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Netizen saves 5 pesos from baon per day to buy gaming-smartphone

Netizen saves 5 pesos from baon per day to buy gaming-smartphone

  • A young man saves 5 pesos per day from his baon to buy a new smartphone
  • It took Junell Pasco about 4 months to save 6K in order to buy a budget-friendly gaming phone
  • Netizens took Pasco as their inspiration to start saving up too

A Facebook post from “realme Philippines Community” page is gaining attention due to a photo of a young man paying with piles and piles of 5 peso-coins and a few handbills littered on the counter – the money he saved up to buy a smartphone.

The young man was identified as Junell Pasco.

In the post, they recounted that Pasco went to Memoxpress Cagayan de Oro with the intention of buying a smartphone where he can smoothly play his favorite games for less than six thousand pesos.

The shop recommended he get a realme C1 as its specifications and budget-friendly price is right up Pasco’s demand. When he went to the cashier to finally pay for his new phone, the staff was surprised when he presented them with lots of five peso coins.

The young man told them he had been saving up every day using the money from his baon for 3-4 months.

Good Day realme community! Just want to dedicate a post to our new squad member @Junell pasco. We were told that when he…

Posted by realme on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Netizens who have read the post welcomed the man in their community, while others were amazed at his patience and persistence in saying up the money.

Some netizens took him as an inspiration for them to start saving too.

Realme (stylized as realme) is an offshoot of the Chinese brand Oppo. The brand officially launched on May 4, 2018 (National Youth Day in China) led by Sky Li (born Bingzhong Li), former Oppo Global VP.

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WATCH OUT! OPPO F7 Youth is available for pre-order starting on May 28

WATCH OUT! OPPO F7 Youth is available for pre-order starting on May 28

  • OPPO launches F7 Youth
  • OPPO F7 Youth is now up for pre-order on May 28

OPPO Philippines is once again changing the midrange smartphone arena with its latest addition to the F7 family, the OPPO F7 Youth, available for pre-order starting May 28. As part of the best-selling OPPO F7 family, the F7 Youth is a more affordable option for consumers who prefer to experience the latest smartphone features at an affordable price of Php13,990.

A midrange smartphone with top-notch performance, the F7 Youth is equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and inherited the same Helio P60 Octa-Core processor that is 80% faster than current smartphones in its price range, while maintaining 4GB RAM for multitasking and 64GB of storage.

Redefining mobile photography

The OPPO F7 Youth’s front camera carries the A.I. Beauty Technology 2.0 that the OPPO F7 takes pride in. Likened to a personal beauty artist right at the user’s fingertips, this technology analyzes a person’s features and beautifies each of them with OPPO’s improved facial optimization feature. Its rear camera, on the other hand, comes equipped with 13 megapixels and A.I. Scene Recognition which processes 16 different scenarios being shot in real time, and works to capture the ideal balance of brightness, exposure, color, and contrast. The camera also allows a depth-of-field effect highlighting the main subject for more impressive-looking photos.

Sophisticated in Design

Representing today’s youth with passion and care for style, the F7 Youth is built to be slim and stylish. Produced with the latest manufacturing and polishing process, the F7 Youth is available in two stunning colors of Solar Red and the special Diamond Black. The Diamond Black cover displays unique triangular-cut patterns that shimmer as they catch the light, producing an elegant output like a well-cut diamond.

More than form, the F7 Youth also caters to function with its 6.0-inch FHD+ screen which gives users a highly immersive viewing experience. With its bezels reduced to a razor-thin 1.98mm, the display is maximized while keeping the whole device compact and lightweight for a comfortable, one-hand grip.

Ideal Phone

Not just beauty on the outside, but also powerful on the inside. The F7 Youth’s screen comes with much-improved navigation shortcuts to operate each app more quickly and conveniently. And because the device knows the owner so well, it can identify his or her face with its A.I. Recognition Technology and use it to protect the smartphone with its speedy facial unlock function.

Powering the F7 Youth is the world’s first 12nm A.I. processor to make each task work at peak efficiency, resulting in up to 80% faster-processing power than previous smartphones. It is also backed up by a massive 4GB RAM for effortless multitasking and app-switching, while its 64GB ROM (expandable up to 256GB) will give you substantial storage for the user’s favorite content. Its large 3,410mAh battery, complemented by a smart A.I. battery management system, ensures 15 hours of continuous usage for a whole day of charge.

Pre-order Details

Retailing for only PHP 13,990.00, the OPPO F7 Youth will be accepting pre-orders in all OPPO authorized stores nationwide from May 28 until June 1, 2018. Customers who avail of the pre-order will be entitled to a free Olike Magic Music Lamp Bluetooth speaker. Additionally, the OPPO F7 Youth can also be availed via Home Credit in 6 months 0% interest, or via 6 months 0% interest credit card installment.

For more information on OPPO’s exciting products and activities, like OPPO Philippines’ official Facebook page (link) and follow @OPPOPhilippines on Twitter and Instagram.

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Smartphone Agent strikes a sale from Unlikely Can-Afford Stranger

Smartphone Agent strikes a sale from Unlikely Can-Afford Stranger

  • This man got discriminated by various gadget shops for looking dirty 
  • Saleswoman saves the day and helps the man to get a new phone!

This Facebook story might just make you go #awwww and be inspired to spread goodness!

On a Facebook post by the sales agent, Pinky Baylosis, she shared how she helped a man to get a new phone after being rejected by other gadget stores.

As stated on the post, many gadget stores tried to turn down the man for being smelly and looking dirty. However, Pinky was able to see past beyond the looks of the man and tried to help him in getting a new phone. She showed and demonstrated to him the OPPO A57 and in the end, he decided to buy it with his own hard earned cash.

