s status as a “social media sensation” as no one knows her in Thailand when it was asked by a Filipino reporter.

But she became a trend in the country after she appeared as a guest at ABS-CBN’s Rated K, and had an interview with Korina Sanchez.

She was also accused of using her Philippine television appearance to boast about her “popularity” in the country.

A few days ago, publicist-manager Wilbert Tolentino filed a complaint after the contract signing between him and Mader Sitang didn’t push through.

He said that the social media star has made unreasonable demands prior to their signing, and when she learned that he cannot afford to give everything, she decided not to continue it anymore.

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Dead policeman’s spirit was seen in a CCTV clip?

Dead policeman’s spirit was seen in a CCTV clip?

  • Rated K featured an alleged appearance of a dead policeman’s spirit in one CCTV video.
  • It was said to have happened because the policeman has not yet accepted his death.

Last September 10, the spirit of a dead policeman was allegedly spotted walking in front of a police station in Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija.

When a woman named Beth Alvaro watched the video, she stated that she had goosebumps as she believes that it’s her dead husband’s spirit, who happens to be a former policeman.

“Habang pinapanood ko, kinukutuban po ako. Kinilabutan po talaga ako, asawa ko na po iyon.”

According to her, ever since Ricardo was a child, he has dreamed of being a policeman. He has always been diligent with his work and careful of his stuff like his gun, uniform, and police mobile.

Because of his job, he has managed to help his family and provide his four children enough support which helped them graduate college.

When he stopped being a policeman, they said that Ricardo seemed to have lost his motivation and often just stayed inside his bedroom. Until he heard that one of his children, who’s an Overseas Filipino Worker, was going home.

But the supposed to be celebration turned into a tragedy as Ricardo was found dead on that same day.

After two years, the CCTV video went viral online and Beth suspected that it was her husband as he was formerly assigned as a police mobile driver.

“Mahal na mahal niya ‘yong mobile patrol na iyon.”

According to paranormal investigators Nick Nangit and Jerico Ibanez, it’s possible that Ricardo’s spirit is still not in heaven as he still can’t accept his death.

“The soul itself, puwedeng nandiyan pa rin ‘yung energy niya o ‘yong tinatawag nating consciousness niya, nandodoon pa rin, kalat nga lang.

“Doon ko nakikita sa in front ng CCTV, nandoon siya… When I asked kung siya ba ‘yong nandoon sa CCTV, the answer is also, ‘yes’.”

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Internet star Mader Sitang is actually a lawyer and fashion designer

Internet star Mader Sitang is actually a lawyer and fashion designer

  • Mader Sitang is currently in Manila to visit the country and her supporters.
  • In her Rated K guesting, she shared a bit about her life outside the internet. 

Viral online superstar Sitang Buathong, commonly known as Mader Sitang, has landed in Manila and she had the chance to share her stories at a Rated K guesting.

As soon as she appeared at the airport, she was greeted by a number of her supporters. She happily stated that she has grown to love the country as the Filipinos also gave so much love to her.

“The people of the Philippines give love for me and follow me. I love the Philippines very much.”

In fact, she was so touched by the welcome she received, she promised to learn Tagalog to communicate with Filipinos better. “I promise in the future I will learn language Tagalog.”

As much as she’s always seen on the internet, not everyone knows about Mader Sitang’s profession. She is actually a human rights lawyer, which is why she didn’t immediately come out as a transgender.

She was 40 years old when she decided to finally tell the truth and decided to have a career change and be a fashion designer.

Mader Sitang has also been with her husband for 13 years now. “My husband is happy whenever he sees me happy. Sometimes he joins me in my dance videos and my followers also like it when they see my husband.”

The reason why she doesn’t practice law as of the moment is because her husband told her that it’s too dangerous.

Of course, Mader Sitang wasted no time as she gave people a sample of her famous dance.

