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PDEA seeks to ban songs about drugs

PDEA seeks to ban songs about drugs

  • PDEA seeks to ban rapper Shanti Dope’s song, “Amatz”
  • PDEA believes the song promotes the use of illegal drugs
  • The rapper says that PDEA misinterpreted the lyrics

Government agencies seem to be keeping a close eye on the Philippine entertainment scene.

Back in 2018, the Philippine National Police (PNP) tried to stop the airing of ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’ because it presented corrupt cops on duty.

Now, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) is seeking to ban rap songs, specifically rapper Shanti Dope’s latest hit, “Amatz.”

Rap and hip-hop have often been associated with violence, women, money, and drugs.

PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino claimed that the lyrics of the song promotes the use of marijuana which goes against the Duterte administration’s anti-drug campaign.

The Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP) said that PDEA has no say in music, and should just stick to what they really need to do, and that is putting drug lords behind bars.

“One thing, however, is clear: it is not PDEA’s job to be a music critic. Neither is it mandated to promote censorship and the suppression of artistic expression,” said CAP on their Facebook page.

Shanti, in an interview back in March, explained that the song was made to warn people to not use illegal drugs. He compares it to the high that he feels when he is producing music.

“We respect and appreciate our artists in the music industry. However, we strongly oppose the promotion of musical pieces or songs that encourage the recreational use of drugs like marijuana and shabu,” Aquino insisted.

But CAP said  that, “By the time we reach the song’s chorus, ‘Amatz’ already refers to precisely the music through which the persona found his identity – not any form of drugs, but the natural high of creativity and knowing he is the only one who knows to do what he does.”

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DILG has no plans to halt “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”

DILG has no plans to halt “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”

  • DILG said that the agency has no plans of  interfering with FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’s storyline.
  • Their concern is on the usage of official logos and uniforms of Philippine National Police when the network can actually make their own fictional agency. 

The Department Of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the producers of FPJ’S Ang Probinsyano released a statement last Sunday.

DILG Secretary Eduardo Año said that the Kapamilya network has reached out to them regarding the portrayal of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in the show as “bad cops”.

The DILG said that they acknowledge the explanation of ABS-CBN that the characters are just fictional and does not reflect real people and events.

They added that the agency has no plans on ordering the writers on how to go with the story and they have no plans on stopping the action-drama series’s airing.

They also don’t see the DILG or PNP as antagonists.

On the other hand, one of the main concerns of the agency is the usage of official logos, insignias, and uniforms, which is a possible violation of the Revised Penal Code.

DILG is hoping to have a “meeting of the minds” wherein they’ll have a constructive conversation with ABS-CBN to talk about their concerns.

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Netizens horrified over PNP Chief Albayalde statement about policeman caught hitting new recruits

Netizens horrified over PNP Chief Albayalde statement about policeman caught hitting new recruits

  • Cavite police officer was caught on cam while hitting recruits with a bat.
  • Netizens expressed their horror over PNP Chief Albayalde’s defense.

A Cavite cop was caught on camera while subjecting recruits under hazing.

The police officer, who has been identified as Superintendent Alex Dimaculangan, has been relieved from his post. He was formerly the chief of the Cavite Provincial Mobile Force Company.

In the video, he was reportedly seen hitting new recruits repeatedly with a bat at Camp Francisco Ferma in Tagaytay.

After seeing the video last September, Senior Supt. Willam Segun, the chief of the Cavite police, immediately relieved the cop from his post. He then added that Dimaculangan explained that he was just “disciplining” the officers.

According to Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Oscar Albayalde, hazing has always been a part of PNP as he, himself, has experienced it.

“I myself, hindi naman natin puwedeng i-deny siguro na hindi ako na-haze even once.

“The hazing is ano kasi, is a long-cherished tradition but we want to minimize or at least ma-lessen ‘yan.”

This is what fueled a netizen from lashing out on her Twitter account, expressing her disbelief upon hearing the PNP chief’s words.

HORRIFIC‼️Cavite cop caught on video beating new recruits with baseball bat.

“Hazing is a long cherished tradition.
I myself experienced hazing. We will try to lessen it.”

Anong klaseng PNP Chief ‘to? Cherished tradition? Try to lessen?

Other Twitter users also replied to her, saying that such incident and explanation makes them angry.

Nakakagalit ito Tita @PunchTheLies and to think kaya madami pa rin na tarantado at iskalawag na mga pulis dahil dito. Sana magawan ng paraan na mawala ito. Kaawa awa ang nagtetraining. Di yan pumasok dyan pra ganituhin lng mga demonyo cla!

