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“No to bullies! No to power tripping!” Nicko Falcis reacts to Gretchen Barretto’s support

  • Gretchen Barretto sided with Nicko Falcis in his legal fight against Kris Aquino.
  • Falcis said that he was not expecting the post from Barretto and was surprised to find her siding  him.

Gretchen Barretto chose to react to the ongoing controversy between Kris Aquino and her former financial manager, Nicko Falcis.

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On Saturday, January 5, Baretto showed a screenshot of an article saying that Aquino allegedly sent death threats to Falcis.

She wrote that she “felt” for him and saluted his continuous fight for his reputation despite the incident.

She then ended her caption with “No to bullies!!!! STOP POWER TRIPPING” which is seemingly directed to Aquino.

Falcis reacted to the support.

On Instagram, he clarified that he does not personally know Barretto so he saw her post as a “blessing”.

“Her act of posting this message in open support of my family and I, and against the seemingly formidable Aquino machinery, was a brave and bold move she made. We do not know each other so this is such a blessing, along with thousands of well meaning messages of strength and support from random people.”

He also praised Baretto and described her as “intelligent, refined and articulate”. But he is still surprised that she’s on his side.

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Falcis then repeated Barretto’s words and ended his post with “No to bullies! No to power tripping!”

Written by J M

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