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Korina Sanchez-Roxas digs into Mocha Uson’s private side

Korina Sanchez-Roxas digs into Mocha Uson’s private side

  • Mocha Uson was interviewed by Korina Sanchez for ‘Rated K.’
  • Mocha shared more about herself in her first interview since resigning from the government.

Resigned PCOO Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson is one of the most talked about personalities in the country.

People were surprised that she agreed to be interviewed by Korina Sanchez herself for ‘Rated K.’ She stated that she gave it a shot as she now has freedom and saw no problem with it

“Ngayon I’m free. Balik sa private citizen. Wala naman po akong nakikitang problema. Siguro meron tayong pagkakaiba sa opinyon, sa pulitika, pero pwede namang isantabi yun.”

Mocha added that when she was a government official, she was expected to stay mum about accusations made about her.

She compared herself to the Mayon Volcano waiting to erupt.

“Kasi dati kapag inuupakan ako, inaakusahan ako ng malisyosong akusasyon, hindi ko maipag-tanggol yung sarili ko. When you’re a public official, it comes with the territory na tatanggapin mo yung mga bashing sa’yo. Ngayon, maipagtatanggol ko na rin yung sarili ko. One year and four months din akong parang Mayon Volcano…merong mga eruptions. And I’d like to correct myself, ang Bulkang Mayon ay nasa Albay.”

Before she became a government official, she was first introduced to the entertainment industry as a band vocalist and became the leader of a group called Mocha Girls.

Her following grew after she established her blog on Facebook in 2010.

Not everyone knew but she is the oldest of the three kids of a doctor and a judge. So how did she earn the nickname “Mocha”?

“Akala ng iba, screen name ko yun. Nung pinanganak ho ako, lahat ng mga kaibigan ng nanay ko, binisita siya. May mga dalang regalo. cake roll, ice cream, at lahat po yun, maniwala kayo sa hindi, mocha flavor.”

Just like normal people, Mocha expressed  that she also experienced bullying and pain when she was younger as her father was murdered.

“Ang naalala ko po dati po lagi akong nabu-bully. Kasi nga mas maitim ako noon. Tinatawag akong ‘nognog’. Dun ko na siguro nakuha yung katapangan. From experience.”

“Kasi away pulitika at di siya nagpabayad sa mga gustong bayaran siya.”

She added that her mother suffered from breast cancer.

Mocha addressed her mistakes, saying that she’s not a perfect person, but she knows that she doesn’t spread fake news.

“Syempre hindi naman po ako perpekto. May mga pagkakamali ako. Yang mga nasabi ko nga na yung Mayon nasa Naga. O kaya mga maling pag gamit ng larawan ng mga sundalo na hindi naman natin sundalo sa Marawi, hindi po yun intentional. Yung mga pagkakamali ko is yung tinatawag natin na honest mistake. Mali ang grammar, mali ang pag-english. Pero, malinis ang konsensya ko na wala po akong pinapakalat ng sinasabi nilang ‘fake news’.”

The former ASec then expressed that people just have different opinions and what’s needed is for them to respect one another.

“Lahat tayo ay may karapatang sabihin yung nasa puso natin, lahat tayo ay may paniniwala. Magkaiba man ito, kailangan natin respetuhin. Katulad ninyo na may opinyon, may opinion din ako.”

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‘White lady’ caught on camera?

‘White lady’ caught on camera?

  • A Facebook user uploaded a video of a “white lady” that they encountered along a road in Quezon.
  • Netizens have mixed reactions towards the video.

A video of a group’s creepy experience went viral on social media after allegedly encountering a white lady while traveling along the Old Zigzag Road in Atimonan, Quezon.

According to Patricia Camille Alvarez, who uploaded the video on her Facebook account, it was almost 12 midnight when they reached the road.

It was nearly the top of the zigzag road when they noticed a girl with long hair, sitting on the back of the multicab they were following.

