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Actor who claimed kids used fake PWD IDs gets a lesson on definition of PWDs

Actor who claimed kids used fake PWD IDs gets a lesson on definition of PWDs

  • People have misconceptions of who Persons With Disabilities (PWD) are
  • Non-apparent disability refers to those who do not have visual cues of being a PWD
  • A PWD doesn’t necessarily look sickly or have an orthopedic impairment to be identified as one

Actor, host, and bar owner JM Rodriguez has come under fire for claiming that some kids jumped the line at Shake Shack using fake PWD IDs.

“Shame you kids using fake disabled IDs to use priority lane at Shake Shack. I’m jealous of you LOL…PS: If they’re not in wheelchair… don’t allow them!” he wrote in a Facebook post that has since been deleted.

A netizen named Celine Palafox reacted to his post and said: “With all due respect Mr. Rodriguez, how sure are you that they are ‘faking’ their disability? I’m a mom of a PWD and although my son’s disability isn’t as visible as that being on a wheelchair, being able to have access to priority lane is part of his right/privilege as a PWD. Let’s not be too quick to judge, please. You can bring your Lola/Lolo too or even a friend who’s pregnant so you’ll have access to priority lane as well and we won’t have any problem with it.”

On the PWD Philippines Facebook page, they shared a screenshot of Palafox’s post reacting to JM Rodriguez. They clarified that being PWD doesn’t just mean needing a wheelchair. They explained that there are two types of PWD, apparent disability which includes those using a wheelchair and non-apparent disability who might seem like any other individual but have epilepsy, stroke, cancer survivors, lupus and many more.

“Sa mga hindi nakaka-intindi, ang pagiging PWD ay hindi kailangang naka wheelchair lang. May dalawang uri po ng PWD, yung may apparent disability, tulad ng naka wheelchair, at yung non-apparent tulad ng may epilepsy, stroke and cancer survivors, lupus, etc.”

They added that it is not easy to fake PWD IDs because the DOH has its own database where they monitor PWDs who have an ID.

“Nawa’y mas maintindihan ito ni Mr JM Rodriguez. hindi po napepeke nang madali ang PWD ID dahil may database po ang DOH na nakamonitor lahat ng may ID.”

JM Rodriguez apologizes to PWD Philippines

The Department of Health that Person with Disability (PWDs) are individuals with long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interactions with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others.

To have a PWD ID, one should be a “bonafide PWD with permanent disabilities due to any one or more of the following conditions: psychosocial, chronic illness, learning, mental, visual, orthopedic, speech and hearing conditions. This includes persons suffering from disabling diseases resulting to the person’s limitations to do day to day activities as normally as possible such as but not limited to those undergoing dialysis, heart disorders, severe cancer cases and such other similar cases resulting to temporary or permanent disability. —National Council on Disability Affairs

Persons with Disability were given protection by Republic Act No. 7277, “An Act Providing for the Rehabilitation and Self-Reliance of Disabled Persons and Their Integration into the Mainstream of Society and for Other Purposes” or otherwise known as “The Magna Carta for Disabled Persons” and the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of RA 7277.

It is stated in the general provision that the state should “Facilitate integration of disabled persons into the mainstream of society, the State shall advocate for and encourage respect for disabled persons. The State shall exert all efforts to remove all social, cultural, economic, environmental and attitudinal barriers that are prejudicial to disabled persons.”

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PWD caught working hard in Jollibee

PWD caught working hard in Jollibee

  • A PWD employee of Jollibee was caught diligently helping a woman clean up the table.
  • It is said in the  The Republic Act (RA) No. 10524, government agencies need to hire at least one percent of their positions for PWDs and private institutions were also encouraged to do so. 

No work is easy. As every task has its own challenges, everyone faces difficulties in their workplace, either it’s something minor or something really hard to overcome and do.

But a certain Person With Disability (PWD) has earned praises after being caught working really hard while helping a customer at a branch of Jollibee.

In a video origially uploaded by Facebook user Clairey Magas Ocampo, it can be seen that the service crew is busy assisting a woman with cleaning the mess of a previous customer.

What was impressive is not the fact that he was helping, but it’s because he only had one arm. But that didn’t stop him from diligently doing his work and quickly lifting a tray full of plates and glasses.

The inclusion of PWDs in the work force has been made into a law by the Philippine government.