Using a baseball bat is indefensible. How about change HAZING into TRAINING and uphold it in high regard.

Sir Albayalde, if it’s wrong, it’s wrong. Hazing should not be treated as a cherished tradition. Ano pong mentality yan sir?

Pocha nkkagalit nman 2. Dahil narnasan mo ganyan n lng? Anong lessen ka dyn? Kaw ang chief, u shld put an end gago

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Netizen extends gratitude to Policemen as ‘superheroes’

Netizen extends gratitude to Policemen as ‘superheroes’

  • A few good men still exist like what the Netizen had described in his post about kind policemen.
  • Two policemen helped Kelvin Pacelo and his family when their vehicle had a flat tire.

A viral post on Facebook that showed two policemen helping a family amid a flat tire situation.

Facebook user Kelvin Pacelo was with his family and they were on their way to a wedding on a Sunday when they got a flat tire. The situation became challenging since it was raining hard and he had fever at the time as well, and not to mention that they were all dressed for the wedding occasion.

Photo Courtesy of Kelvin Pacelo | Facebook

He said that two police officers suddenly pulled over and began assisting them. One policeman, who was said to be a former vulcanizer, helped his father replace the flat tire while the other helped with the traffic situation.

“Without them, it would be impossible for us to change the flat tire since my dad’s jack is jammed (check your tools). Yep! They lent us their hands and jack. We all got soaking wet thereafter.” Kelvin added.

A passerby got amazed by the scenario and offered the police officers some money but they rejected the offer, saying that they were just trying to help.

Photo Courtesy of Kelvin Pacelo | Facebook

“One of the passersby, amazed as much as we are, stopped his vehicle and was giving the police money (500 pesos) just because his heart is touched with what’s happening, “I have never seen police officers doing what you’re doing right now. Please accept this money”.

“The guy was insisting but the police officers rejected his offer, because according to them, they’re just trying to help us.”

Kelvin admitted that since they have never heard or seen police officers fix cars before, it was an “unfortunate event turned a heart-warming experience” He added that as most people only see the policemen’s negative side as depicted by media, but that experience have changed their perception of these men in uniforms–they were like superheroes to them.

Photo Courtesy of Kelvin Pacelo | Facebook

“I’m sharing this post for others to see that they have good sides too. Despite the bad weather and hightened alert (SONA is coming), these 2 police officers cared to stop-by and help fixed our problem.

“The next time we will see police officers on the road, hindi na kami matatakot na baka hulihin nila kami or what not. Instead, we would smile and remember how these police officers helped us without asking anything in return.”

Photo Courtesy of Kelvin Pacelo | Facebook

Kelvin ended his post by thanking the kind policemen.

“From my whole family, we thank you for your simple act of kindess. Snappy salute to Officer Villar and his partner. Sana po makaabot sa inyo ang aming pasasalamat.”

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Crime Rate in the Philippines Dropped Because of ABS-CBN’s “The Legal Wife”

Crime Rate in the Philippines Dropped Because of ABS-CBN’s “The Legal Wife”


If not zero, the Philippine National Police (PNP) believed that there has been another significant decrease in the crime rate in the country between the months of April and June 2014, during the last two months of airing of ABS-CBN’s hit primetime series “The Legal Wife.”

The Legal Wife sampal

Col. Rwin Pagkalinawan, current administrator of PNP Hotline, confirmed during the celebration of Social Media Day held in SM Aura last weekend that there was either zero-crime rate or a ‘dramatic’ drop in figures every timeslot of “The Legal Wife.” That’s how popular the series was! When Maja Salvador and Angel fought, the entire country watched — literally. Their fight was as popular as Manny Pacquiao’s boxing matches. It only means that even criminals stop their dirty work to watch.

the legal gif

“Napansin namin, halos lahat kasi ng nanonood ng ‘Legal Wife’, masa e. Halos walang nagaganap na snatching, robbery, suntukan, or iba pang krimen during 9 to 10PM,” he said in a phone conversation with correspondent.

“Usually ang mga magnanakaw (o mga kriminal), titira na yan during that time pero sa records namin, wala e. Mabagal.”

“Grabe parang akala mo, laban ni Pacquiao ang pinapanood nila at talagang tutok na tutok sila,” he added pertaining to the ‘masa’.” Pagkalinawan added.

“Napakalaking tulong talaga ng mga ganitong palabas sa bansa natin,” added Col. Rwin.

“The Legal Wife” ended with a record-breaking finale on June 13.

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