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Netizens praise DJ Chacha for telling Sen. Bato Dela Rosa to resign and be Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s bodyguard

“I suggest mag-resign na dapat si Senator Bato sa pagiging senador at mag-apply na bodyguard ng Presidente tutal naman ang loyalty niya ay sa Pangulo at hindi sa taong bayan.”

Many netizens have praised radio personality Czarina Marie Balba, better known as DJ Chacha, for criticizing Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa over his apparent loyalty to President Rodrigo Duterte, above all.

On Tuesday, Dela Rosa said the welfare of the whole Filipino nation is more important than 11,000 people who could lose their jobs if ABS-CBN Corporation fails to renew its franchise.

He noted that both the Senate and Congress should hear the ABS-CBN’s franchise bill to give a fair chance to stakeholders who either benefited or suffered from the network’s operations.

Dela Rosa further noted that he’s biased towards the President, who has been issuing threats not to renew the franchise of ABS-CBN since 2017 following accusations that the network did not air his political advertisements during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“Ako, I will live and die with President Duterte. I will sink and swim with him,” he said.

“Hindi ako plastic na magsabing wala akong bias. Totoong tao ako na magsabi na may bias ako towards the President,” he added.

However, the Senator stressed that he’s not a blind follower of Duterte and that he would still vote based on the merits of the case.

Reacting to Dela Rosa’s statement, DJ Chacha urged the Senator to resign from the Senate and instead apply to be the President’s bodyguard.

“I suggest mag-resign na dapat si Senator Bato sa pagiging senador at mag-apply na bodyguard ng Presidente tutal naman ang loyalty niya ay sa Pangulo at hindi sa taong bayan,” the radio DJ said in her series of tweets.

She went on: “Naniniwala akong mas mahal ni Bato ang Pangulo kaysa sa asawa niya. Nangako pa hanggang kamatayan! Taray! IBA.”

“‘Yan ang mahirap kapag mahilig kayong bumoto ng mga politikong PUPPET ang role sa gobyerno. ‘Wag kang umasa na marunong silang tumayo at ipaglaban ang tama kase nagfufunction ang utak nila alinsunod sa pinuno nila,” she added.

On Wednesday, Dela Rosa fired back at DJ Chacha, saying his expression of loyalty to the President is not enough basis for him to resign.

“Mali ba ang maging loyal sa isang duly elected President who is after the welfare of his people and who is willing to confront the oligarchs who have been bastardizing this country for so long?” the Senator said in a report of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

“Siya ang tanungin mo kung ang pag-express ko ng loyalty to the President is enough basis for me to resign,” he added.

But a lot of netizens agreed with DJ Chacha and praised her for what she said.

Here are some of their comments:

“HONESTLY! I am one of 19 Million who voted (for) you Bato. And it is my greatest REGRET. Isama mo pa si Bong Go na Superman lang ang alam. Btw, thank you DJ Chacha.”

“If DJ Chacha isn’t an employee of ABS-CBN, she would make a good point. So, people are quick to point out that she is being biased. But then, at the end of the day, she’s right. LOYALTY OF A PUBLIC OFFICIAL SHOULD AND ALWAYS BE WITH THE PEOPLE! I stan. 👏👏👏”

“DJ Chacha is right. Bato as a Senator is legally and morally obliged to be loyal to the nation and its people he swore to protect and defend not like a DOG’s loyalty to his master.”

“So DJ Chacha told Bato that he better resign (because obviously he is loyal to Duterte not the Philippines). Now the moron replied, ‘Is loyalty to the President enough reason to resign?’ Oh my gulay!!! ‘Di niya pa rin get, guyth!!! 🤦‍♀️”

“DJ Chacha has grown some balls than Robin Padilla. That’s it. That’s the tweet.”

“I salute to DJ Chacha. 💙”

“Public servant ka hindi President’s servant. Go DJ Chacha.”

“DJ Chacha made an outstanding point that’s why this hashtag is trending! #BatoResign.”

“Be a DJ Chacha in a world full of Mocha, Bato, and Bong Go.”

“DJ Chacha’s statement is truly correct, tamaan ang tamaan. You are elected to serve the Filipino people and not to be a follower.”

DJ Chacha is a DJ of MOR, which is under ABS-CBN.

The 25-year franchise of ABS-CBN is set to expire on March 30.

To date, there are at least 11 pending bills seeking franchise renewal for ABS-CBN.

However, the House committee on legislative franchises has yet to tackle any of the measures.

Senator Grace Poe, who chairs the Senate Commitee on Public Services, has already filed a resolution to hold hearings on alleged franchise violations by ABS-CBN.

The Senate has set the first public hearing on the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN on February 24.

Written by Angelle De Leon

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