According to The Republic Act (RA) No. 10524, also known as An Act Expanding the Position Reserved for PWDs, government agencies shall reserve at least one percent of their regular and non-regular positions for PWDs.

Private establishments with more than 100 employees are not required but they are strongly encouraged to hire PWDs as well.

Netizens applaud PWD crew of a fast food restaurant

Netizens commended a PWD crew of a fast food restaurant in a viral video posted by Clairey Magas Ocampo last Sunday, November 4, 2018.

Posted by MANILA BULLETIN on Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Incentives are given to those who have PWD employees, such as a 25 percent deduction from the company’s gross income of the total amount paid as salaries and wages to PWDs.

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MRT guards under fire for accusing PWD of faking his disability; DOTr releases statement

MRT guards under fire for accusing PWD of faking his disability; DOTr releases statement

  • A mother of a PWD posted about the disappointing experience her son had to go through at MRT.
  • Department of Transportation released a statement with a narrative that didn’t match the status of the mother. 

The guards of MRT North EDSA station is under fire after a netizen has expressed her disappointment when her son, who is a Person With Disability (PWD) was not allowed to enter the station and ride the train.

Not only that, he was also accused of sporting a fake PWD I.D. by both guards on duty.

My son, a PWD with learning disability was denied entry and accused of using fake PWD ID. The incident took place at MRT3 North Edsa-Trinoma station last October 26, 2018, Friday at around 1:00pm, south bound to Taft station. The guards on-duty, one female and one male even tried to confiscate the PWD ID. My son behaved differently since then, which I suppose was due to the embarrassing situation he went through.

Shirley Iyulores said that her son takes the train to attend training sessions at the College of St. Benilde since a few months ago and was even issued a PWD Beep card. The guards at the MRT did not acknowledge both the said card and his I.D.

My son takes either LRT or MRT to attend training sessions for PWD at the College of St. Benilde since June this year. In fact he was issued a PWD beep card. He even showed it to your security staff but they ignored it. To accuse my son of faking an ID and the staff’s failure to recognize his special MRT beep card is preposterous and downright insensitive.

The netizen ended her status by questioning how the institution trains their security when it comes to dealing with PWD.

How did you train your security personnel in dealing with PWDs? It seems to be limited in physical disabilities only. Aren’t they aware of cases like ADHD, autism and the like?
My son went thru a very humiliating experience only because of the ignorance of your staff.

DOTr MRT-3 Autism Society Philippines

Netizens expressed their disappointment in the comments section. A certain Sophia Allyana Torres shared her experience that the guards even questioned her when she said she was pregnant.

Department of Transportation (DOTr) has released a statement regarding the incident. According to the statement of the Kaizen Security Agency, the PWD presented the guards a photocopy of the I.D, claiming that he left the original one at home, resulting to the guards reminding him to bring the original one next time, however, the PWD decided to leave.

They then reminded everyone that it is common for people to have fake IDs.

“While we do not intend to embarrass the bearers of valid PWD IDs, we note that cases of fake IDs being presented by some passengers in MRT-3 are not uncommon, which is why our security personnel are keen on scrutinizing the authenticity of an ID presented by a passenger as issued by LGUs, OSCA, and other authorized agencies.

To avoid and deter passengers from taking advantage of the privilege afforded to legitimate senior citizens, PWD(s), pregnant women, and passengers with children, our security personnel would routinely ask for an additional government-issued ID to validate the senior citizen or PWD ID presented.”

DOTr MRT-3 Press Statement5 November 2018This pertains to an incident involving two Kaizen security personnel on duty…

Posted by Department of Transportation – Philippines on Sunday, November 4, 2018

Iyulores said that she is currently waiting for the investigation report regarding her complaint.

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How This Disabled Man Conquered Illiteracy Will Amuse You

How This Disabled Man Conquered Illiteracy Will Amuse You


People with disabilities think it’s hard to survive in a world where they can be bullied over and boxed in for a lifetime.

But Johnny, who aspires to be different and makes his life better, manages to provide for his family despite his incapacity.

Johnny Medrano, 39, was diagnosed with polio since he was born.

Admittedly, battling polio has never become easy for him, “Lumalaki ako, nagkakaisip ako, nagtataka ako dahil yung ibang bata nakikita ko naglalaro sa labas. Ako nakasilip lang sa sirang dingding. Tinatanong ko bakit iba ‘ko sa kanila, di ko maexperience yung naeexperience nila.”

