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LGBT community turns on Kevin Balot for beauty pageant remarks, forcing her to apologize

Kevin thinks transgender women can join “if organizers allow” but “we have to respect each other.

Kevin Balot, one of the most prominent transgender personalities in the country today, has disappointed the LGBT community for his recent remarks.

Kevin joined the Queentuhan podcast on Tuesday and was interviewed by beauty queens Carla Lizardo, Bianca Guidotti, and Pia Wurtzbach.

“We transwomen always ask for equality… I believe us transgender women joining sa mga Miss Universe is not equality anymore,” Kevin said when asked about his thoughts of transgender women joining beauty pageants such as Miss Universe. 

“Hindi lang ako sang-ayon sa mga ganoong bagay kasi we have our own pageant. We have the Miss International Queen pageant, which is the most prestigious transgender beauty pageant. If us, joining pageant ng mga babae, hindi na siya equality eh, parang asking too much na.”

However, Kevin thinks transgender women can join “if organizers allow” but “we have to respect each other.

“Kailangan lang namin ng mas marami pang suporta para mas ma-boost ‘yung platform namin. Kasi platform niyo na ‘yan eh,” she said, referring to “traditional” pageants.

“Ang kailangan namin is your support. You support us, too,” Kevin said.

Just like the hosts, netizens, mostly members of the gay community, were caught off guard by Kevin’s comments.

After disappointing the LGBT community, Kevin went to Twitter to “clear” things up.

The winner of Miss International Queen 2012—a worldwide pageant of transgenders and transvestites—has a bachelors degree in nursing and is a decorated beauty pageant figure.

Prior to the competition, Kevin’s family went to Thailand from Manila just to watch her win it all.

Kevin has always wanted to be a flight attendant, but winning the competition was even a bigger dream as for nearly a decade of its operations, the event has been dominated by winners from Thailand, USA, and Japan.

Her mother wanted to get up on stage and congratulate Kevin upon winning it all.

Written by paulie walnuts

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