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People cuss at Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, Sen. Bong Go, Francisco Duque III for its failed pandemic response, three hashtags trend on Twitter

If one is in the Philippines, you would have likely seen these hashtags picking up steam under the politics category: #TanginaMoDuterte, #TanginaMoBongGo, and #TanginaMoDuque.

It seems Filipinos have suddenly had enough of President Rodrigo Duterte on how he and his allies have handled the pandemic as three hashtags dominated microblogging site twitter yesterday, April 13.

If one is in the Philippines, you would have likely seen these hashtags picking up steam under the politics category: #TanginaMoDuterte, #TanginaMoBongGo, and #TanginaMoDuque.

These refer to the three people at the heart of the country’s pandemic response: the President, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III, and Duterte’s long-time aide Sen. Christopher ‘Bong’ Go.

This pretty much sums up what Filipinos are feeling and saying using these hashtags.

Read through some of the tweets and discover what Filipinos are up to on twitter and why are they using these hashtags. What’s with over 13,000 tweets for?

Beginning with some known twitter handles who have used at least one of the hashtags.

The Professional Heckler (@hecklerforever8) starts off with a “sorry-not-sorry” tweet for using the hashtags while telling people not to use them.

It’s a classic and sends the message that the hashtags SHOULD be using.

Human rights defender and LGBT advocate Francis Baraan IV, on the other hand, saw the opportunity to use the hashtag to do something Duterte himself has done many times.

A decent payback.

Other Netizens are using the hashtag to respond to Duterte’s recent opener for his weekly address.

Others pointed out how Duterte has once again used his weekly address the one job wherein he can attack another of his critics on-air or live-streaming.

Some Netizens have pointed out how Bong Go sharing videos of Duterte going around the Malacañan Palace grounds to play golf, jog and ride an ATV is not ‘proof’ that the President is on top of the pandemic.

Memes, of course, were the name of the game with these hashtags.

One of them even involved the West Philippine Sea row between Manila and Beijing—and how the vaccines are the ‘payment’ and not actual money.

The best one, though not a meme, seemed to be this viral letter from a Baguio grade school student, who happened to be eight years old.

The boy asked Duterte to change his attitude to gain respect as the President of the Philippines.

A more controversial image revealed as it seemed to be the alleged plans of what Duterte and his cohorts are [really] planning to do.

This screenshot, which was first seen making rounds on facebook, says the government is being ‘logical’ about its pandemic response—and is [actually] delaying it on purpose.

“It is timing the peak of vaccination and the subsequent recovery of the economy by early next year, for the purposes of impact on the 2022 elections.”

This seemed plausible—albeit a stretch—as people in Duterte’s circle “have been on a tear” to promote themselves for the upcoming national elections.

Duterte has made it clear he is not looking forward to a second term as President, or even becoming Vice President.

He has been quoted in the past as saying this Presidential term will be his last stint as a public official.

Most of the users of the hashtag, however, are not only using it out to spite Duterte’s still-plan-less pandemic response but his governance in general as president.

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