With the help of his sister, he was able to learn how to read and write at the age of 3.

Because of his perseverance in overcoming his rough childhood, he attended and enrolled a vocational course in Ilat National high School, San Pascual, Batangas where he learned how to repair watches, started out a business and was able to use the fund he earned to build his own house.

Later on, he opens cellphone repairs to add up to his income.

 Xan Lim portrayed Johnny Medrano, one of the finalists of Gawad Geny Lopez Jr. Bayaning Pilipino 2014, who supports his family and serves his community despite an orthopedic impairment that rendered him unable to walk. Photo from:

Xan Lim portrayed Johnny Medrano , one of the finalists of Gawad Geny Lopez Jr. Bayaning Pilipino 2014, who supports his family and serves his community despite an orthopedic impairment that rendered him unable to walk.
Photo from:

He has now a family with 3 children. His exemplified diligence pays off well and it doesn’t stop there. He was chosen to lead the Federation of Persons with Disability of the Province of Batangas and currently teaching cellphone and watch repairs to his fellow disabled person.

Johnny encourages people to make the most of their talents, “Kung ano yung binigay satin ni Lord, iyon ‘yung pagpahalagahan natin at pagyamanin. Huwag panghinayangan yung mga bagay na wala sayo.

“Kung anung meron ka, pagyamanin mo at ibahagi mo sa kapwa.”

One of the finalists of Gawad Geny Lopez Jr. Bayaning Pilipino 2014, his story was featured in MKK last year which inspired many viewers to continue fighting against any trials that will come along the way.

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Man born with UPSIDE-DOWN head overcomes deformities, earns accountancy degree

Man born with UPSIDE-DOWN head overcomes deformities, earns accountancy degree


Born with a severe deformity that made his head upside-down, Claudio Vieira de Oliveira defied all odds, went to school to earn a degree in accountancy, and became an inspiration speaker – a spectacular example of how a person can overcome his disability to live his dream. According to the Huffington Post, his condition is called congenital arthrogryposis, making it next to impossible for his arms and legs to extend the way these would in normal people.

The moment he was born, Claudio’s parents were told by doctors that his chances of survival are close to none. At the time, the deformity made breathing too difficult for him. It was also quite hard to feed him, so hard that many of those who watched him in pity had advised his parents to stop trying to feed him because it will only prolong his agony; he would die anyway.

Now, would you believe he is already 37 years old? The baby who was doomed to die hours after he was born had managed to survive and live a somewhat normal life all those years!

What is even more amazing is that Claudio lives as normal a life as possible, not depending too much on the people around him for survival.

In the same way he looked at birth, his neck folds back unto itself, putting his head upside-down. Also, the severe deformity affects his limbs so that he has virtually no use of his hands and arms. His legs are also forever bended unto themselves but at age 8, he managed to teach himself to walk on his knees. This was almost necessary because it was quite impossible for him to use a wheelchair because of his shape.

His parents had to restructure their home to suit his condition, placing plugs, light switches, door handles, furniture, and almost everything else within his reach. Thanks to this, he was able to live almost independently despite his very unusual condition.

He also managed to convince his mother to send him to school, so he could learn like the other kids. He had his fair experience of bullying and weird looks from people outside his home but never did he let those deter him from striving hard to achieve his dreams.

Would you believe that in his upside-down world, he managed to finish a degree in accountancy at the  State University of Feira de Santana? In an article on The Mirror UK, Claudio said he also learned how to use the computer and could surf the web same as you and me. Also, he knows how to turn on the radio, pick up his cellphone to call his friends, or turn on the TV.

He also does some consulting, researching, and accounting for clients. Aside from that, he also gives inspiration talks about how he was able to overcome his deformities.

From the child who had a very slim chance of survival, Claudio went on to become an inspiration to others – not just to PWDs like him but to all people. As a public speaker, he has already received invitations from around the world.

His mother Maria Jose said her son has never felt shame in walking the streets looking the way he looks because he has confidence, something he earned from being gladly accepted by his family the way he is. He may look somewhat different but to them he is normal – and they never tried to fix him.

Claudio also feels normal – and, guess what? He says he does not see the world upside-down! Amazing, isn’t it?

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