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Hidilyn Diaz is asking for too much money, says former PSC Chairman

Hidilyn Diaz is asking for too much money, says former PSC Chairman

  • Aparicio Mequi reveals that Hidilyn Diaz wants to be financed heavily for her training
  • Mequi says that Diaz wants her boyfriend to be her conditioning coach
  • The athlete is being bashed on social media

Athletes are starting to train as the Olympics get closer and closer. Hidilyn Diaz has one goal in mind, and that is to make history again by being the first ever Gold Medalist in the country.

However, she feels that she lacks the finances to get the highest level of training that is needed for her to do so.

On Monday, in her Instagram story, she asked if she could get sponsored privately for her training in the Tokyo Olympics.

“Hirap na hirap na ako. Sa tingin niyo okay lang kaya, nahihiya kasi ako pero try ko kapalan ang mukha ko para sa minimithi kong pangarap para sa ating bansa na maiuwi ang gold medal sa Olympics.”

Diaz will be competing in the World Weightlifting Championship and fans understand that this is not an easy task.

The Philippine Sports Commission responded and said that they have been supporting her financially, and as a matter of fact, she has one of the highest salaries in the country and that her wishes are usually granted.

Diaz has already received P4.5 million of training funds for her participation in Hainan and Guangxi.

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Her coach is getting a handsome monthly salary and food allowance. Her NSA’s request for funding for competitions was also approved.

She also received 3 million pesos after her Olympic feat, and that’s just from the government incentives act.

A new weightlifting gym has just been built in the RMSC after she requested to see improvement in the old gym that she works out in.

Now she is getting bashed here and there on social media as former PSC chairman Aparicio Mequi revealed a lot about the athlete in a Facebook post.

He reveals that what Diaz really wants is for her boyfriend, who is from Guam, to be her coach with a specific salary, plus a condo just for them. She looks like she is asking for a lot.


“So, as I promised my colleague Jesus S. Matubis Jr, here are additional info re the boyfriend of Hidilyn. She wanted PSC to hire him as her strength and conditioning (S&C) coach with a salary of $1,500 and condo inclusive of utilities at $400 or a total of $1,900/month!” said Mequi.

Mequi added that if he really cared about Diaz, then he wouldn’t be asking for too much.

This is one of the few times where Diaz’s request was not granted.

Mequi hopes that Diaz won’t use this as an excuse if she is not able to deliver during the competition.

People are still waiting for Diaz to answer these accusations.

“Demanding pala si Ate Gurl. I think her demands are over and beyond what she is entitled to. ‘Yong tipong inabot mo na ang kamay mo, gusto ka pang lamunin ng buong-buo. Disgusting.”


“conditioning coach!!WTF is a conditioning coach for?ek ek pepe conditioning!!!”

“Hingi tulong tapos mo batikosin si Duterte.kapal ng mukha mo.hidilyn.magsama kau ng Dilawan mo.kapal mo babaeta ka.”

“Bronze lang pala nakuha ganun na xa ka demanding akala mo gold ang nakuha…dika mananalo kasi imbes magpalakas ka pinapa ghina ka bf mo ang trainer…OMG!”

Recently, Diaz met up with PSC Chairman William Ramirez and discussed her requests.

Ramirez released a statement saying,

“The government will continue to support her… We have pledged our support before and will continue to do so because we are focused on that Olympic gold as much as Hidilyn is.”

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This 1912 Olympic Gold Medalist was seen wearing unmatched pair of shoes during his game, the reason will truly amaze you

This 1912 Olympic Gold Medalist was seen wearing unmatched pair of shoes during his game, the reason will truly amaze you

  • Unmatched pair of shoes led this Olympian to win two gold medals
  • The shoes of this athlete were stolen, what he did will amaze you

Jim Thorpe is the one to beat during his time at the Olympics. It was in 1912 and his name is the headline of the news. Jim is an American Indian from Oklahoma representing the USA in the 1912 Olympics for ‘Track and Field’.

Look closer

As you can see, he was wearing different socks and shoes. This photo was taken on the day he was about to compete. He did not do it for a fashion statement.

This is where the story gets deeper. On the morning of the contest, his shoes were mysteriously stolen. Being the fighter himself, he did not let this stress him out. He ended up finding to unmatching shoes in a garbage can. The other one was too big so he had to wear an extra sock.

He competed with these shoes and look what happened. He won two gold medals that day.


Imagine what would happen if he decided to mourn for the lost shoes. If he did not thrive to look for a dirty pair of unmatching shoes, do you think he will ever win his golds? I doubt.

This goes out to you, too. If you’re thinking about excuses, don’t. There are so many ways to comply with your deadline or win that championship match. If you really want something, no one and nothing can ever stop you from achieving it,

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Did Onyok Velasco get the P2.5 M reward for winning a silver medal in the Olympics?

Did Onyok Velasco get the P2.5 M reward for winning a silver medal in the Olympics?


MANILA, Philippines. Olympic silver medalist Mansueto “Onyok” Velasco, Jr. on Monday, August 8, said he has not received the P2.5 million reward from the government after winning a silver medal in the boxing event of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kasi ‘yung iba po, kontrata yan eh, di natutupad, kaya yung iba nadismaya din magpursige,” Velasco said in his radio interview.

(Because for others, it’s a contract, it’s not followed. That’s why some athletes are disheartened to do their best.)


National athletes like Velasco as well as coaches and trainers will receive cash grants and other benefits if they bring home an Olympic medal. Under Republic Act No. 9064, gold medalists are entitled to receive P5 million, P2.5 million for silver medalists and P1 million for bronze medalists in 1996.

However, it was reported in 2014 that Velasco had already received P750,000 one-time cash incentive as well as a P7,000 monthly pension.

Hidilyn Diaz, the Pinay weightlifter who recently bagged the silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, is expected to receive P 5 million and other benefits under the Republic Act 10699 or the National Athletes and Coaches Benefits and Incentives Act of 2015. Senator Ralph Recto said the bill would still be implemented even if the Philippine Sports Communication (PSC) and other government bodies failed to draft the bill.

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WATCH: 10 weirdest sports from around the world

WATCH: 10 weirdest sports from around the world


Most of us know sports like basketball. soccer (or football, depending on what part of the world you’re from), tennis, and the like. But how about tuna tossing, greased pole climbing, or pumpkin chucking? If you have run out of games to play, watching these videos may help you find a new idea for a sport to try out.

Here are the top ten strangest sports games around the world:

10. Camel Racing

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