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“This is pure evil.” Sofia Andres rants about eating meat; Netizens respond

Kapamilya star Sophia Andres couldn’t hide her disgust when she saw photos of these animals being sold in the said market.

  • Sofia Andres expressed her disbelief that the Chinese would eat the meat of animals that aren’t typically consumed by humans.
  • In a tweet, she called it “pure evil”.
  • Netizens argued with her and asked if she would also call those who eat pork, beef, and chicken “evil”.

With the sudden rise of the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic, people have been asking the reason behind its existence.

As the nCov possesses symptoms much like the SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, one of the said possible sources of the newly discovered coronavirus is the bat. Though this is yet to be confirmed as Wuhan is the home of a market the sells different kinds of meat from various animals like koalas, camels, snakes, etc.

Kapamilya star Sofia Andres couldn’t hide her disgust when she saw photos of these animals being sold in the said market.

On January 25, she tweeted screenshots of posts from Facebook containing images taken from the controversial market.

“What kind of appetite do they have? And what kind of heart do they have? I want to know because this is pure evil,” Andres wrote.

She followed up if a series of tweets pertaining to the marketplace and the types of animal meat being sold there, asking netizens if it was normal to eat such.

But not all netizens agreed with the star.

A Twitter user questioned her statements and asked if she thought those who consume beef, chicken, and pork are also evil since it’s also animal meat.

Another said that it’s not right for her to label things as “pure evil” and that Andres “should understand they have different cultures.”

“In fact, many Filipinos eat Rats in some remote province and I saw in NatGeo [that] American natives eat rats. And I saw in my hometown they eat dogs when I was young. I don’t agree to that but that’s how they eat and they think its appropriate,” the netizen added.

One stated that it’s just a matter of perspective.

“It may not work for us, but we have no right to dictate the norm for other people who have a different historical, cultural and geographical landscape from ours. Also, Indians hold cows sacred but you don’t hear them calling us “pure evil”. Again, perspective.”

The death toll from the new coronavirus has risen up to at least 100, with more than 4,600 recorded cases in mainland China.

Written by Jacks

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