The man even apologized because his money is made up of mostly of 50 and 100 peso bills but still, Pinky entertained him.

She also shared how she admired the man for still being able to smile despite his circumstances and stated that he deserves the new phone as an outcome of his hard work.

The post has gone viral and many netizens shared how their hearts were touched by the story.

“Good job girl…ana gyud dili mamili og customer na e entertain..as long as wala nagbinuang ng customer or ga yaga2 lng..entertina gyud..ayaw pili unsay postora…Kay dli nimo ma underestimate ang tao…mabuhay ka girl…sana dumami pa sales mo”

“Godbless u ate.you are very kind person and have a good heart.dili porket mabaho sya or dungison sya ug nawong dili na nato sya e intertain pareho ghapon sya sa atoa nga mga anak sa ginoo.so dili dayon ta mag judge dayon. naa man sya kwrta o wala we should to intertain coz it’s our work as a sales lady.”

“Hwag nyong maliitin ung mga taong ganyan.kc minsan un pala ang magbbigay ng swerte sa araw nyo.blessing yan mga ganyan.minsan bag ddisguise yan,d natin alam angel pla un..😇godbless sayo😇😇😇”

“i was a former huawei retail supervisor and this is something oppo management should be very proud of. You trained your promoters very well”

“Good job k jan ate!..kw ang role model ng mga S.A dapat hwag nating hayaan n manaig ang pag giging mapanghusga s kapwa dapat just love😉😘😊”

Ultimately, Pinky thanked all those who appreciated her post:

Nothing beats a good and heart-warming story this Valentine’s day! Spread love and happiness!

What do you think about this?

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OPPO welcomes 2018 with the most affordable full-screen smartphone

OPPO welcomes 2018 with the most affordable full-screen smartphone

  • OPPO launches A83
  • OPPO welcomes 2018 with a new phone

Who would not want a full-screen phone nowadays, right? With its sleek appearance and display, one would drool over a full-screen smartphone.

It’s kind of pricey, that’s a fact. But thanks to OPPO, a new full-screen smartphone with A.I Beauty and Facial Unlock is now within our budget’s reach.


Yes, you all got that right. OPPO Philippines welcomes 2018 with its fourth member of the A.I. Beauty and Full-Screen technology smartphones, the A83. Priced at Php9,990, the A83 disrupts the ­entry mid-range smartphone category with the most affordable 18:9 Full-Screen display, A.I. Beauty Selfies, Facial Unlock, powerful processor performance, and outstanding battery life of up to 13.5hrs.

Featuring a 5.7” HD+ Full-Screen display, OPPO A83 brings out a new immersive visual experience and powerful 2.5GHz octa-core processor performance, similar to the famous OPPO F5 series. Accompanied with a 3GB RAM, the A83 is the perfect smartphone for multi-tasking. Surprisingly, the A83 fits in the palm of your hand at a 5.2” smartphone footprint, making it easy to carry around at just 143g.

During the recent #OPPONewYearParty, they have officially launched OPPO A83 alongside with the Limited Edition Red OPPO F5.

Adding to the infinite wonders of A83, it carries the leading A.I. Beauty Technology with an 8MP front camera that can detect more than 200 facial recognition spots for a more personalized beautification based on your facial traits. This results in natural-looking selfies without the hassle of adjusting camera settings. It even features an auto mode for A.I. recommended beautification.

And if you are a hardcore gamer, this gadget will satisfy you. Carrying a 2.5GHz Octa-Core Processor just like the F5, the A83 can carry the latest games in the market with fluid experience such as the Arena of Valor and more.

Gaming will now be more immersive because of its 18:9 ratio full screen that delivers more visuals as compared to older smartphones.

What are you waiting for? Get one now!

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Witness the unveiling of OPPO F5 as they Go Live Online during Launch

Witness the unveiling of OPPO F5 as they Go Live Online during Launch

  • The unveiling of OPPO F5
  • OPPO F5 grand launch will stream live on October 26

The leading selfie-expert in phone camera has once again shocked us with their recent revelation!

OPPO F5 live?

OPPO has yet again opened an opportunity for its loyal fans to see and have a closer look of the new OPPO F5. Just a week before its much-anticipated launch, the brand announced that the launch on October 26 will be featured on the OPPO Philippines’ official page through Facebook Live and Youtube Live from 6 PM onwards.

The OPPO F5 is the latest offering from the F series, introducing its first full-screen model and an A.I. Beauty Recognition technology – an innovation that will truly elevate every selfie enthusiast’s experience to Capture the real you.

Live viewers are in for a full experience of the OPPO F5 as celebrities and brand ambassadors will be joining the launch to share their insights on the smartphone and their special performances.

Watch OPPO ambassadors Sarah Geronimo, Alden Richards unveil the phone along with OPPO influencers Joshua Garcia, Julia Barreto, Toni Gonzaga, Gabbi Garcia, and to be hosted by OPPO influencers Apple David, Carla Lizardo.

To top this all off, days before the official launch, OPPO has created a poll and challenged its followers to choose between natural or beautified selfies featuring its very own ambassadors, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto. Participants may visit the official voting site https://goo.gl/Z9uSpe and share the link on Facebook using the hashtags #OPPOF5 and #CaptureTheRealYou.

All shared posts should be in public. Deadline for voting is until October 26, 2017. The winner of the OPPO F5 Selfie Challenge gets to take home a brand new OPPO F5 which will be announced during the official launch event via online livestream.

For more exciting updates, stay tuned on OPPO’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OPPOPH/.

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