Rubbing wasabi on your head can promote hair growth

The most popular brand of Minoxidil today is Rogaine which is used mostly by balding men.

  • Wasabi is three times more effective than Minoxidil
  • Only Japanese wasabi can promote hair growth

Hair plays a big role in a person’s physical attractiveness, and that is why a lot of people who are balding will do anything to grow their hair back.

The most common treatment for both balding men and women is the medicine called Minoxidil. This was originally used to treat ulcers, but one of the side effects is that it promotes hair growth so the treatment was soon repurposed to treat hair loss.

The most popular brand of Minoxidil today is Rogaine which is used mostly by balding men.

But interestingly, Japanese company Kinin claimed that there are chemicals contained in the Wasabi Plant that promote hair growth.

Not only that, but Kinin also claimed that these chemicals promote hair growth three times faster than Minoxidil ever can.

One of the chemicals is called isosaponarin which basically “wakes up” the papilla cells in the human scalp.

Papilla cells start to awaken when isosaponarin interacts with them which makes these cells react to external stimulus that leads to hair growth.

Additionally, isosaponarin also forces the development of proteins which creates routes for nutrients to get to the papilla cells.

Moreover, a component called the 6-MSITC, which can be found in edible wasabi and gives the plant its strong smell and taste, also helps in the promotion of hair growth, similar to what isosaponarin does.

Eating wasabi won’t help with hair growth, but directly applying it on to one’s scalp is the way to go.

It is important to remember that only Japanese Wasabi has these active ingredients. Those that are sold in little tubes won’t make much difference.

If you want the best results, then go for fresh wasabi, but it will cost you. Usually fresh wasabi is sold at $80 a pound. Plus, people who are close can smell the strong odor coming from you.

Wasabi that are labeled with  “本わさび使用”, are the best ones and are recommended. Those with the label of “本わさび入り” means that it only contains less than 50% of natural Japanese wasabi.

Minoxidil and wasabi aren’t the only things that are known to promote hair growth. Onion juice or onions in general are also used to grow hair or prevent hair loss.

Written by Charles Teves

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