She decided to take a video of the said ‘white lady’. The driver of their car immediately got scared and decided to slow down and let the multicab move along.

The residents of Atimonan shared that ghost sightings on the road are actually old news as they were aware of the existence of supernatural beings in the area as many deaths have occurred there. Among those is the story of a white lady that likes to travel with cars passing by. It is said that the ghost likes to hitchhike and they would suddenly appear inside your car especially when you’re alone. She would suddenly vanish before the end of the road.

Another story includes a floating female that would suddenly cross the street before entering a tree.

Netizens have reacted to the video. Tres Maria’s shared her experience in the comments section.

Viral na bru…..pero nakakakilabot nga.. Maganda sana kung lumapit pa kayo..tanda niyo plate no.?..baka nagpaalam sa driver na makikisakay xa haha….naalala ko exp.namin ng tatay ko jan sa zigzag black naman na aso naglalakad sa gitna ng daan hinding hindi talaga tumatabi….pray na lang natin na maging safe lahat ng dumadaan jan..

Another netizen said that there are times that it’s not only one ghost that hitchhikes, but a whole family.

Meron nga po nakikisakay jan.. minsan mag anak cla..

Meanwhile, Rhyan Javier Kharil stated that the video shoul’ve been longer.

Bakit kasi ang ikli ng video.. Hahaha..dapat tinuloy tuloy lang pagkuha.. Hanggang biglang maglaho yung nakasakay.. Eh wala ngang video na nagpapatunay na walang sakay sa likod yan tapos biglang nagkaroon…. Wala naman ibang lilikuan sa lugar na yan kaya masusundan talaga nila ng matagal yan eh.. Pero wala eh bitin yung video ..

Raizy Molleda Bacalaoloyo Pore said that she doubts it’s real because the hair is newly trimmed.

Malabo talaga paniwalaan , bagong trim ung buhok ei .. Sa buhok palang wala na ..

Jenicel Tiquer joked about a scenario wherein the driver is an online seller and the “white lady” was actually a mannequin.

baka naman yung may ari ng multicab is online seler tapos yung akalang white lady manikin lang na nakalimutang ihiga .

The incident recently got featured in Rated K’s August 26 episode.

White Lady sa Atimonan

May white lady daw na mahilig mag-joy ride sa Atimonan? Totoo kaya? Ito ang buong kuwento panoorin!Episode: One More TimeAugust 26, 2018

Posted by Rated K on Monday, August 27, 2018

The video now has more than 359,000 views and 3,500 shares as of writing.

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What Marlou Arizala went through to become Xander Ford is totally amazing

What Marlou Arizala went through to become Xander Ford is totally amazing

  • What Marlou Arizala went through to become Xander Ford
  • The several surgeries Xander Ford had undergone

No judgment allowed here. If you have the money and the guts, go have a plastic surgery. It’s your body. And I think what Marlou Arizala did  of becoming Xander Ford is both a perfect choice and a strategical one.

Under the needles

Thanks to Rated K, we can peek into the life of Xander Ford after the controversial operation. Aren’t we all glad that he is  safe and sound? ‘Leaked’ photos and allegations circulated online, but Xander is here to prove that they are all wrong.

It’s nearly a month since the surgery, and he has never seen without his mask on cam although, his management is continuously updating the netizens.

For today’s episode, we will root all the things he went through to have that fresh revamped face we have all been waiting for.

Well, let’s start with the minor operations. First, his teeth. They consulted a dentist that helped Xander to have that camera-perfect smile.

Then, he got himself a Cashmere stranding microspin for his eyebrows.

You gotta make that lips kissable, am I right?

Then the overhaul.

He underwent the major operation through his nose and chin. Wrinkles and dark spots were also removed. One can only imagine the pain he felt during the process. But one thing is for sure, everything will be worth it.

At least we now know that Xander Ford is… making his way to a better and more beautiful/confident version of himself.

What do you think guys? Share us your thoughts.

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