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John Lapus to Harry Roque: “Bakla ba siya?”

John Lapus questions Harry Roque’s gender preference

Comedian and actor turned director John “Sweet” Lapus questioned Harry Roque’s gender preference in response to a Twitter question.

On his Twitter account, Lapus had a Q&A session #AskSweet where his followers got to ask him for his opinion on various subjects.

A Twitter user then asked Lapus what would he do if Roque flirts with his boyfriend.

“Kunyari po, nag flirt sa bf mo si Harry Roque, ano po gagawin nyo po?” the netizen asked.

“Seryosong tanong, bakla ba sya?” Lapus replied.

This reply gained reactions from netizens who are also questioning Roque’s gender.

Meanwhile, some other netizens requested not to attack Roque his sexuality.

In October 2018, many netizens also reacted to a statement of Roque during his guesting in Gandang Gabi Vice.

In a segment of the show, Roque was asked to read tweets attacking him.

“Si Harry Roque nabaliktad ang metamorphosis. Mula sa pagiging isang social butterfly papuntang uod,” a netizen tweeted.

“Well, eventually. Uod man magiging butterfly ulit. So, inggit ka lang. You’re stuck as an uod,” Roque clapped back.

This caused Vice Ganda to ask Roque if he is a butterfly. Roque then replied, “Butterfly tayo! At siya, uod pa rin.”

Vice then called him “Mariposa”.

“Isa kang mariposa! Taray, paru-paro! Baklang toh!” the host said.

Roque was affable during his entire guesting on the said show.

Roque has been very controversial recently because of his straightforwardness and uncontrollable language. This caused many people to question his gender preference.

Roque has a wife and two children though which should answer some people’s questions.

Written by Neil

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