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Philippine Broadcasting Service defends ‘Wow China’; Netizens baffled

The PBS defended its airing of a one-hour segment promoting China and its culture, history, and traditions.

  • It said that it is to inform and entertain people and is no way a part of political promotion.
  • Netizens reacted negatively to the show. 

On May 12, the Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS) defended the airing of a radio show called Wow China which promotes Chinese culture and traditions.

The hour-long segment discussed several topics to promote the Chinese history, tradition, and culture of both China and the Philippines in a light and informative manner. This drew heavy criticism from netizens.

In PBS’ statement, it said that it is not aired to promote and political views or propaganda.

“Co-hosted by a PBS anchor and broadcast in Filipino, the show features the traditions, culture, and history of both the Philippines and China; as well as the differences and similarities between the two countries. Its format is light, informative, and entertaining; in no way whatsoever does it espouse or promote a particular political view or cause.”

The agency also added that the show is a product of multiple bilateral media and communications agreements between the two countries. It has the goal of enhancing cultural relations and information exchange while strengthening the country’s technical capability in broadcast and publishing.

It compared Wow China to the agreements between the United Kingdom and Thailand.

“Apart from China, PBS has also worked with other countries, and extended airtime as well, to air their news, socio-cultural, and tourism content – for the educational benefit of Filipinos. These include agreements with the United Kingdom’s BBC and Thailand’s Sawasdee. It is also likewise noteworthy to note that PBS-BBS is in cooperation with the Voice of America (USA).”

On the other hand, Broadcast Journalist Karen Davila tweeted that according to Congressman Prospero Pichay, under the constitution, President Duterte can reverse the decision of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) regarding ABS-CBN Corporations franchise.

Netizens then reacted to the government’s priorities regarding its media-related decisions.

“The Duterte administration shut down ABS-CBN and then promotes the Wow China segment on its government-run network?”

A netizen stated that he’s not against the government but doesn’t agree with its priorities.

Other netizens also reacted negatively to the matter.

Radyo Pilipinas is the flagship AM radio station of PBS, which is under the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO). The segment is a collaboration between PBS and China Radio International, China’s state-owned international radio broadcaster.

Written by J M

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