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Jameson Blake’s sister reveals she was raped at 16 by her guy friends after passing out

The only thing she remembered upon waking up was that she cheated on her boyfriend and that “something bad happened”.

Actor Jameson Blake’s sister Abigail has come out with a series of tweets revealing to the public that like the many women out there, she is also a rape victim.

She was raped at the age of 16 by two of her male friends whom she had close relationships with at the time.

It was the typical friends’ night out at Capper’s when Abigail decided to retreat back to a room and pass out after having enough alcohol.

The only thing she remembered upon waking up was that she cheated on her boyfriend and that “something bad happened”.

Abigail did not have a clear recollection but remembered that she got sexual with Capper and her other friend Taeyoung, who was 18 at the time.

Most of her friends brushed off the incident as if it was nothing. Her eldest brother then forced Abigail to tell him everything that happened. The most surprising thing was that Capper did not look at it as rape.

Abigail then posted screenshots of her conversations with the two men.

Taeyoung was also in a relationship when he raped Abigail.

Capper then revealed that their actions were premeditated since he and Taeyoung both talked about raping Abigail before actually doing it.

Abigail wants rape victims to know that it is never their fault, and that ‘healing’ should be prioritized over other things.

Consent is always important when it comes to sex.

Abigail is open to anyone who wants to share their rape experience.

Rape has always been a sensitive topic which is why Frankie Pangilinan called out broadcaster Ben Tulfo for perpetuating the culture.

Tulfo defended his comments during his radio program after the call out.

“All these publications that have published views on the subject…calling me out on victim-blaming, that’s fake news,” Tulfo said in English and Filipino on his radio program Bitag (“Trap”).

“I always tell you the truth whether you like it or not, so here’s the truth, Philippine Daily Inquirer, stop your fake news…the same goes with you Rappler… There’s a difference when you say you’re blaming the victim for rape, I never said that. To [blame me] for promoting the culture for rape, do I look like a person who promotes the culture of rape?” Tulfo said.

“I never said that I’m blaming the victims. Let’s get it straight, this is not a blame game. I said, ‘Let’s not awaken the beast within the criminals,’” Tulfo added.

Pangilinan initially responded to a Facebook post by the Lucban Police Station advising girls “not to wear skimpy clothes” to prevent sex crimes from happening.

Tulfo then tagged her in a tweet with the intention of lecturing the 19-year old.

Pangilinan then replied saying that the “beast” shouldn’t exist in the first place.

Sharon Cuneta expressed how proud she was of her daughter’s courage.

Written by Charles Teves

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