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Bitag Media ordered to return 60 million pesos, Tulfo refuses

Bitag Media ordered to return 60 million pesos, Tulfo refuses

  • DOT paid Bitag Media 60 million for their advertisements to be aired on the show
  • Wanda Teo, Tulfo’s sister was the secretary of DOT at that time
  • COA flagged the deal and investigation is ongoing

Bitag is a public service program hosted by Ben Tulfo and produced by Bitag Media Unlimited Inc. It has won awards such as Best Public Service Program and Best Public Service Program Host.

Back in 2017, the Department of Tourism through PTV-4, which is a government station, paid Bitag Media 60 million pesos for an advertisement deal that included airing of Department of Tourism (DOT) ads on Tulfo’s program Kilos Pronto.

The thing that is suspicious here is that Wanda Teo, Tulfo’s sister, was the DOT secretary at the time. This breach of ethics and the controversy that followed forced Teo to resign her position.

“Sa mga nagsasabing isauli ang pera at hinihintay daw ang 60-M, mamuti na mga mata n’yo! Wala kaming isasauli!” said Tulfo a few years back.

But he also added that the reason they got paid is because they returned the money in service, and that is by airing ads.

“Malinis ho ang konsensya namin. Hindi ho kami nangungulimbat, hindi ho kami nagnanakaw ng pera sa gobyerno. Kung kami po ay binayaran, dahil po may serbisyong idinulot.”

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said that the DOJ is willing to help the OMB in investigating the deal, but that the DOJ doesn’t actually have the capability to recover the said amount.

“In any event, if the DOJ will be asked to help in the investigation, we are ready to act on our own and/or coordinate with the OMB.”

The Commission of Audit (COA) saw †the deal as suspicious last year and flagged it, which lead the OMB to start an investigation on it.

The audit body said that is is possible that Teo be held liable for graft.

“Should a graft case prosper and reach the Sandiganbayan, the recovery of the P60 million paid to Ben Tulfo’s company will be automatically part of that action,” Guevarra said.

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“Ang tawag dito – arrogant ignorance.” Maria Ressa answers Rappler hater

“Ang tawag dito – arrogant ignorance.” Maria Ressa answers Rappler hater

  • Maria Ressa fired back at Rappler hater implying that they’re covering the Liberal Party’s early campaigning.
  • She explained that every party gets coverage whenever they announce their political line-up.

Rappler Chief Executive Officer Maria Ressa answered a netizen on Twitter.

Twitter user named Zephan Jade Yaru accused the Liberal Party of early campaigning. The netizen was implying that the media have been accusing the Duterte administration of early campaigning but proceeded to report about the other parties.

Hay Naku RAPPLER @mariaressa @piaranada ehh ano ang tawag nyo sa ginagawa ng LP ngayon?! diba yun “EARLY CAMPAIGNING” . Tama na Halata na masyado! @ABSCBNNews @gmanews @PTVph @cnnphilippines @GMA_NEWStv @News5AKSYON

Ressa clapped back, saying that the tweet is a sample of “arrogant ignorance” as every party gets coverage whenever it unveils its political slate.

Hindi. Ang tawag dito – arrogant ignorance. Every party gets coverage when it unveils its political slate. If you follow earlier, we all covered the admin slate. Just remember the saying: what you post often tells the world exactly how much … or how LITTLE … you actually know

Other Twitter users backed Ressa, saying that Rappler also had coverage for Duterte last election.

Noong last election nga nakarami ng coverage si Duterte kay Rappler, isa rin sila nagpanalo kay Digong after ng election galit na si Pdutz lalo na DDS 

Na- erased sa FB ang mga DDS dito naman sa tweeter gustong mag fake news


Early campaigning? I have two words for you: bong go. And don’t make me raise my middle finger.

I know this to be true – since the start of the current administration undoing a lot of misconceptions and miseducation has been the norm here on Twitter. Andami kasi talagang wala nang kwentang mag-isip, bastos to the hilt pa.

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Pres. Rodrigo Duterte attacks ABS-CBN for violating anticontractualization laws; Media group adds GMA Network, CNN Philippines, TV5, PTV

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte attacks ABS-CBN for violating anticontractualization laws; Media group adds GMA Network, CNN Philippines, TV5, PTV

  • President Rodrigo Duterte slams ABS-CBN regarding said violation of anticontractualization laws
  • Buhay Media Facebook page reacts: “hindi lang po ABS-CBN ang may illegal contractualization.”

President Rodrigo Duterte once again reprimanded ABS-CBN for allegedly engaging in contractualization and claiming some employees do not have job security despite working for the network for 10 years or more.

In a speech in Cebu last June 7, he stated “ [ABS-CBN] keeps on criticizing contractualization but their workers are all talent fee based. In some cases, it lasts as long as 10 years,

They keep on criticizing but they are apparently number one in doing it. But what can they criticize about me? Not my signature, not in a million years,”

On the other hand, Buhay Media, a Facebook page made by a group of media practitioners, responded that the illegal contractualization doesn’t only happen in the said network, but others as well such as GMA Network, CNN Philippines, TV5, and even PTV, which is a government owend television network.

“Mr. President, hindi lang po ABS-CBN ang may illegal contractualization. Pati GMA Network, CNN Philippines, TV5– maski PTV.

‘Yung iba diyan iniba lang ang tawag. From “talents” ginawang “project employees” to make it sound that they are employees when in fact, they are not.

#BuhayMedia #EndContractualization”

Aside from not having job security, among the benefits that “talents” do not enjoy are health insurance coverage and 13th month pay.

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