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Transwoman’s response to a beauty pageant question in Baguio City trends on social media

Sabado replied by highlighting the essence of facts and how she is voting Robredo not because of her gender as a woman, but of her achievements.

Jers Sabado, not her real name, a proud transwoman, recently, trended on TikTok after a video posted by a netizen revealed the former’s answer to a Q and A of the pageant in Baguio City, where she placed second runner-up to the Queen of Queens Baguio on April 23.

The host asked contestant #6, that’s Sabado–if who is her bet for the highest position.

“With all pride and dignity. It will be Leni Robredo,” Sabado answered with conviction.

The host continued, “The follow-up question is, now the question for you is, this is where the beautiful 30-second starts after: How would you convince the Filipino voters to not vote for your ideal candidate?”

Sabado replied by highlighting the essence of facts and how she is voting Robredo not because of her gender as a woman, but of her achievements.

“I respect your opinion, but I believe in facts, if you think a woman president is a weak president, then by all means do not vote for Leni Robredo.

“However, I believe that is just part of our vulnerable and toxic society, our culture in politics.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I will vote for Leni Robredo not because she is a woman, but definitely because of her meritorious achievement that could bring this country…”

Sabado was also featured before on August 9, 2021 of @transcend_y on twitter for the International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples.

She narrated her story about showcasing her identity while being challenged by the ideas of her own culture.

“In an indigenous community rich with cultural beliefs and historical foundation, I have learned that part of this dynamic cultural evolution is the beautiful fact that my community can already allow me to slowly open my wings, that men aren’t always meant to grow muscles and plow the fields, that my mother can also allow me to wear her “tapis” with all her heart, and that I do not need to worry because we are meant to fly and we do not deserve to be caged inside labels.

Today, I have been living my life as a proud transgender woman campaigning with my advocacy of Self Empowerment, trying to touch and empower the lives of people I meet along the way.”

Netizens reacted and rallied behind Sabado’s answer.

One netizen emphasized that the best man for the job is a woman and even speculated that the answer of Sabado as someone from Baguio may be one of the factors why few supporters joined the campaign of a rival presidential bet in Baguio City.

Another netizen raised that although the answer was amazing, the question was twisted.

Other netizens pointed out how the question was too difficult because of the twist but Sabado answered it well and she deserved the win. Sadly, they emphasized that the one who answered VVB [who pertained to] BBM or Bongbong Marcos, actually won.

In a post, Sabado expressed her gratitude to the netizens. She emphasized how she chose to stand up rather than win because for her, standing up for something is synonymous with winning.

“Maraming salamat po sa pa-trending madlang netizens! Napakasikip ng trenta segundo to encapsulate all my thoughts bubbling in mind. With that heavy and tricky question, nalagay ako sa sitwasyon na kailangang mamili sa pagitan ng manalo o manindigan. Pero at that very moment, I told myself, ang manindigan ay kasing kahulugan ng manalo. I have no regrets in using my voice to fight for my principle.

“And I am very proud for all the amazing people who choose to use their voice without fear, question and pause. Use your voice. Tumindig at manindigan!” she posted.

Written by annebellina

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