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Erik Matti receives the ire of K-Drama fans after his Twitter snafu

The Filipino director receives backlash online after he describes K-Drama as “faux Cinderella stories with Belo-fied actors”

If there’s one fanbase that you shouldn’t mess with, it is the K-Pop and K-Drama fans—those who are into Korean Music, Korean Drama, and their popular culture.

Their fanbase is one of the biggest in the Philippines, and according to a research study from the Ateneo De Manila University, the fandom here in the Philippines has become a full-blown culture on its own.

It was no surprise then when Netflix showed their “Top Ten Most-Watched Shows” in the Philippines, half of which were Korean dramas.

The breakdown, unfortunately, didn’t please renowned director Erik Matti who describe Koreanovelas as “faux Cinderella stories” with Belo-fied actors”.

In his context, “faux Cinderella stories” referred to the dramatic plots of Korean dramas, and “Belo-fied” would mean celebrities who have undergone cosmetic procedures to enhance their looks.

He mentioned in his Tweet about how the Filipino dramas are outperformed by these Korean dramas, citing that “…our [Filipino] movies and tv are doomed in the future”. Out of the top-ten list on Netflix, Martin del Rosario-headlined Born Beautiful was the only Filipino drama that had made in the list.

The way he described K-Dramas did not please its fans. Netizens responded to his tweet by defending the genre, saying that K-Dramas are not just about love and cheesy stories, but it does provide a sense of variety.

A Twitter user by the name of pips eye said that, “Kdramas are more than just a love story”

And to prove that it is more than just “faux Cinderellas”, Maiiya Kakei gives reference to Reply 1988 and Chicago Typewriter that isn’t all about love stories but had a deeper meaning into it.

Jonas Roque points out Itaewon Class. A 2020 Korean TV series about an ex-convict and his friends who work on their dreams of a street bar and making it into reality. Jonas cited that Itaewon Class tackles social injustice, racism, class differences, and transgender issues.

Otherwise, he understood Erik Matti’s frustration seeing how foreign movies dominated the landscape on Netflix Philippines. But Jonas suggests that one might pick up a gem from that list, suggesting that the director had missed a mark.

A point that a Twitter user vea brought up is that it is about time that the TV and movie industry in this country evolve.

Speaking of how Filipino dramas must evolve, one suggested that filmmakers must change their way from the traditional clichè plot of mistresses and exaggerated violence and of casting the same love teams again and again.

LALA cited K-Dramas’ attention to detail like in their medical-themed series such as the 2016 Korean drama series, Dr. Romantic.

Ma’amSyj said Filipino films lack budgets and the courage to produce brilliant titles, contrary to how courageous and well-funded Korean dramas are.

Alden-Robell pointed out how Erik Matti tried to uplift the Philippine Cinema with his films like On The Job and Buybust and that he has the right to voice his opinion.

While many point out the cliched scripts and tired plots as the problem with Filipino TV shows and movies, it cannot be denied that there is still a huge audience for this.

Also, most of the Filipino content we see on Netflix has been seen on free-TV already.

One Twitter user by the name of Mar(x)c sees this point, seeing the limited selection of Filipino titles.

In the end, you cannot just favor a single genre just because it conflicts with yours. K-Dramas, like the Filipino ones, are created to entertain us, not to build an argument of which one seems better than the other.

Written by Lloyd Saladaga

A Transport Enthusiast who writes as well for Mindanao Economic Boom, 7000, and TransportPH.




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