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‘Pagod Lenlen’ backfires: Hardworking Filipinos feel attacked by Sen. Imee Marcos’ controversial video

Netizens did some digging and found that Marcos even claimed to be a workaholic

Senator Imee Marcos took a lot of heat over the weekend after mocking people who work 18 hours a day.

In collaboration with two content creators, Marcos asked if it’s true that a certain “Len-Len” fainted due to working 18 hours straight.

“Di naman ako makapaniwala niyan. Pwede kang kumain habang nagtatrabaho, pero the rest of the work, you have to focus!” she said.

Marcos also said that “Anyone who claims to work 18 hours a day is either lying or stupid” in another post.

Her supporters wanted more similar videos, but the true hard workers felt attacked.

Countless OFWs, health workers, and other professionals couldn’t believe a senator would say something like that.

Marcos was born into wealth, one that was ill-gotten, netizens noted.

Content creator Darryl Yap tried to defend Marcos but failed.

Yap himself previously claimed he works 29 hours straight. He has since deleted the posts.

Most who work long hours can’t just reject the nature of the job as they need it.

Mothers are workers too, and most don’t even have any break time.

Unfortunately, not everyone has billions of pesos at their disposal to worry about paying bills and putting food on the table.

It’s insanely common for health workers to have any free time to themselves barely.

Netizens dug and found that Marcos even claimed to be a workaholic.

Marcos’ brother, the presidential aspirant Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., also said that a person couldn’t claim to be a workaholic if they aren’t working 16 hours a day.

The comedic segment stems from Vice President Leni Robredo telling Kapuso host Jessica Soho that she works 18 hours a day.

“Ako siguro on the average mga 18 hours. 18 hours a day. Kasi on the average mga anim na oras ‘yung tulog ko,” Robredo said during the sit-down.

Marcos Jr’s camp recently said won’t engage in “negative campaigning”. His sister then labeled the video as “not a political content.”

Written by paulie walnuts

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