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Guy proves his suspicion is true, ants steal his shrimps

  • Netizen found out ants stole his shrimps
  • Klarck Tacalan has been accused of eating a lot of dishes at his house
  • He decided to do an investigation regarding the lost shrimps

Don’t you hate it when somebody else eats your food? Food that you have been saving for yourself. Well in this case, it is not a somebody.

Klarck Tacalan, a netizen, has been accused of eating a lot of dishes at his house. But according to him, he has nothing to do with it.

So he decided to do an investigation.

He posted on his Facebook account saying “Lagi nalang ako ang napag bibintangan pag nawawala ang ulam. Kaya nag imbistiga ako.”

He posted photos of his shrimps hanging from a wire, and wood. At first, there is not much to be seen, but when he zoomed in, that’s when he found his answer.

The zoomed in photos show that ants were the culprits. It showed ants working together carrying average sized shrimps. Ants are known to be able to carry 50 times their weight.

Netizens found it to be funny, yet admired the ant’s efforts to gather food for themselves. Ants have to eat too, you know.

The post has over 24k likes, and over 36k shares.

Written by paulie walnuts

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